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[Applause] sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission Chairman Anthony Marnell the executive director bob bennett commissioner stacy alonso christopher all dallas e hon hon dr. robert McPhee our three judges scoring this contest at octagon side are Derrick clearly saw Yamato and Junichiro kamijou and when the action begins a referee in charge of the Octagon herb tea this balanced culture by Harley Davidson get your first days of harley-davidson adrenaline at HD calm and P 3 the official protein snack the UFC MetroPCS is now Metro Mikey model discovered the smarter way to get up limited and see what’s new on October 8 now those in attendance and UNC fans watching around the world this is the bone you truly love been waiting for live from the sold-out teal arena [Music] and now producing a champion fighting out of the red corner of this martial artist holding an undefeated professional record 26 wins [Music] the king is back looking to regain his drunk waiting for kebede to come to him could be got a hold of his ankles he’s got his leg the what he’s got to do is get his left leg over the back ankle of capiz right leg he needs to get that let connor needs a left leg behind the ankle to be even order to stump this and now he’s got it but a good these days unusual he’s good he’s doing a fantastic job of defending look at him spinning around to beat looking to complete the takedown and kind of gets right up to the cage let’s even get back up to his fees from the big question he’s got a seat tied up well look out good khabib has John a job of wrapping those two legs up together scan get away then you can’t get up you’re pinned to the floor and he’s done this better than anybody elevates a stranger legs out and now what he’s gonna do is try to lift Connors knees and legs higher than Connors head so if you can’t move it feels like he’s far better equipped to handle five rounds than he was when he left in 2016 to beat this such a good job of wrapping the extending them and wrapping them up so you can’t get the Malcolm of the [Applause] the stranger leg [Music] collecting your Gila most people can get away when you do that but we could be grabs your legs you just yeah he’s doing it again look at a pinch those legs does it different they cost every single time you cross it’s just so good at squeezing this is what you gotta do the Carter early dollar get the bead you have to do this early you can’t try to give him all the rest he needs or the first knuckle round that’s when Connor is the most dangerous couple right hands have landed for khabib his first strikes of the fight McGregor trying to control his breathing a big right hand there and what Connors doing is he’s trying to dig under hooks and stay in a ball so there’s no hooks got over the top the cookies head or his arms needs to get in between our could be if he’s gonna get up you can’t be on the outside it could be again to be prized those legs just tremendous really doesn’t it’s something you seen him do against every single guy who fights they know what he wants to do they can’t stop it’s got a different type of pressure from here stream as strong as well [Applause] back to Conner so the Carter can’t get his hips on the new food it’s a lifetime of gravity and you do have a referee and her team that is going to get the beef every opportunity to work on the ground especially when he has the leg strap [Applause] [Music] damage so he’s staying very calm so he doesn’t waste his energy but once he gets wore out from this grappling then you’re gonna start seeing could be posture up and start landing the big punches but he can’t do it too soon because otherwise they displease game right now [Applause] straight to and now the pressure is just heavy [Music] [Applause] [Music] he does a tremendous job and he keeps you from being able to breathe pressure on the chest and then the overwhelming sensation then he can continue to do this as long as he wants and that is exhausting I love that he’s just going to shoot that is what you [Music] instascan you’ve got his mother and they trying to take some of the wind out of the sails early so he’s not so powerful take some of that hop away and then get take some chances after that hit the B and Connor can’t use too much explosive energy to try to get up without technique if he does that he knows he’s gonna burn himself out and he knows if he can’t stop convened to be able to do this you second the third can he keep him away from well don’t forget how to use literally no energy right now because he took no damn there’s no it so this second round he’ll be fresh let’s see what he does it been a mishap with the start that puppy from ago metal was looking for and was in range huh perfect [Applause] [Laughter] everything how you feeling things on the field let’s see how it goes here early round to thinking about the shine now the shot set up from the other hand that’s what America what an entry by nurmagomedov and now he has mcgregor up against the fence four plus minutes with which to work this is what to be the stuff everybody if you stuff this wrestling that he’s gonna punch you once you start getting punched his wrestling opens back up and that’s why you need a threat of grappling and striking mixed together the sharpest goes to Connor and distracting but the is just so so he’s a triangle here he’s got it up he’s on top of them formality which strengths it’s just ferocious it means the best man [Applause] come on isn’t serious cheering of truck massive crowd strikes he ever be watching closely to be exciting too massive space for Sturgis how many shots can one man take two minutes to go around these shine of gas could be back that he’s that he’s taking shots but they’re not the worst shots he could take he’s covered up they’re just it just doesn’t look I don’t think he’s trying to gasps could be bad I think he’s getting smashed I think it’s a mixture of everything I don’t think he has a choice here I don’t think he’s trying to gas it out I think he’s getting smashed [Applause] on the ground by Konnor mean the head of a downed opponent can’t interlock the toes in the fence McGregor got away with that one still doing it Herb Dean should be walking in there he’s going for a come on in here that is tight that looks like it’s gonna get finished here lady good defense because he’s exhausted he’s getting his face punched in and I don’t think he can’t I just think – babe it’s so much better on the ground bananas is McGregor gets up for how long [Applause] thirty seconds here in round two [Applause] keep this pace for five [Applause] I got here this is what’s terrifying we’re just right hand boom clips him on the chin drops him but see it again winging right hand and as you said Dominick Cruz he was looking for the takedown and that’s why he got hit by the right hand it takes you back to UFC John Kavanagh not wanting McGregor to chase we’ll see if he can oblige father Cavanaugh said pressure to get your air bag you can get a little air if you pressure in the beginning to don’t forget that the striking is cold blood perhaps McGregor sensing that now [Applause] we’re going to leave it for that big left hand to be used tons of energy on that ground and pound Joe tons how’s a crazy pace that last round [Applause] well we did see him slow down considerably against al Iaquinta and and now you’ve seen Kanagawa body the same thing he did to Mendez who waited two hours [Applause] to the coffee’s just trying to take their attic you be letting could be wrestling Sokka because you got to go both ways well you hate to read too much into the body language but this is as fatigued as I’ve seen khabib nurmagomedov in that octagon I don’t know if he looks fatigued to me it doesn’t look like he’s breathing heavy it looks like he’s trying to find [Applause] to [Applause] Thanks these guys are staring each other in the face right it type McGregor continues to pack seemed to be standing right in front of Connor like this is crazy I don’t understand why he doesn’t shoot right 15 Mets in the books up we head to the championship round grabbing [Music] [Applause] [Applause] he shouldn’t be talking good answer Ibarra Mago madam McGregor trying to use the fence to his advantage gets tripped right down to good [Applause] he does such a good job of using his legs to wrap up your legs but Connors back up to his feet almost and this is where it could be really controlled very badly as don’t state-fair Makana used to keep going if he has the energy but again could be uses those legs to tie his legs up and it’s a big part of his grappling is not just grappling with his arms of utilizing his legs for control [Applause] your mom [Applause] Spanish Conor McGregor tonight look at him put them screaming at the cool the screaming at Dillon Danis legacy duty got his back got his neck got under the neck was cranking his mag was really more of an

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