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This college football conference championship
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come everyone to the sports gambling podcast. I’m Sean stacking them on the green with my
partner picks Ryan. Real money. Kramer. What’s happening soy boy, how are you feeling? I’m
feeling great. Hi. How are you feeling Colby? I after that.
That tour date in Charlottesville for the Kramer. Fuck my life tour. Wow. Yeah. Shit
we should on brand. She has this. Owen stuck to my guns from the beginning of the year.
We saw it coming a mile away. The Kramer fucked my life tour. I was the only one smart enough
to pick UVA. One of the few games I got a correct a disaster. Oh man. Week for the podcasts.
A clean sweep. We didn’t get one lock dog tease or bonus lock after eight. I mean
that was really bad. Everything that could have happened. Fucking hot and hot garbage.
I went five minutes. I mean five and seven. So you guys were,
I was three and nine. Colby one in a left. Good fairy dust on me though. Like I knew
not to take Alabama at Auburn. What you guys sprinkled fairy? Do you blame me? I took,
I took over play with Sean then. Yeah, I took Alabama. I didn’t think Alabama
was going to let up. I mean, what is too and not being there?
You can’t win on the road, by the way. That’s why they play like two road games a year.
Do you guys see Mike Leach go off on that report? It was great. After being in that
room and knowing how small that room is, watching that video was pretty awesome because he just
got you’re, you’re a fucking troll bro. I love that. That was great. That was great.
Lots of shit’s happened man. You see there was a a a fake Twitter feed that said he took
the old miss job. Yup. That freaked people out for a second. That was pretty good. And
then Chris Peterson retired. It’s weird. Like Tim Tebow not involved at all. He’s not, he’s
just tired of coaching. Tim T Tim Tebow.
No, I’m just saying that’s the urban Meyer excuse, like, Oh my heart hurts. It’s not
safe for me to coach anymore. My, a highlight of the college football week was, I think
someone tagged us in it on Twitter, but they did a shot of the crowd at the Utah game and
there’s a kid just holding it up. I like a nice size bag of Coke, just shaking it at
that. We put that on the Instagram, check it out on sports gambling podcast on Instagram.
We’re going to go with the a the girl jumping into the, uh, the shorter, the moms don’t
know, disappears. One of them goes up here. Rex. Rex Chapman tweeted it out, but she jumps
in and she just disappears and like, Oh yeah. And then the other one goes to national feet,
like the, it’s like zoomed in on this as it’s going out to commercial banking. You just,
she’s like drowning in a sea of a sea of, of Bush, I guess. Right. Like what they would
call it. But between the hedges, two or three of the girls I thought jumped through it fine.
And there was one that just got solid two ones that got, everyone has jumped into a
hedge like that when you’re drunk and it doesn’t feel good, you wake up, these chicks were
drunk, you wake up scratched up like they’re going to have serious damage and they’re under
carriage parts. You know what I mean? They’re going to go to carriage parts. They’re going
to go to campus safety and report an incident. They were in India, you know they were in
a mid sized automobile class. This isn’t, we’re not talking about it as like a Mazda
Miata here call me. So we’re going to need Coopers, we’re going to call it an undercarriage.
Absolutely. Dude. The one that really broke my heart cause I went heavy gambling
wise was the uh, Minnesota game. The gophers. You know what they weren’t doing,
they weren’t rowing any boats, dude. They had their chances
there. W the weather hurt them more than it did Wisconsin cause they have skill positions,
earth skill players at the wider, the, at the skilled positions, wide receivers. They
had a couple of depots that were there were wide the fuck open and had the ball got caught
up in the air. How does ad is Colorado loose? They’re getting
29 points and they lose by exactly 30 how they work up and they’re up like at going
into the second quarter. I think they’re upset, most underrated team and all the wet,
I mean [inaudible] battles. I’m in Twitter battles right now
with idiots all across. What are they are, what are they coming at you about? Georgia
deserves to be number four and my timeframe. Yeah, that too. You know what I mean? Like
they’re just still coming at me, coming at me. Know in your opinion, who is the who?
What is the database number four. And of course if you had subscribed, that’s what I argue.
I go guys, I do a pockets about this every week. I should go subscribe to the sports
gear to the college experience on the sports gaming podcast network where I’m sure you
already disclosed this, but who is your number four? Give me four or five six.
Uh, Utah. Utah. Four. Yes. No, no complaints there. Uh, five currently six. Currently Baylor
George has seven. Georgia’s even further back cause that’s the worst loss in the entire
top 25 when you, when you lose that home to a third string quarterback and that team only
has four or five wins. I can’t recall at the moment. That’s for us. Yeah. When they’ve
lost to North Carolina, when they’ve lost to Appalachian state, when they’ve lost pretty
much every decent team they’ve played. I can’t value that. Especially when you lose in Athens,
like Utah lost to an eight when USC team that schedules ridiculously hard. If USC scheduled
like a Georgia did or like a Tennessee did or like a Florida day with three by weeks
and two FCSS, they’d probably be 10 and two right now.
Wow. That’s my point. Wow. Okay. Okay. Get over to the college experience.
Subscribe. We’re knocking now. Walls over there.
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S, G P. okay,
Sean? Yes. Hilarious outcome. I don’t know if you saw the props column,
if you had a, if you had headed over to my bookie. Dot. Agee, not only would you have
had a no sweat, a double, no sweat, winter on Dalvin cook under receiving yards and receptions
cause he had zero, you would have had a no sweat loser with Tyler Lockett over receptions
and receiving or it’s also zero. How I managed to pinpoint the two guys that would have zero
at bowl. Anyway, a real quick before we get started showing, I saw a review a popped in
popped in the old charade. Uh, I gotta be honest, I’m not, I’m not digging this new
podcast app and not show it anyway. A new college bowl podcast recommendation. This
is interesting. He’s providing feedback from the review system, but he did it at the cost
of five-star. So we like that. Nomis two, three, nine, three. Can you guys make a dedicated
podcast this year? Breaking down each bowls player swag bag. I think we as the fans deserve
this and there should be a college playoff bracket. Define the best one.
Thank you for participating in the spur scan in pockets. Need to know what sweet, sweet
merge these kids would get getting rewarded with, for skipping those. Very important.
Final exams besides tons of cold, hard cash. Ah, they don’t pay him yet, right? No. Course
they would never. They’re student athletes. Speaking to student has plays place in the
game. Let’s get to it. Let’s talk conference championships, Oregon, Utah pack 12 conference
championship in beautiful Santa Clara, California. This is a December six kickoff, which is Friday,
Friday kick Utah six and a half point favorite course on the neutral field there in Santa
Clara minus two 45 in the money line. The ducks come in the other way plus one 95 total
sitting at 46 and a half. Colby, what are you doing here?
