Cyberpunk 2077 News Gender, Athletics & Cold Blood

CDPR Business Development Director, Rafal
Jaki confirmed that V can still be 100% Female or Male, following recent developments that
you now choose a body type. CDPR are providing players with more options to simply mix and
match Mike Pondsmith reiterated that Fem V is highly
reminiscent of his daughter. On why RTG decided to go with the Time of
the Red, while there were fires in California, Mike would often find himself going out in
the mornings, and the skies would literally be blood red. This fascinated Mike and he
found himself asking what would happen if something similar occurred but on a much larger
scale, for instance during the fourth corporate war, where even the Highriders bombarded Earth
with Orbital Strikes as a declaration of their independence. Mike felt that blood red skies
would be highly symbolic. CDPR are currently advertising for a Game
Presenter position. If you feel this is an opportunity you would be interested in, try
your luck. Qualifications include gameplay proficiency, passion for FPP shooters, and
stress resistance, or in cyberpunk parlance, a high cool stat.
Patrick Mills confirmed that V will encounter many full borg characters in the game, many
of whom will look human in reference to the Cyberspsycho lady from the original teaser
trailer, which appears to have undergone full conversion. Patrick has previously hinted
she is a cool character. Looking towards the future, CDPR aim to migrate
towards a dual-franchise model, Cyberpunk 2077 and the Witcher. This might imply that
after Cyberpunk 2077 is released in April 2020, one might expect CDPR to divert their
main attention to a game from the Witcher Universe. Financially CDPR continues to do
exceptionally well, with revenues climbing significantly for 2019, and this does not
include pre-order sales from Cyberpunk 2077, which will be deferred from the results until
the game is released. The winner of the Pax West Cosplay Competition
was the talented Lady Lunacy, with a fine rendition of Fem V. If all the finalists end
up being Fem V cosplayers, CDPR need to bring me in as a judge.
CDPR finally released the Gameplay presentation followed by a Q&A which contained a myriad
of interesting points. Amongst them were a few new details.
It was confirmed you can call your vehicle Roach.
Lifepaths will determine where V starts in Night City, she will start the game knowing
different people as well. A perk was revealed, Cold Blood, which allows
V to survive situations when they have received a lot of damage to boost your damage output.
Athletics allows V to move objects such as dead bodies. Normally this act would slow
V down, but with special perks you can run with the dead body.
A shotgun was mentioned which apparently has eight barrels that fire all at once.
V can throw knives. V will also be able to customize weapons,
in terms of visuals such as paint jobs. Thank you for Chippin’In

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  2. the way they talked about cool from the start to now it has changed so much it means keeping your cool under stress is what they where saying so yes i will be dumping tons of points into it if you have never seen someone in a fire fight when they loss it they then become more dangerous then the guys shooting at you most times like one time i was getting shot at and this guy starts breaking down his gun to clean it i was so shocked at the time i slapped him i did not start to get angry till we where done in a fire fight you need to learn to cut off every thing as far as feeling go they will make you miss a step or cost you your life

  3. They really shouldn't have removed the genders. It is a pointless and doesn't add anything. When i hear body type i think a big muscly guy, a scrawny one or a fat one. Like how fallout 4 did it. The only thing that will be different is the voices. The facial options also look limited.

  4. this is exactly what I wanted I like the idea of those that want to mix things up but I also wanted to play as an actual established gender myself, I'm glad though not surprised CDPR delivered exactly what I was hoping for in terms of character creation, Just shows they really are going all out.

  5. @Kazuliski Did CDPR change the cool stat over the last year?

    Thought it was supposed to be about how well people knew you, and how respected you were. But the deep dive makes it look like it's suddenly about cold blooded killing (Sniper, stealth kills, and stuff like that.).

  6. Why did they remove the nudity from the character creation ? Everything said is vague and interpretative no one had explained why .

  7. Thank you for great video Kaz. Can I call my shotgun Little Sister? – Billy Idol joke reference. Billy Idol could be a cool rockerboy. Was he an inspiration for creation of Johnny Silverhand or Maximum Mike used other musician as model?

