Coastal Now – Georgetown Harbor Silting Study

Students have been a major part of the
Georgetown Harbor silting study. It’s really cool to be involved in the
Georgetown community and get a chance to see Applied Science at work like this.
Every two weeks, crews from Coastal Carolina University go out on the harbor
and download data. We have 16 sensors out here. They measure water level. They measure
turbidity. They measure temperature. To keep the channel clear for bigger boats
and barges dredging would be needed every two years. Coastal is charged with
finding a better way. It’s not at all a sustainable solution to dredge it all
the time. Even undergraduates are deeply involved, doing research that really
matters. I think this gives me an incredible leg up on some other people,
because I’ll, I will have more experience. A respect for CCU, its professors and
students is on display in all of this. The Georgetown community trusts us to do
quality work. I think that says a lot about our research team and the work
that we’ve produced so far. Recently, results from the first phase of
the study were presented to Georgetown City and County officials, with State and
US representatives in attendance too. We’re thrilled that we’ve made it this far and
that the study is, is that impressive. Funding for phase two is expected soon.
Coastal wants to be a local player here, but also, you know, we are training the
next generation.

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