I’m taking the ducks. I’m taking the ducks in the six and a half. Oh day. Um, I just
think, I mean, come on. You tell us the type of team when they’re not playing in salt Lake
city. I know there’s a couple of examples of them blowing out teams, however, not of
the magnitude of Oregon. Um, I just think Oregon’s ready for this one. I think you told
Mike get the win, but don’t give me, don’t give me the six and a half. They’re like three,
three point win by, by the Utes. I’m not gonna be able to watch the game cause I’m doing
stand up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you’re in here, please come out
crowbar and a plug in there. Tau tau APM. Come on. You’re still welcome to hop on this
train buddy. All right. You want to go to what you want to go tomorrow? I will be happily
not there. I mean I would some other time. You don’t want to go by, you know, a lot of
ends, a lot of out. It’s got some things going on this weekend. Big, uh, big soccer playoff
game. Uh, with the soccer as far as this football game. You know, I was going down this list
and I’m like, I think, I think there’s a very real possibility. Me and Colby disagree on
every game and championship week last week. Then you’re looking great. As I mentioned
earlier, Utah is the most underrated team in all of the land. They have a legit defense.
Legit. But did you watch the game last week? Just look at, and I’m going to steal this.
I, I, uh, you know, normally cite my sources so well, but I, I, I have no idea which tout
I’m stealing this from, but Utah has held, I believe it’s four of the last four of their
last six games. They’ve held the team. They played two to a season low in yardage. That’s
impressive. Their defense is legit. I’m more so worried about like the Colorado game. Uh,
they won by 30, the Colorado stand. That, but still, I mean that was at home like to
me when they hit the road, I have the struggle passing the ball on the road. Right. They
should probably struggle. Pam, is this a true road game? I think it’ll probably be split
as far as the turnout. I’m just saying it’s not in salt Lake city. You know what I mean?
Like the elevation [inaudible] salt Lake city for like a decade. You know what they do have
in Santa Clara though? Better Coke dealers. Exactly. We get tons
of access to sweet, sweet cocaine. To me, they a them destroying the puffs, destroyed
Arizona, destroyed UCLA. They’re just, I mean, none of those teams are good, but they’re
BD. No by wide margins. But here’s where the great teams take care of business. When business
needs to be taken care of. Study the film on Utah, the weakness of Utah is throwing
the ball and the offensive line, Oregon matches up well against that here. Here’s the thing
though, I think, I think on the, on the flip side, Utah will neutralize Oregon’s offensive
line and I think on the defensive side of the ball, I, I, I certainly would lean under
here. I’m not a totals guy, Sean, but my power rankings has this more of a 44 point total
because this defense is so anyway, a lot of time to talk about the pack 12 who doesn’t
even deserve to have a team in the play. I mean, I’m sorry, who has the team in the
playoffs? No, I think Utah is gonna win. I think they’re going to win by wide margin.
I think they’re going to get, in a case to be that force. They will, they’ll win this
game by two to three touchdowns and they won’t get it. And they will be in Baylor’s going
to get in. But we’ll, we’ll, we’re not gonna put you telling this fucking thing. Are you
kidding me? They need it. Your Tony’s all the breaks to get in. I think if they put
up an impressive win Friday night before everyone else plays, I think they have a shot. I don’t
think they have a [inaudible] who gets in if Baylor and Utah both win and Georgia and
Oklahoma lose. Well obviously Oklahoma. Yeah. Um, I think if, if Utah wins by winds, like
a F by a field goal and Baylor blows out Oklahoma, does Baylor get in?
I mean, personally, I actually think the winner of the big 12 should go in because it’s the
best conference in college football this year. I wouldn’t be upset if, if a big 12 team got
in, I wouldn’t be upset. A few Todd got in with a big win. I either whammo Georgia can’t,
can’t beat, they shouldn’t be in, they shouldn’t. Georgia can’t get in there. We can’t leverage
the, well, they lost to obtain those better. They did what they were supposed to do that,
that can’t work here. So I think to me it’s either Baylor, Oklahoma, or Utah. Yeah, I
agree. I completely and anyway, lay the points. You’re a fool for it. It’s a sucker. Wow.
Again, I’m all over Utah here. Me too. [inaudible] time. Miami, Ohio, squaring off against central
Michigan in Detroit, Michigan, central Michigan minus seven minus two 60
on the money line. A plus two 10, Miami of Ohio total sitting in 54. Colby, what are
you doing here? I’m all over the Chippewas here. Essential
Michigan. I think a McElwain kind of an underrated coach. Uh, I thought he got a raw deal. Florida.
He had a four and seven year, but the year before they won 10 games. Love what he did
at Colorado state. And uh, clearly, I mean, he’s making a difference. Now. I will say
that central Michigan, uh, yes, they won one game last year, but the previous years they
were very good under John Bon amigo and uh, and I like what Macklin’s McElwain is done
with central Michigan. He walked into a talented situation running back. Jonathan Ward is a
beast. Um, and I’m still not sold on Miami, Ohio. I’m still not sold. Uh, so give me,
give me a central Michigan minus the seven, especially it’s in Detroit too. Going to get
some, some, some Chippewa fans coming up for this one.
You’re not worried about a red Hawk nation traveling. How far is Mount pleasant to Detroit?
All right. I’m pretty sure. Pretty sure. Essential misdeeds, decent calculate over here called
big Ben. Be there. It’s an important part of my handicap. He’s one of those guys who
will get penetration calmer if you haven’t been to Detroit or where the stadium is. There’s
some nice gambling opportunities around droid right across the water and Windsor, uh, an
underrated town in Greek town. Yeah. Like you just, you’re walking through this weird
mall and then bang, you got a pie gout table that you would, let’s just say you’re there
for work and you actually at least sit down. And next thing you know, you’re up at grand
at 1130 in the morning drinking a coffee and some weird casino. And anyway, uh, I guess
we’re not going to disagree on everyone. I also like central Michigan and they too much
on offense. Miami of Ohio is not going to be able to keep up here. Uh, so yeah, way
the points. Um, I’m seeing a very juicy teaser opportunity right here.
I’m also on central Michigan. Uh, I mean I’m looking at total score, passing yards, rushing
yards, time, uh, on the field number of plays, yards per play, all in favor of central Michigan
by a wide margin. I think they’re going to just put it on him. I how did, how does Miami
of Ohio slow them down? I just don’t see it. Colby, how did they slow them down? They slow
him down by, by trying to stop Jonathan Ward once again, uh, one of the better running
backs. This guy will be playing in the NFL easily. The pro, I would say easily the best
running back in the Mac. Um, he was a stud last year stud this year. If they could slow
him down and make them throw the ball, perhaps they have a chance. I don’t think that’s going
to happen because this guy is better than everybody on the, on the, on the defensive
side of the ball. Like he’s just going to destroy the, is it the red Hawks now? Cause
I knew him as the Redskins in the 90s, but um,
wow. Come on dude, we’re going to get bad reviews. You know how our listeners hate that
when you say the word Redskins, remember when every football announcer was not going to
say the football team from Washington DC and then people just gave up
after like two weeks. Let’s talk about the Sunbelt Cafritz championship. One of the few
podcasts out there that is taking time to break down and go to Boone. We went to boon.
