Citrulline: Does it work? Uses for NO, ED, Athletics

Hello. I had a patient come in the other
day taking a citrulline he was taking
citrulline for various uses. one of them was erectile dysfunction now the
question is what is citrulline why is it used where did it come from
does it work I’ll I’ll go over all of those in just a minute but a brief
introduction Ford Breuer proved men heart attack stroke cancer disability
that’s a dementia prevention so citrulline is a non-essential amino acid
the kidneys convert citrulline to l-arginine which is another amino acid i
remember remember amino acids are used to make proteins N-O what is N O?
nitric oxide well what is nitric oxide we’re going to talk about nitric oxide
for just a few minutes because that appears to be the functional area at
least theoretically for citrulline nitric oxide is critical to the intima
or endothelial lining of the arteries citrulline by the way was named for
watermelon or citrus it was first extracted from watermelon now as I
mentioned nitric oxide and therefore the intima layer of the arteries is the
critical concept here there are three major layers of the arteries the intima
the media and the adventure we’ll ignore the adventuia and just talk about the
intimate media mostly the intima the intima is a slick single cell, very
thin lining doesn’t provide any structural strength but it provides a
lot of metabolic advantages the media provides the structural strength and
here’s what happens with clot or plaque development LDL. remember the bad
cholesterol when there are cracks in this intima layer LDL can go through
those cracks if there’s something like diabetes or prediabetes
disease that LDL usually goes through the media as well but again with with
diabetes periodontal disease you get inflammation impact on this media as
well things called proteoglycans form there’s the LDL can no longer go through
the media and it gets stuck in between the intima and the media that may sound
very confusing here’s some pictures real pictures real patients so actually these
were patients that had died due to heart attack so this is the cross section of
the artery the media muscle layer the intima that very thin layer that we’re
talking about with again nitric oxide is critical to the health of this layer um
the more cracks you have in this layer the more LDL or bad cholesterol can go
through those cracks and gets lodged if it can’t pass on through the media layer
it gets lodged in between that is plaque LDL which is migrated through
now here’s another concept our own immune system starts creating
friendly-fire for us and it attacks that play it releases enzymes that start
liquefying that plaque here’s the problem that liquefied or inflamed
plaque hot plaque if it breaks back through this intimate
layer it’ll cause a clot to be formed that clot is what kills patients four
five four times out of five nineteen times out of twenty heart attack and
stroke is caused by the clot this black thing here not the plaque itself but
that clot is caused by inflamed plaque that has broken back through the
intimate layer and touched the blood that’s again a heart attack stroke
inflammation cardiovascular inflammation 101 but again I’m repeating it and going
through it because of the importance of the intima layer and anything that
improves the health of the intima layer like nitric oxide so again this is all
about nitric oxide that’s the major focus for citrulline and we’ll talk
about more the connection and again just a few minutes but for the biochemistry
geeks out there a molecular model this molecular model is very similar to urea
urea is that it’s actually part of the urea cycle for those of you who are not
biochemistry geeks their urea cycle has a lot of uses within the body one of the
main ones being that’s how we take ammonia off of amino acids those of us
eating too many proteins to excrete that ammonia in the urine so now let’s get a
little bit more practical about citrulline what what do people use it
for well anything that’s going to improve blood flow so hypertension or
high blood pressure erectile dysfunction diabetes and diabetic vascular injury
again diabetes creates its injury to the vessels by causing inflammation which we
we saw some pictures of a few minutes ago weight lifters and bodybuilders use use citrulline other athletes use
citrulline again many of you out there whenever I do one of these videos on a
supplement I usually get a lot of reactions a lot of passion around
different supplements and if you use citrulline I’d love to hear your
comments do you think obviously you think it works if you’re using it now
what does the scientific literature say this one is enhancing cycling time so
this was a study looking at cyclists to get to the punch line on this I’ll show
a couple of a couple of things on it basically this
was a placebo a randomized clinical trial they gave some people some of the
cyclists placebo and some of the cyclists citrulline and sure enough what
they measured afterwards was nitric oxide so at least in this randomized
clinical trial you did see an impact on nitric oxide
after taking citrulline so for those of you who are saying well citrulline
doesn’t actually impact nitric oxide now there’s again a lot of evidence in both
directions here but there’s clearly some evidence that it does now here’s the
next question listen so what let’s say you do get an
increase in nitric oxide levels does it actually improve athletic performance
well this same study looked at time trials on the bicycles a cycling time
trial and those who had citrulline finished far quicker so again some
fairly good evidence again as you look through the science it’s all over the
waterfront can you say reliably that it works well I think about it if you could
and if the evidence we’re overwhelming that it did I think you’d see a lot more
use for it do I think it works I think there’s guess there’s clearly
evidence that it has worked and it works in certain situations we just don’t
understand all the situations and I think this is a good example this is an
editorial in medical sports science and basically it’s talking about citrulline
and it makes the comment here that yes there’s good evidence that it’s worked
in athletics however not always in this editorial they’re talking about evidence
in the scientific literature that it works and helps for athletes that are
relatively untrained but doesn’t seem to help so much for athletes that are
well trained bottom line is I don’t think we know again as I said if you use
l-citrulline why don’t you tell us write in the comments below
what you use it for if you have some good references regarding science around
l-citrulline please share that with us thank you much

