Como adicionar times secretos no Dream League Soccer 2019

Another video for the channel, I’ll teach you today. how to put teams
Germans in their game, This mod was made by
Raiymbek Niyazymbetov, for whoever resists these teams,
I ask you to use the original download, so we will be helping
the creator of it all, but before starting the video,
I want to talk to you, if you like
and enjoy the canal, do not forget to sign up
on the channel and turn on notifications, leave your liked on
video to help, follow me on Instagram, will appear below the
video and also in the description, you will have to choose
what version you want, As soon as you click
in the download link, a page will appear
so for you, go down to pages,
search for free, as soon as you find
you click on it, click on I’m not a robot, wait 30
seconds of the ad, click Create
download link, sometimes it can happen
to open some page, You close them and come back.
to where we were, now you’re going to click
Click here to download, ready the file has been downloaded, close everything and open
or is File Explorer, drag to the side, click download, click the team
that you downloaded, click on this new
folder that appeared, hold onto the folder
file and click Copy, come back 3 times, Click android,
then in date, search the folder
com.firsttouchgames.dls3, as soon as you find it, paste here, click Apply to All,
then subscribe, close everything and open your game, we are in the elite division,
let’s change the language of the game, put the language you want,
I’ll put Portuguese, the rest I will configure
the way I play, I’ll show you to
you the team, noting that these
players is the 2019 team, are created players and some
who already had in the game, the team is complete for you, now I will clean up my team
to play an online match, the opposing team has Cristiano
Ronaldo and several good players, The ball started with
they ball with Messi, from Messi to Neymar, we took his ball
and we played for Thiago, let’s play the ball and try
enter into the defense of the opponent, remembering that my team is the
time opponent is very strong, I can play better when the teams are with the
original skills, without players in the 100, I lost the ball more
to recover, I played the ball to
behind almost that error, let’s play the ball
the judge gave an advantage, the opposing team
plays very well, know how to play
and play the ball well, My player is injured,
I’ll change it, Lateral to my opponent, He’s going to play the ball.
in my goalkeeper, I’m going to kick this
ball forward I will avoid playing
here near the goal, i messed up was to nod
to the sides, we are playing very well, I’m going to touch the ball to Comam,
long ball for Lewandowski, head to Müller, hit the beam, I messed up again
Miranda is playing very well, now I will score, I’m going to take the corner
very slowly in the corner, will come a running and nods, this always works, The ball will start with
they lost the ball, the opposing team
can not attack, are only in defense, side for my team,
ball from Alaba to Goretzka, again to Alaba,
which plays for Hummels, long ball for Müller,
pass to Lewandowski, one more goal,
and what a beautiful move, the first time
it’s almost finishing, we are in the second half, It’s very difficult to play.
this new version of the game, it’s harder
to mark, it’s harder
to score goals, the easier it is to get close
of the goal and push button B, you hardly miss the goal, if you like gameplay
I will bring more to you, I do not know what Lewandowski is
making that side of the field, I had put it on
center forward inside the area, I’ll send this
ball away, which goalkeeper’s defense,
how did he catch that kick, the game gave a brake,
should be the internet, long ball for Lewandowski,
left Willian behind, another beautiful goal, reminding them that they like each other
to see me playing online, comments on the video that
I will bring more to you, I’m going to touch this ball,
Wrong, this is how I disarm the players,
I give several cart on the ball, it will take all
this time is going to go wrong, look at the counter attack,
Wrong, it’s already 3×0 no
has to turn more, long ball for Lewandowski,
Miranda did not let pass, look every touch
of beautiful ball, i messed up i messed up now I do, our goalkeeper
is playing a lot, the opposing team
do not attack, I did a beautiful
disarming the ball, good guys finished the game,
we ended up winning 3×0, God bless your life
of each of you, until the next video
and stay with God, I went.

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  6. Ei eu tenho o dinheiro infinito se eu fizer isso posso perder meu dinheiro e os meus jogadores

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