Well, we as in me in the podcast, there you go. You represented the brand, Colby, UL,
Lafayette squares off against app state app, state minus six and a half in Boone, North
Carolina minus two 45 in the money line. Perhaps state Lafa yet plus one 95 total sit in a
56. Colby. I know you’re a big app state guy. You’re buttering them up, you know. Yeah.
I mean are you gonna ride? Probably fuck up Clemson. Um, they beat North
Carolina by more than Clemson did. Both. They played at, at, at chapel Hill. So there’s
something, something to be said there. Um, so
yes, exactly. Zach Thomas is probably better than Trevor
Lawrence, right? Maybe. Maybe. Look, yeah,
stays legit there. There one loss was in the rain. It gets a triple option. T and I’m on
a short week against a rival. Um, this is easy. I think it was one of my locks earlier
in the year. They won 17 to seven, I think it was when they played in Lafayette. I know
it’s hard to beat a team twice, but, um, Boone North Carolina has Boone North common, its
place is going to be lit. Like I said, app state. I actually think they’re probably better
than Memphis, probably better than Boise, probably better than Cincinnati. And they
should be the one that gets the group of five, bid them in Boise. I think it bet it comes
down to, but, uh, they’re gonna, they’re gonna run over.
I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but I think that it’s tough to beat a team twice
as bullshit and I think it’s been disproved. I think if anything when you’re, I think the
trend, I think it’s been disproven. Yeah, no, I think it, uh, I’ll, I’ll dig a hole
in Texas last year is one, one of the big 12 of the big 12 was notorious where they
never got it done. Ah, I saw something today that especially when teams are favored in
both match ups, it’s very skewed towards straight up winds. It’s happened a bunch. So, uh, for
that reason, I mean, I think there’s the other angle here, which is just Appalachia. The
state seems to be a different class level than other teams in their conference. I’d
be very surprised to see AB situation. Every single team in the ACC minus Clemson.
Ah, maybe, maybe. No, they are. They are. There’s no way to see you. You hate the theoretical,
but you keep showing up this theoretical argument. Watch them as a team. I’ve watched picking
them as a fast six and a half point favorite. I’m going to say lose to Duke by 37 point.
What I’m trying to say is I’d be surprised if they lost this game and I, for that reason,
I’m not looking to take the raging Cajuns as a six and a half point dog. So give me
the Appalachian state. No, this was uh, this is off a random message board last year, but
according to this, according to Papa horn of the Texas horns, 24, seven message board
teams that won the regular season game are 15 and nine in the rematch. There you go.
Since when? Well obviously the, again, you know, pop a whole last 24 times it’s happened.
Okay. I am going with U L Lafa yet. Gimme the re-agents Cajuns, they’re going to be
angry. They’re going to, they’re going to, their blood’s going to be boiling Louisiana,
Lafayette nine and three against the spread in their last 12 games and good pals over
at odds shark. They’re predicting there their super computer has it 35.8 to 35.4 in favor,
an outright victory. Does the for the raging Cajun says the supercomputer factor in weather.
No. Yes. Levi Lewis, Louisiana. Lafayette’s quarterback, good player, but you’re coming
into old Boone, North Carolina. It’s going to be a beautiful day. Mountains, four miles
per hour of wind, 41 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s good. Hitting whether or not miles per button,
41 degrees. That’s perfect. That’s flowed for Lafayette hitting weather. I don’t think
so. You have a sneaky kind of a hillbilly thing going on here, right? You have the,
the like Waterboy dudes from new Orleans, Louisiana coming up to the mountains where
they get to run into the banjo of deliverance. Mama sent a raging Cajuns are going to cover
six and a half I think. I mean, it’s a home game where we got this. It’s a home. Well,
Sean, Sean’s getting [inaudible] cute. I am getting cute. Love getting cute on the podcast.
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chucking along here through the conference college or college football conference championships.
I keep, it’s a bit of a tongue twister. A lot of words, a lot of words. Big 12 championship.
One of my teams that I predicted would be in the college football playoff Baylor is
this, are these times correct? Ride 9:00 AM 9:00 AM Saturday Baylor. Sorry for boring
your Colby. Well, that’s, that’s, that’s not normally
the case. That’s why it’s a little shocking. Big 12 conference chains, games room at night.
I feel like this is this, this feels like a Fox thing. Like Fox must have a triple header
and they had to do Jim, one of the why, why
Virginia Clemson game is in prime time and Baylor Oklahoma game is not, I, I again, I
don’t want me to uh, do you want me to answer that? Why is that called? Because come on.
The powers that, Oh, that’s why the pack 12 plays on Friday night. Bullshit.
Baylor catch an eight and a half points in Arlington against the Sooners eight and a
half points. Oklahoma minus three 10 on the money line. Baylor plus two 50 total sit under
56. Colby, what are you doing here, Matt? Rule and that rule all day. Look, they,
they let them off the hook. You want to crown them? He crown him
four and Oh against the [inaudible] dog this year. Uh, I’m all over Baylor here.
Sprinkle some of that money line, but definitely taking the eight and a half. Um,
I am worried because as we know, public dogs have fleas and it looks like the public has,
has seen the same things where 6% of the money, 70% of the tickets, it’s good thing. I don’t
pay attention to those numbers. The number was what? When, what was this one thing called
the hates numbers? What was the spread a couple of weeks ago when they [inaudible]
played in Baylor? What was it? 10 maybe? Yeah. It was similar. Yeah, it was like 10. Yeah.
So it’s, it’s not, not crazy over adjustment. Well it’s come down on a neutral field that’s
backwards still in Texas though. Only an hour from a lot of people like Oklahoma and Texas
too. Um, I’m on, I’m on that row here. I did the Kansas last week.