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  1. Im fascinated with this information. So if I want the effects of Citrulline can I just drink watermelon juice? Or would it be more benficial for me to take the supplement? I'm currently on Liptior (80mg) for high LDL even though my triglycerides are low.

  2. I had ED because of Long term PPI on me. Approx 2 month and it cause alot of damage. My high blood pressure rise to 160/100, also i got ED for almost 6 month, fatique all the time.

    Until i found citrulline i tried 1.5gram (2x a day, total 3 gram) with masqulier pine bark for about a month.

    I found my morning erection came back but not firmer enough for penetration. Some improment but the ED still exist.

    My blood pressure drop to 130/90 still high but i drop alot.

    My energy level is up. I can Jogg up to 2km before stop, ussually only 0.5km and done.

    The only problem is i had light back pain, do citrulline hard on kidneys ?

  3. Like someone said below L Arginine works faster than Citruline .. the latter though also lasts longer in terms of endurance etc..

    Getting my Citruline from watermelon rind is better in my opinion, as the metabolic process of NO release via the endothelium involves whole foods sources & is what I prefer.

    I sometimes take the powder form if I don't have time to make it from watermelon rind.

    Both sources of Citruline works for me .. when doing HIIT sprints or when I want to seriously tone up with weights.

  4. I’m age 68. I started taking L citrulline malate in a small glass of slightly warm water with no noticeable changes. I then started adding a couple capsules of L arginine and take these every morning.
    I also have been taking 3-4 capsules of vitamins k2 with 4000 units of vitamins D for about 6 months now.
    After taking the k2 /D for about 3-4 months I reduced my viagra by a third and I went from mild carotid artery plaque to none. I also had severe artery stenosis to right leg resulting in not being able to walk much without severe calf muscle pain. That is now corrected.
    I figured that if nitric oxide is good for the endothelia then I should be taking it. Well I can tell you the citrulline/arginine come has stepped up health a notch: increased libido, much stronger climaxes, the veins in my arms really pop ( I weight 154 at 5’9) which I believe must be happening everywhere in my body. My work out intensity / stamina on the cross trainer has significantly improved too.

  5. I use L-Citrulline for preworkout, I might start to use it everyday, I have read that it could potentially help problems with urination as well, I occasionally have an overactive bladder. To be honest I don't know if it is having any real effect on me.

  6. I'm a former fitness champion
    Last year I had a spinal cord injury that left me paralyzed for 4 months

    I'm back walking again with a cane for support a year later.

    I'm still struggling with muscle atrophy in my legs

    I know neurological injuries are extremely complicated but it would be great to talk about supplements that are aimed to fix muscle atrophy

  7. Hello, my side effect taking citrulline with arginine combo was becoming extrasystoles…and im very upset with that. Why is that??

  8. Dr. Brewer, I take 5 g Citrulline malate 2:1 for about 2 months now. Last week my Echocardiography exam shows a mild valve leakage. Not sure if the Citrulline is behind it? Is it possible that is making my blood thinner and causing the mild leakage?

  9. Wonderful presentation Dr Brewer . The story must be told Health & Wellbe R we group . Eat less live longer scientific fact . Huawei technologies seeds of the future . Health before wealth . so live simply so that others may simply live . Yours D.C.H. Tauranga New Zealand take care people

  10. – I have occasional bouts with afib heart rate.(likely genetic) Read online that it can help with that, and anecdotally it has. As far as ive noticed it's much better, I also found that while lifting weights I have more ease/more strength. I just bought l-citrulline because I couldn't find straight arginine, should be interesting. I've been taking arg more or less regularly for at least a year.

  11. I don’t do leg day without Citrulline Malate. I get more reps, because I don’t get as exhausted as I would without it. I think some studies also found it reducing DOMS.

  12. I’m allergic to watermelon . Since some L-Citrulline is derived from watermelon, is there a chance I can get sick from the supplements?