  8. they really need someone who would better introduce changes because… expanding options that still allows to be male or female instead of.. you can play as male or female and in addition we expanded creation options is a big difference
    and after that specify changes

  9. I find everything in this video breathtaking and so is the gameplay. I don’t know what life path to do first but I will do multiple play through’s for them all.

  10. I hope that this video of yours will extinguish the flames that the politically challenged are spreading. It probably won't, but this argument is spectacular. I can see that you have put a lot of thought into it. I am officially at peace with this.

  11. Not gonna lie i want the 8 barrel shotgun dont know about naming my car Roach though maybe live out my Knight Rider fantasies and name it KITT though. And i might just wipe out the Animals and Voodoo boys too bad you can take over Pacifica yourself though.

  12. Speaking of music Kaz, are we getting the nice car music that was in the cinematic trailer (when V places his pistol behind him as he is leaving the car)
    I really need so nice workout music lmao

  13. I see you watch r talsorian conferences. I always love hearing mike pondsmith and the r talsorian team talk about the cyberpunk lore andbehind the scenes when they created their games.

  14. I hope that cdpr next game after cyberpunk 2077 is a cyberpunk 2077 sequel cos cdpr have sed its a franchise which means they plan to make a sequel evanchuly cdpr can't cell cyberpunk 2077 a franchise if its the only 1 thyll aver make

  15. have we got any word on being able to get any armor or such yet? like I know we can do clothes, but I'm kinda hopin we'll be able to get something like what the trauma team has

  16. (I wake up, look around for my dog, notice Motoko asleep cuddled up next to me) I think-'Aww got day-yum it, not again, shit…' (I use my Seraph Industries Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis Silencer Augmentation to silently slip out of the bedroom without waking her up, cause machine god knows she's not a morning person, and head to Kaz's room. When I get there, I can hear Air Supply's "All out of love" and the sound of a 3 year old spoiled rich white girl crying, and smell the fishy scent of spunk and aloe vera wang. I knock on the door, gently, just once. Kaz instantly opens the door, his manly face marred by manly tears, his eyes redder than the devils dick, snot crusted, bubbling, and flowing from his flared nostrils, his overworked & self abused big swinging cyberdick plastered to his thigh by spunk and Kleenex, the smell was absolutely raunchy, no homo.) I think-'Damn, this poor bastard can't even go one damned night without the majors brutal loving care!' I say-"I'm just chippin' in, Kaz-kun, that your one true love ended up in my bed again last night. You have GOT to get her to fix her damned GPS Aug, this is the 23rd time this week, and it's only Tuesday! I'll pay for it if I must, but please, take her to parts & programs and get her upgraded, okay? Oh, and, have you seen my dog?" (Kaz runs past me to find his beloved in my bed, leaving me to find my dog on my own.) "Got damn it Kaz." (and so another damn day began in the wait for Cyberpunk 2077)

  17. I enjoyed watching the deep dive as I’m excited about literally anything about Cyberpunk 2077, my only problem with it like everyone else was how fast paced it was i think due to it being changed from 50 minutes to 15 in such a short amount of time until gamescom, they rushed to try get everything as possible which i feel didn’t really do the game justice unfortunately as it seemed very boiled down, despite that i am still very excited for the game launch in 2020!

  18. Before anyone start calling "naysayers" bigots…here one thing:

    Most people hated "pandering" using the term "inclusive" and "diversity" and self censoring to appease people with hurt feelings. The concern is not being able to play as pure male and female is legitimate because the way Marthe Jonkers describe in poorly as "no longer play as man and woman". People with clear minds demands clarification, people with screw up minds will cancel their pre-order, the ones in between just cry and cry.

    While a few percentage of them are real bigots, who like to put signs like "no transgender allowed" in the restaurants, but please don't labelled everyone.

  19. The whole sex thing isn't what's bothering me, it's the fact that we only got a 15 minute demo of a game we still have no idea on how it will play.

  20. Can't wait to play this. I saw the Deep Dive video and was excited to know I could do a Terminator style playthrough and was satisfied they described it as a "Terminator power fantasy"

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