Yeah. Here’s my problem. Could have been a coach for the New York giants. Ryan instead,
you guys lucked out with Pat Schermer and [inaudible] are going to look out in the future
with Jason Garrett talking to him. Right. Cause some of these college football guys
are going to move up to the pros. There’s a chance, Ryan, that, uh, you guys may need
a coach Lincoln Riley. There you go. That’s the guy who go get him. Call me if you were
a the GM for the New York giants. Dave Gettleman, or at least we’ll see if he gets to keep his
job. But it would you draft Joe borough? It looks like the, I’ll probably get the second
pick. What’d you trap Joe burrow. I mean, I think it’s a no brainer. You gotta you gotta
go over over scones Jones, right? I mean chase chase, I’m actually a firm believer that you
don’t draft a quarterback in the first round. Oh wow. Cause the jets have done it far too
many times and gotten burned. Well Sam Darnold I think, uh, you still sell him a shot. He’s
still tweeting me these, this bullshit turn on through for 300 against the number two
quarterback in that class so far. Well, I don’t know. I just know, Oh well he’s, I think
I would take Sam Darnold over. Baker Mayfield. Hunter, you’re crazy. Cause one has Freddy
kitchens if you swapped. He has. He has Jarvis Landry in Baker Mayfield two. I would argue
that Mayfield’s first year may feel its first year mixed with this year is better than Donald’s
both years. I would say moving forward, I would rather have Sam Darnold but again, Josh
Allen was the guy who was super high on as well and he’s looked like he’s finally paying.
I mean you gotta I mean I’m saying Lamar Jackson’s in the draft too, like how do you even have
Darnold even two. He’s like four. It’s Lamar Jackson. Donald Donald’s better than Aland.
Yeah, you get the fuck. If you swap the fucking, you swap their spots. Allen is in a very functional
place. He has, so Allen I do think is in the perfect place for his skill set. I think Sean
McDermott, the way they’re running that off. Did you watch Sam dye would go his winning
teams this year? I would go as far to say this. I think Darnold would be the best if
you just scrambled up like Lamar Jackson is in the best situation he could be in. Of course,
Shalon is one of the best is in one of the best situations. He could be in no bills historically
or a bad franchise over the past 20 years. But I’m saying letting him do his thing. They
have a strong defense. They’re winning games because of it. Doesn’t mean Mark Sanchez had
a strong defense. He was still a bust. My point is, is that Baker Mayfield getting drafted
by the Browns hurts your chances to succeed. That’s a factor for like 40 years of quarterbacks.
That’s a fact. We’re getting off topic but would not really cause we’re talking about
Oklahoma, but you are just, you’re framing your argument to have to have sympathy for
Baker. Man. I was hoping the jets drafted him cause I was like, Oh man. He got drafted
by the Browns. That hurts his career. May hurt his career, but he’s surrounded by, he
has the best talent around him of any of the quarterbacks that he’s drafted with Lamar
Jackson skilled positions. Are you serious, Colby? You still gonna steer wide receivers
in the most overrated position in the NFL. They don’t matter. Look at the teams that
win Superbowls. They never have great white papers. Position knit, pick up position and
tell me he doesn’t have Mark Ingram is better than fucking they have. Correct. They have
Nick Chubb and Kareem hunt cream hunt. You don’t think Kareem Hunt’s helping you?
Colby and Colby, he’s like the possum and your and your crawlspace. You really believe
that they’re better than their skill positions are better than the Ravens. Oh yeah. I mean
that’s not a good art. I mean Willie Snead isn’t primary ask you this. Why do you think
the giants traded Becca? Cause he’s a pain in the ass, but it doesn’t mean he’s does
it. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive. He can be a pain in the ass and still be worse
than Willie Snead anyway. He’s a better why now. But for your team, for a quarterback,
I think it’s actually horrible to have that on your team again. Objectively giants take
Odell Beckham jr back. No, I don’t think they would either. Why would you not? Because he’s
a fucking, when you have a, why would the Steelers give Antonio Brandon away like that?
I know things are so bad. Let’s try and seed more than a wide receiver.
Don’t worry. Freddy kitchens is by far the worst out of all of them. Yeah, but is he
the worst because Baker Mayfield? No, he’s the worst because he was not qualified for
the fuck. I think you can make a case that Adam gaze is worse than than Freddie cannon.
Again, Donald even I hate despise the higher of Adam. Your your stance is interesting because
Baker may, I think the average person who follows football would say clearly Baker Mayfield
has a situation for success. I agree. I mean we agree Freddy kitchens is a buffoon but
so was Adam gaze. But I mean I’ll give case a little bit more credit than I think he was
qualified. How so? No, I’m saying ticket the dolphins job to get kitchens was never qualified
to be a head coach. He’s got, he’s got one of the, no, he was not qualified to get the
jets coach, but I’m saying he was not, he was, should have been a, he’s way more qualified
resume wise. Then Freddy kitchen. I liked back home to lay the points in this spot.
I, I, I’m going to just keep backing my Baylor bears. I am worried. I’m worried that the
public is on Baylor. They were a sneaky play the first time around. I had, um, you know,
again, I had him in the college football playoff, keep patting myself on the back for that.
They, they would’ve won that first game against Oklahoma and then won again. Uh, they’d be
in a much better spot. But even though the public’s all over Baylor, I gotta fade this
Oklahoma team, they just, they just are really weird. They have moments there. They’re probably
one of the most like schizophrenia college football teams, even though they have a shitload
of talent and are well coached, everyone’s saying, hi, everyone’s saying Lincoln. Riley
is, get him in the NFL. We want them for the giants. He’s the best. There’s some serious
motivation issues. There’s some serious collapses that this team has on the field for a team
that’s 11 and one. It’s kinda crazy and I don’t think Lincoln Riley’s a slam dunk awesome
coach at the next level that people may think he is. But all that being said, Baylor plus
eight and a half conference, USA championship in Boca Raton, Florida, 10 30 West coast kick
you a beat the dragons enter the dragon. Florida athletic squares off against them minus seven
and a half. What’s up Colby? It’s Atlantic, but I liked Florida athletic.
That’s funny. Let’s say Florida athletic. Yeah. It’s not
a brand. It’s a we’re making. You’re making Sean upset. I’m taking the uh, the Komodo
dragons and UAB all day here. Um, first off lane Kiffin I saw reports that he was actually
interview, did an interview with Arkansas. I think the coaches if, I mean, the players
probably saw that same report I saw all over Twitter. So I’m assuming they’re probably
gonna tune out a little bit. Oh, coach is going to leave us on this great season. We’re
having to, yeah. Confirmed meeting with Arkansas. Did I confirm that? I’m saying it’s congrat
poison. I mean, I don’t know. It’s all over Twitter. So they’re going to believe it one
way or another. Well and I think like forget this game because
this game means nothing. Lane Kiffin back in the sec, going toe to toe with that. And
this would be the most horrible hire for Arkansas. Oh w yeah, no, I would love for them to hire.
Exactly cause it’s for different things, right? Like if we’re an Arkansas program backer,
we D lane Kiffin needs to stay far away. Far away. Right? But if you’re a fan of, of drama
and you’re a fan of just a guy who’s willing to mix it up, great. Great use of Twitter.