  13. I use Citrulline L Arginine beet root and tuarine im currently doing Cardio rehab and light weights im post bypass x4. 3 months i feel like i can do More Cardio as well as lift more

  14. Unless I misunderstood, you started the video saying a patient had come in taking citruline for ED but the rest of the video was on athletic performance.

  15. I have Neutropenia (HCC)
    , Erythrocytosis, Thrombocytopenia (HCC) and Undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy. I also suffer from chronic fatigue. I have been through all medical tests to reveal the reasons but no diagnosis yet. I have tried Citrulline malate for two weeks now and I started to be very active immediately. I go 6 days a week to the gym now! I used to go two three times a week. So, yes I think it works.

  16. i use a citruline arginine combo supplement it normalized my blood pressure my pcp is now thinking about removing one of my bp meds

  17. My wife and I have been using L Citrulline for @ a year now and it has normalized our blood pressure and we plan on using L Citrulline from now on……

  18. does the effects of citrulline last for the whole day when taken in the morning, or do I need to take this before weightlifting?

  19. No questions asked just take it it's going to save you from getting a heart attack or stroke and lower your cholesterol

  20. I am taking Citrulline Malate 2:1 along with megafolinic or Quatrefolic., highly bio available form of folate. I see a huge improvement in well being in general, NO is related to depression. ( Nitric oxide modulates norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, the major neurotransmitters involved in the neurobiology of major depression. Helped a lot for post (faster recovery and pre-workout (better pump)at the gym and V02 max doing cardio. Also helped greatly improving performance in bed.

  21. I am 65 and retired. My two younger brothers had strokes, and my family has a history of heart attacks. for 3 years now I have used L Arginine and Citrulline principally for Nitric Oxide proliferation in the bloodstream. I did some research into arterial health, wanting an alternative to the standard statins and stints recommendations. I have some small blockages in the 2nd diagonal from the LAD, (too minute to stint, thankfully), and I want this to not progress to other cardiac or stroke events. I do have a fair bit more energy now, at least. The research into alternatives continues. Incidentally, I told the Heart specialist who found the small blockage and has monitored my case. He just gave me a blank look and told me there's nothing that works as well as statins. Nothing else is proven. That makes me more determined to find the truth.

  22. Singlet molecular oxygen regulates vascular tone and blood pressure in inflammation.

    View on Unbound Prime


    Singlet molecular oxygen (1O2) has well-established roles in photosynthetic plants, bacteria and fungi1-3, but not in mammals. Chemically generated 1O2 oxidizes the amino acid tryptophan to precursors of a key metabolite called N-formylkynurenine4, whereas enzymatic oxidation of tryptophan to N-formylkynurenine is catalysed by a family of dioxygenases, including indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 15. Under inflammatory conditions, this haem-containing enzyme is expressed in arterial endothelial cells, where it contributes to the regulation of blood pressure6. However, whether indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 1 forms 1O2 and whether this contributes to blood pressure control have remained unknown. Here we show that arterial indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 1 regulates blood pressure via formation of 1O2. We observed that in the presence of hydrogen peroxide, the enzyme generates 1O2 and that this is associated with the stereoselective oxidation of L-tryptophan to a tricyclic hydroperoxide via a previously unrecognized oxidative activation of the dioxygenase activity. The tryptophan-derived hydroperoxide acts in vivo as a signalling molecule, inducing arterial relaxation and decreasing blood pressure; this activity is dependent on Cys42 of protein kinase G1α. Our findings demonstrate a pathophysiological role for 1O2 in mammals through formation of an amino acid-derived hydroperoxide that regulates vascular tone and blood pressure under inflammatory conditions.

  23. I’m a healthy 35 ye old and would like to incorporate citruline and Argenine. What is the best low recommend dose? Thanks!

  24. I have been taking 1000mg of l-Citrulline and 500mg of l-arginine 2tms/day for 3 weeks. I just had my Potassium level tested and it has raised out of the normal range to an unsafe level. My question is this: which has greater effect on raising Potassium levels l-citrulline or l-arginine?

  25. the big problem I have is that after favorable research of obscure supplements I usually take (or try) them. In no time at all you can easily be up to 10 , 20 or more supplements. My main focus now is eliminating supplements. I know this is a daunting challenge but I would like to see a list in order of preference of supplements by someone of your stature (MD MPH)

  26. Its best just to eat watermelon. Extracts dont really work that well unless you have science that helps you sell a 'supplement'. Complete waste of money. Buy a case of melons for $65 bucks and youll have great results…hydration, amino acids, better skin, ect.

  27. How do you remove the Plaque between the layers without clotting? Is there anything to reverse this issue? @3:07
    By this I mean, what supplements or medicines are known to fix this?