I mean don’t you think it’s going to be great when he plays Alabama every year they lose
about 45 Oh no. Forget that. The part where he trolls, Nick Saban on social media. See
media day. I’m also, I’m with Colby gimme a gimme the UAB blazers. Dragon’s baby come
on. One went away. The dragon is this for bowl eligibility. Now they’re, I’m going chalk
again. I might not take a dog. You’re gone. You’re gone. All favorites ride
well so far. Alright, Florida now, you know what, I’ll go UAB. They,
they’re become an hour and you’re right, if I was playing for lane Kiffin I’m like, fuck
you dude. Yeah, it just seems like a nice lane,
uh, lane collapse game here in Boca Raton, Florida, Cincinnati.
I headed to Memphis, Tennessee for the American championship. They just played Memphis minus
nine and a half point favorite minus three 40 on the money line. Cincinnati plus two
70 total sitting at 57 and a half. Colby, what’s going on here? I’m all over Cincinnati
here. Um, sprinkle some on the money line and I don’t know if you watched the game last
week guys, but they did not have their quarterback. They got ’em there. Uh, they started a freshman
quarterback last week. Desmond Raider sat it out. He was in uniform. But um, from my
reports as of as of two days ago, they think he’s going to play this game. Uh, Luke fickle
saying Desmond rater is our quarterback and it’s up to him and he’s reporting that he’s
50, 50 at the time. But I think, I think, come on, it’s the fucking championship game.
Where was the game last week? Memphis. This weeks in Memphis. And what was
the spread last week? Oh 11. It was 11 they covered was what? 10 10 and that was even
a bullshit cover. That was like final couple of minutes cover and now it’s a nine and a
half point number. Yeah. And they do it two weeks in a row. No, Desmond Ritter is a huge
difference on this team. He can run this freshman quarterback, although he played better. Is
he got a second half? I think so. Judging by that. Um, but he can, he’s a much more
of an athlete. This quarterback was a freshman. They went straight from a experienced quarterback
to a true freshman starting his first ever game. That is a huge fucking thing in college
football. And you start your first ever game in a huge game like that. So I’m all over
the bear cats here. I say sprinkle some on the money line on this one. Wow.
Do you have any sprinkles left? You’re like that too? I’ve always had two so far. Baylor,
Baylor and Cincinnati. You, you’re the Utah kid in the stadium. You got all your sprinkles
there since he is six. And I like the snow against the spread. I liked Cincinnati way
more than Baylor on the, on the money line, Cincinnati eight and two against the spread
in their last 10 games against Memphis. So I think you can go six
an hour for the road spots against Memphis, Cincinnati, a good team. And uh,
[inaudible] I think they’re just a quality team. I think
it’s tough to back-to-back thing, I think helps the team that just lost by 10 motivation
wise. Everything else give me Cincinnati plus nine and a half. I’m with, he called me there.
Maybe I’ll get the sprinkle sack out. Kramer, what are you doing?
Yeah, I just, you know, I hear all the reasons Colby likes him, but gimme a gimme Memphis,
Cincinnati nine and one straight up in their last 10 games, they just win games. The only
one they lost was the Rover red starting a freshman quarterback.
How are they? How are they overrated? A lot. A lot of close wins. A lot of bullshit.
Yeah. But they’re getting nine and a half, right? Yeah. They beat Virginia tech and the
bowl game last year. He still, I mean you want, you want to believe that though.
Points are good trap Ryan. You know else. You know what else I
want to believe in? What’s that? Express VPN. That’s right. Pretty excited. When I heard
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Sign up for NBA league pass earlier in the year, but good, good to know you guys have
that opportunity to that. I didn’t have express G P you gotta watch out for those
IP sniffers well, there are, there are tools riding that can do. You can sniff out packets
and pull people’s data. Yup. Not the first thing. I like to sniff. Oh wow. What soy boy
over here? Well, you know, they say when you change your diet, uh, your taste buds change
or you know, that is a disgusting act.
So now I don’t have a smell for Jason Myron mountain West championship, Hawaii heads the
Boise, Idaho to square off against Boise state. Saturday one o’clock kick Boise state 13 and
a half point favorite minus five 50 on the money line in Hawaii. A plus 400 dog going
the other way. Total sitting at a whopping 64 and a half. Colby,
what? Well do we have a weather report on this game? Please load that up because I can
tell you regardless, I’m going to take Boise, but it’s going to be warm. Voice is going
to fuck with them. See me warm and oily, 51 degrees and a [inaudible]
global warming, working in favor of the rainbow words.
Uh, I’m still going. Boise, I, they destroyed him before I’d done the Smurf turf. It’s a
tough place to come up with someone twice, Colby. Well, not when you’re a Hawaiian and
Boise state. See, these conferences don’t play a neutral site. They have to go to. Yeah.
So that, that probably, Jade, your stat in your direction then. Oh, I love Boise. Stayed
here. No, no, no. I’m saying these small conferences, so when they play a team twice and it’s at
a home environment, because I can tell you that
the kids, the kids from Hawaii, they’re going to be overwhelmed with our abundance of, uh,
spam products here. The mainland, the easy access to spam, the fact that you can get
all the different fast food promotions that they hear on national TV, and then it says,
Oh, except Hawaii and Alaska and they can’t get the MC chicken. Did you guys go tweet
that a soy boy might’ve caused Chris Peterson to, uh, to, to reside? Oh no. What was their
theory? Someone tweeted that the fact that, uh, I think this was a Washington fan, but
the fact that we were in the state of Washington that long, that Chris Peterson was turned
off by the, the, the residents of Washington thinking, Oh wow, they’d gone veggies. It
was too stressful. So recruiting and happy to have a conversation with Chris Peterson
about the merits of, of a plant based diet. But uh, yeah, no, I mean a real man doesn’t,
doesn’t step down. A real man doesn’t walk away from commitment. And I’m a, as much as
I love Chris Peterson as a coach, I, I’ve lost a little respect for Chris. Chris Peterson,
the man. Wow. Why? Because he reads that stunning indictment. Well, also, why don’t just resigned?
Why do you need to say, Oh, it’s stress. It’s like, yeah, no shit. Every job is stressful.
Life is fucking stressful. You wake up and you’re like, Oh shit, I’m stressed the fuck
out. Have a beer. Relax Chris Peterson. And when you retire, of course it’s because of
stress. Think he was telling those recruits last year that he was thinking about hanging
out with, Oh man, no, he wasn’t. Well you think ma, maybe. Maybe you had an
assistant coach that happened to me in that burger joint. We were at Shawn and he saw,
he saw that Chickopee burger. He saw it, he saw kids today. He’s like, you
know the young people, they’re lost. Get me out of this position. You know what
I mean? So, and I, by the way, I was going to pick Washington. You guys sprinkled fairy
dust on me cause I, I play that episode back. I picked Washington and you guys like, how
could you go against the cougars? We were just there. Yeah, exactly. You guys have been
doing that a lot to me lately. Jayden, my staff,
Hawaii. We’ve always done that. Hawaii, Owens seven straight up in the last seven games
when plane in Boise, I think, uh, this is another disaster for the warrior. So yeah,
me, Boise state, it’s always tough to go from Hawaii to Idaho. Hello, I’m an Idaho.
But those bars in Moscow, boy did we have a good time. I hope they enjoy [inaudible].
Who knew how fucking big Idaho on the border of Southern Oregon. Crazy. Yeah.
The SCC championship Saturday one o’clock kick Georgia squares off against we taggers
AK LSU mine. Real quick, Sean, I’m sorry that this has actually been renamed to the the
informal national championship. Oh wow. May as well be a warmup for the national championship
in Atlanta, Georgia. LSU minus eight against the Bulldogs minus two 90 on the money line.
Georgia plus two 35 total sitting at 54 and a half. I’ll kick things off. I’m going LSU,
man, I think this Georgia team’s a bit fraudulent as far as one wind teams. I thought they were
going to have a look ed spot last week, but they uh, they put it on them. They put it
on a Texas a and M for, I mean, how can you go against LSU right now they’re just fucking
on fire. Gimme LSU minus eight. Not a problem. They’re to want to try and make a case for
being number one in the college football playoffs. I think they’re going to be highly motivate.
I was just so much better lane. Keep thinking about this lane Kiffin, ed LDO and Jimbo all
in one division, every crazy college football character. And not to mention Nick Saban’s
still there. I’m bummed out as a lane got divorced from that hot ass ex-wife. It is.
Is that bad or good? I mean for me as a single man, I mean, but, but for coach, for his coaching,
he’s probably tired. She pride doesn’t Southern California. He’s probably all of a sudden
not having as much time to do things. You know, you gotta be careful. Imagine being
a cow. I get your point. Imagine being on a college campus. Imagine being on the college
campus as the head football coach recently divorced that scene. Especially a campus like
Arkansas where you’ve been known to ride a little motor scooter around town. I was going
to say, I’ve, I’ve heard that the assistants there are quite easy. Um, yeah. Lay the points
with LSU. I mean, no one’s getting involved with Georgia here, right? George George is
a paper tiger. Yeah, I’m all over LSU. All over LSU. You
got the paper taggers and you got thrill taggers. If George is going to stay in this game, then
they got to have a pick six or a pump return or a block. It is in Atlanta. I could, I could,
I could see a scenario where Georgia comes to play, but the LSU team is just so talented.
Someone handicapped this and include that. Georgia has more sec championship game experience.
Yeah, exactly. Thank you. Come again. Yeah. Of choking participating in the spur Scanlon
podcast. Clemson is at home for the ACC championship.
It’s in Charlotte. Yeah. I was going to get to that closer. What you said at home. All
right. Clemson is the favorite minus 28 they were on the bottom part. Can you explain in
Charlotte, North Carolina. Clemson’s in South Carolina, so this is a neutral. I don’t understand.
How is this at home buddy? How are you going to get to that? I was going to get to a bike
correcting myself. I was leading into a joke about how Virginia tech was supposed to be
there. You fuck the whole thing up minus 28 you pick the game.
Look the fuck my life tour is strong right now. Yeah, I’m a, I doubted it and it’s fucking,
it’s, it’s a legit thing. So that’s why I’m going with the who is plus 28 and dare I say,
dare I say sprinkle son. Now I got to say that don’t sprinkle this money line guys.
I saw you know some, some will. Have you believe that Clemson doesn’t believe that doesn’t
deserve to be in the playoffs? I mean, I think you said as an undefeated team, UCF, that
the years UCF was undefeated the past 10 or better schedule, better schedule than Clemson
this year. It’s all upset. It’s hard to argue when you have a situation where they’re laying
28 and a conference championship game by far the own like by a mile, the biggest, biggest
number out there. But isn’t Clemson the most motivated team out of any team in these conference
championship games? I mean, with the exception maybe of of Utah
because they, they really feel disrespected. For some reason. Tablo Sweeney just keeps
rallying like fucking maniac. No one is respecting them. No. Let me see. He’s trying to give
credit shitty conference. They’re buying into it and even motivation is a a hell beholder
and if he is able to leverage the fact that Hey, we haven’t lost. Yeah we are the reigning
national champs and there’s telling us, I’m sure he’s going to love us. Our schedule sucks
because the teams we had to play week in and week out suck ass this year. That’s our problem.
They are going to bend these wannabe the only university and all the land that would rather
be a private school than a public school. Virginia storms the field. Pretty quality
though. That was a nice storming of the field. I know that hurt. I know you’re eating granola
out in fucking wherever the hell I didn’t see it.
I still have not seen it. I have the D I DVR in it. I have not watched it. All right, so
let’s, let’s just recap. I, it’s been 19 years since I first stepped foot on the campus of
the university of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and state university and in that time a lot
of dogs have died. One loss, one loss to Virginia, and it hasn’t happened in 15 years. That’s
true. And this motherfucker, Justin flinty. Oh, you want him out now? He has the fucking
balls to get the team buying in to his bullshit. Bud fosters last hurrah back to back. Shutouts
they’re riding high. And what do they do? They give up 39 points to the university of
fucking Virginia. You know how people get dressed to go to football games? Their Tiki
torches, Tiki torches, and white hoods. All right. These are not good people, but the
long family included they, they’re part of, come on. They’re part of this song long as
super. Whoa, dude. What about your boy Tiki barber? He was a great giant. Yeah. Yeah.
I don’t want to listen. No, he didn’t. Did he a couple to be from Roanoke and not go
to Virginia tech? Fuck you. And you know what the worst thing on Sundays is when we find
out that we have to listen to fucking Rondae barber all day. At least they got rid of the
book, the double barber booth. But now anyway, the barber sandwich, nausea, barber,
I say, Oh, that’s the one that’s got coleslaw on it. As much as I hate private schools,
which, Oh, Colby has not seen the new shirts. Which hashtag coleslaw. Oh man. Cousin Bush
said, yeah, if you, if you had watched the DFS episode, uh, you would see that capper
bear wearing a hashtag Cole slaw T shirts, a very nice, uh, as much as I hate private
schools, uh, I once, uh, partied at Clemson. I had a very good time, much better time than
I’ve ever had on the campus already that Clemson too. It was a lot fun time. I never went to
Virginia to party cause I’m not a douche bag, but I’m not a douchebag. I don’t, I don’t.
Yeah. Where are you going with this, Ryan? Clemson minus 28 lay the points clumps in
minus 28 because we, there’s no place in the game of college football for racists in Charlottesville.
Sorry. So sorry if that offends you. You know what about Clemson? They’re also a pretty
good at covering huge spreads. They’re an incredible nine three or nine and three against
the spread in a games where their favorite by 20 plus. They’re also a second in scoring
margin. 34.1 points per game. Clemson rolls, I mean UVA sucks. They made Virginia tech
look competent, so yeah, Kimmy, Clemson all day. I’ve heard that Dabo is playing some
of the footage of the last rally to get the Clemson team motivated. Hey, we’ll see what
these UVA boys are doing. Right. Random thought here guys though. So
Appalachia state went 11 and one Georgia went 11 and one [inaudible] Georgia lost in Athens,
Georgia to South Carolina on their third string quarterback. Yup. App state went to Columbia,
South Carolina and beat their second string quarterback. Isn’t that funny how that works?
How they just know I, you really have to throw out the transitive property with football.
It doesn’t work. I hear you. But it’s such a small sample. It’s just fine the whole week
until we get, until we get to a real playoff where every conference is represented with
a conference champion, there’s no point in talking about, I’m with you. We’re going to
do. You know what we’re going to do next week? I’m on the college show. There we go. That’s
what I’m, because there’s only one game and a couple of straggler ballgames. FCS playoffs
a real fucking playoff week. Or you know what? We can, we can pick those games. We’re going
to, we are going to give out. Yes. Our college football playoff the way it should be the
way it should be. 16 tee. We’re not going to get crazy. We’re not doing, Colby is like
64 to floor. I’m going to leave and he’s going to have
the 60 dude to the plane. Are you guys going to go there and tell Mike?
Lisa, you don’t agree with 64 no, but you got to start somewhere. Right, and right now
we’ve gone from two to four. We need to get from four to eight in the eight to 1616
seems doable in our lifetime. We legalize weed, we get to 16 teams and legalize sports,
gambling. It’s happening guys. I mean strangely the last thing that happened, it was like
we’d legal black president check. Yeah, it’s gambling. You know what couch will dr pepper
help helped us figure out the playoff but only with 14 only with four teams. The big
10 conference championship. The last one we’ll be discussing here on the program, Wisconsin
heads, the Indianapolis, Indiana got it off against Ohio state. Ohio state minus 16 and
a half minus seven 20 on the money line. The badgers plus five 10 on the money line total
sitting at 56.4. That can’t be right. Colby, what are you doing here?
Uh, I uh, look, look Wisconsin sprinkle some fairy. Well I’ll put it like this. Wisconsin,
very similar. Your use of fairy dust there is like a, it’s
confusing because he keeps saying fairy dust and then you’re like you guys spring you sprinkled
fairy dust. I mean the pics are bad. I don’t know what fairy dust is. How does that work?
Fairy dust is pretty much what’s in Ryan’s sandwich idea. So instead of AOE Mayer, he
goes a little fairy dust. It’s a, it’s dehydrated moisture straight from the side of the gold
coast in West Hollywood. That’s what it is. Ryan, I learned about say tan this week. Oh,
interesting. You should check it out. Cause this is where you go to haunted houses and
see dicks. No, it’s some sort of like mushroom that people use to replace meat or something.
You’ll be eating it if you have any. I see what you’re doing here.
And he goes, that is, that’s the first step. Hallucinate at all. Cause I’m on the board
of South dammit. First step to Sean, hopping over to the uh, hashtag. Yeah, he’s, he’s
getting educated man. He’s Googling shit. Look, I can’t take Wisconsin because Wisconsin’s
got quarterback play that as much like Sam Darnold all right. And they just, what’s that?
Incredibly good looking with great arm talent. Jeez. You think he’s good looking? Talk more
about this. So I believe he’s definitely the best looking quarterback. Oh my gosh. Josh
Rosen’s got a nice schnoz, right? He looks like he looks like some Joe Schmo from long
Island. We don’t need that. Uh, okay. Here’s a dude. Fuck one guy from that quarterback.
Classy Lamar, Lamar Jackson cluck, marry, kill with fucking quarterbacks. All right,
Ohio state’s going to destroy this team. Wisconsin can throw the ball. There’s no handicap. They’re
a liability. There’s no handicap. All right? So, so yeah, just take gimme gimme Ohio state
and minus hop on the absolute public side. Because you know what’s a massive disadvantage
here that Wisconsin has to play this Ohio state team on turf? It’s just not, I mean,
or just in general. Whoa. Hey, Ohio state more talented. But if this was on grass, Wisconsin,
I think it would have a puncher’s chance. Can we get rid of these domes? Why are we
ball’s not supposed to be played in a dome? Yeah. What big 10 big 10. You don’t think
dome football, you think outdoor coaches wearing nice pressed khakis, long
grass, a lot of bullshit going on in the world. Millennials had to decide that. But how many
teams in the big 10 play on turf or indoors? Uh, none of them play on doors, right? Yeah.
I’m trying to think right now. I can’t think of, they all play outdoors. They all play,
whether it’s the, maybe 10 [inaudible]. There’s some synthetic surfaces, but I’m sure, I think
Wisconsin might be synthetic surface. Sure. But why? Why is it just because that’s sativa,
Endeca. This is the biggest stadium in the, in the area. Like they couldn’t find it kid.
They play a soldier field. That’s perfect. Way better than indeed. If you’re, if you’re
a a, a big 10 fan, are you, would you rather go to Indy or Chicago? Is that a fucking joke?
Also, just give it to the, give the home team to the better team. Like that home field advantage
should be part of that for being the better team. But I’m thinking these power conferences,
if, I mean, if you’re going to do it, then all the power conferences need to do it. Okay.
You know what I mean? Yeah. Let’s do it. Okay. But yeah, there’s too much money. Baylor,
Oklahoma dome, Georgia, LSU dome, these fucking losers. [inaudible]
no, but I disagree because the big, I think the big 12 I’m okay with a dome. No, no, no.
Adoption never happened in football. Never. Okay. All right. Come on for this. The first
ever football game was played in the Northeast. They didn’t play in a fucking dull, right?
Of course they didn’t. They hadn’t figured that out yet. Cold, but yeah, because it’s
not, I mean they’re, they’re also fucking cars back then. Like w, w, w, w what are you?
What are we arguing right now? I’m saying you never play football that dumb. Okay. Proof
of the lions. You can’t root for the Viking football. These teams that are played in a
dome, I’m okay with the big 12 brand playing their championship game and a dough. It makes
more sense. None of their teams have a dome. It makes more sense. That’s the style.
Of course. It’s the style of play, right? Let’s spread it out. Let’s play high school
offense. That’s changing. Matt rule doesn’t do that, but I have a serious, I have a serious
problem with the big 12 playing in a dome. Big 10 sorry, the big 10 the sec. I think
you can even argue the same angle. Like why are we playing this game in a dome? Yeah,
exactly. Just play it. Domes are fun. They’re loud. Orlando, the money doesn’t get wet,
doesn’t have to deal with weather. They can be inside. There is supposed to be football.
I mean, come on. It’s because I’m explaining life to you, but here’s the problem. The people
that go to football games and the people that support this kind of shit, they don’t want
to deal with the weather. We just saw this. We were in Pullman. We saw the rich folk walking
in going up to their sweets like that. That’s the way it goes. You’re talking about coli?
Yeah, I went up to sweet. It’s pretty delicious. All right guys. Ah yeah. We’re laying in the
points, right? We’re all laying on the points. Yup.
Ohio state is just a machine that cannot be stopped. All right. Time for the LOC. Doug
T’s presented by my bookie. Dot. AIG where you can play when and get paid, especially
when you use the promo code. S G P Colby [inaudible] kick things off. What are you doing for your
lock? I am locking up the LSU tigers minus eight. Come on. Speaking of a fairy dust being
sprinkled on something I haven’t already had. Okay. Okay. Then. No, no, no, no. That’s fine.
I don’t want to, I don’t want it. I don’t want to hear it him. I don’t want to hear
any whining after the [inaudible]. This is what Cole, this is what Sean does.
He tries to make it a year. He’s a very millennial. Tactically, it’s your fault. He’s not lobby
hall. Eagles. [inaudible] it’s called creating good content. If we all lock up the same thing,
it’s not as interesting. Do you want the Eagles to play in a dome? I feel like, no. Why would
I want that? Speaking of good content, simple drinking a beer. You guys are drinking cucumber
melon seltzer water. You’re calling me a pussy. This guy hasn’t offered me a beer. I mean,
however, he hasn’t eaten a pulled pork sandwich in a month. Sean, stand down because this
a cucumber melon. Seltzer water. A simple truth organic. I don’t know if they do sponsorships.
Very delicious shit. The fucking shirt goes great with some Jamie. Never. No, no. We’re
not ever seltzer. Water’s never going to be on the spot. I don’t know if they pass. Sure.
My luck is LSU eight. Um, my dog. Um, I told you Cincinnati plus
two 17 give me that all day and a fun one. And, and tease wise, we’re going to go, uh,
Oh, what did we do here? Let’s just say, uh, let’s bring, this is my favorite part of every
street. You bring Ohio state down to 10 and a half. Let’s bring Ellis you down to what
two. And uh, what are we doing here? Give me a upstate minus a half a point. Either
you’re going to do UVA up to 34 like Hey, when they went out right? And a bonus lock,
I guess you can’t do one off. Uh, that’s off the board. But another, another LTS low second
will be app state minus six and a half. Okay. I don’t know how he teased the Appalachian
state to 34. I’ll fix that. 34 what? Oh, minus a half. Alright, Sean, is it my turn or your
turn? You go Ryan Locke, Utah. You guys are, you guys are missing the boat on this one.
I strategically took one dog so I could take a dog and that is the dragon of UAA. B plus
the Komodo dragons, the Komodo dragons, but it’s not like the blazers right now, but they’re
trying to get a Komodo dragon there. So I say we all start calling
him the Komodo Komodo. Also the thing you were naked when you’re an old, old man, just
let your balls hang out. What? Come on. That’s a kimono. No, their mascot. It’s just an old
man with his balls. Whoa. All right. Oklahoma minus two and a half.
[inaudible] is there, are you doing your teas? You’re
giving you my fucking, this is called seamless transition. LSU minus two. I’m giving Shawn
time to type all this and uh, yeah, let’s go app app state as well. Minus the half.
Uh, for my bonus lock, let’s, uh, let’s double dip
app state. They’re just, they’re not, they’re not losing, I don’t think they’re not going
to cover here. It just, yeah, I would say of all the conference championships outside
of Clemson and Ohio after, outside of probably Clemson and Ohio state, I think app state
is where I would put the next. I agree. Confidence wise, they’re winning that game. Yeah. So.
All right, go and Shockey gimme, O S U, Ohio state minus 16 and a half from my lock for
my dog. Come on, Baylor plus two 50. Give me the bears for my teas. LSU down to two,
Utah down to a half. And Boise state down to seven and a half. And for my bonus, Locke
LSU hashtag wi taggers chicken on a stick for everybody. Chicken and sticks for everyone.
Where that was? That was Mississippi. Right? But check us out. They’re playing this at,
uh, the Falcon stadium. Chick-fil-A, big time a sponsor open. So I think they should do
a chicken on the sixth special if I w if I were them, if I was trying to make some money,
you know. Now, how do you feel about that Kramer? I don’t necessarily feel I’m very
aligned with Chick-fil-A is a moral or ethical decision. So I can’t comment on this matter
because because they’re killing animals, they serve meat.
They seem to not be the most humanitarian company out there. So I don’t want to get
political, but I’ve never seen you a chick filet, huh? Oh, there’s a tie. I love Chick-fil-A.
[inaudible] strategically lemonade for fraud, the way to Vegas that I have never not stopped
at. What am I going to do with March madness? We’re probably going to fly up, but March
private jet. That’s what really, and you know what I’m again, I’m going to get some fried
toe tofu over some nice eggplant. That’s what hashtag soy boy lifestyle. I feel like our
playing might go down. If the pilot hears that he’s having a Cole slaw sandwich. I got
to make an emergency landing. Okay. As always, guys appreciate you tuning into the podcast
rate review and share. Get those good iTunes reviews will be given out. Some merge on the
NFL podcast for the best five star, so get those
in. Make sure check out the college experience. Colby, Dan, Patty, C and a check out the couch
pics podcast or college picks sheets for college basketball, college football, 12 and three
ATS and college basketball yesterday. Nice word, Coleman three and know on my lucks,
I guess that explains why the football, he’s only got so many locks to give out for the
Swartz. Get my podcast. I’m Sean. Stacking the money green and he is Ryan. Well, good
luck. Good luck this weekend. UVA [inaudible] Kramer, let it ride.

1 thought on “College Football Conference Championship Picks – Sports Gambling Podcast

  1. Colby Minnesota is a huge fraud, told you that like three weeks ago. Beat another massively overrated Penn State team and scraped by against a bunch of bottom tier teams early. Wisconsin the far better team and it showed.

    And bro HOW does Utah not have a shot? They are literally ranked the highest of any other team outside the top 4 right now and that includes Oklahoma/Baylor. They aren't going to suddenly move one of those teams ahead of Utah barring a no show by Utah Friday night. If Georgia loses a decent showing by Utah gets them in. Can't believe you said no shot lololol

    Also the Big 12 champ game is always in the morning. 2017 Oklahoma/TCU 2018 Oklahoma/Texas both at 9am Pacific

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