    I probably won't get the answer I want, but here to hoping.

  28. A few years back I had a motorcycle accident. I had massive edema, compartamental syndrome and a clot that almost completely cut circulation to my feet, to the point my doctor said he would have to amputate if it didn’t resolve in 48 hrs. He started me on coumadin an luckily the pulse on my feet resumed. Nevertheless said pulse was weak and the edema wasn’t getting better weeks later. As a fitness enthusiast I had some pre workout on the shelve (containing citrulline). I craved the flavor so I decided to drink some just because. God as my witness I began experiencing a lot of heat on the wounded leg and the feeling of “ants” crawling all over. I freaked out but to my surprise the next morning the edema and purple marks had receded substantially. From that point on my leg started to heal rapidly.

  29. I used it in the past to reduce muscle soreness after strength training, combining it w BCAA etc. it was highly effective for that, & seemed to boost performance a bit as well, especially when combined with other amino acids. And used abt an hr b4 training. I’m on a ketogenic diet though, and would take it on an empty stomach, and ended up getting nausea from it. Taking it w a limited amount of carbs, but separate from protein, could be ideal to reduce side effects & improve performance aside from low-carb, but wasn’t an option, & I stopped using it. Hope this helps.

  30. I use it as a Bodybuilder. I have gone without it for some time and noticed i was not as full/swoll or had as much endurance. Then back on it then bam, swoll ,and pumped more energy too. I do not use drugs. I am 49 years old, I combine it with Arginine and Creatine it is a great combination. I Feel better in the mind too.

  31. I take bentonite clay, I use a blend of sodium gray clay, and a green clay which is a calcium bentonite, I drink Chaga tea that I hunt for myself , as a super antioxidant and tasty hot drink, D3 in winter, and Vit C, and lots citrus, a little diatom earth,and oregeno oil, I then went off my BP and Cholesterol meds a year later, and my levels all Improved year after year, so what helped me was eating dirt, drinking tea from a birch tree, and more citrus and sunshine, seems to me, the things closet to this earth and farthest from a pharmacy improved my life as I aged, I'm feeling better at 60 than I did at 40, taking all the meds I was recommended, to me they just covered up symptoms, never got to the root cause, metal deficiencies and toxic over loads, I have NO side effects, no coughs, no dry mouth no anxiety, So I like eating dirt because it;s a negative charge and it pulls out all the positive charged toxins , and it leaves over 75 trace elements in, including copper and some of the harder to absorb metals, I don't care if anyone believes me, but it helped me, I have come to my realization, things man make are dangerous to me, and what god made are precious to me.

  32. I have been taken both supplements and my arthritis pain is gone but I wanted to make sure so I stopped taking it and only the shoulder pain came back. I did compare it to (grape seed extract). Grape seed extract worked too but you can feel a over all wellness with L- Arginine or L- Citruline from my head to my feet. I you don't need the 85mgs baby aspirin. The people that don't exercise. Take 500mgs of one of the L' s and start walking some , about 10 to 15 minutes. Start with 500mgs because it just might work if not take 1000 mgs. Both works for me but 1000 mgs clear your head and puts some spark in your life if you know what I mean.

  33. good day doc… i was diagnosed with cardio vascular infarction and I'm into Rosuvastatin 10mg 1x a day, Carvedilol 25mg 1/2 2x a day, and Clopidogrel 1x a day… is it ok if i take L arginine L citruline… as it was stated it can relax veins and improved blood flow, to be able to do more cardio work out?

  34. Hi doctor, Please talk about the DHEA (DEHYDROEPIANDROSTERONE) and whether if it really effective for increasing the testosterone level in men over 30 years old or not, also it's side effects because there are many conflicting opinions about it and the people are confusing. Thanks for helpful videos.

  35. ED – it works – but I am celibate, it haunts me when I sleep – but I have high BP. Son is a body builder and he uses it.

  36. I use L-citrulline and/or L-arginine sometimes. Eating beets right now.
    Body building, optimal health.

  37. Without a doubt it helps for strong easy erections. Personally I find even just 1-2gram each of arginine and citrulline does wonders. Similar to very very low dose ED meds. I believe using citrulline & arginine together the effect lasts longer than arginine used alone. Even non erect Mr Johnson is, shall we say, more plump and happy. Be careful using arginine as too much can cause a herpes flair up, if you have it.

  38. I have been using L-arginine for a few months now for E.D. and other benefits but I am now going to try the L- citrulline,, Thank you for all you do!!! I really enjoy your videos!!

  39. Sir I understand English but what you said didn't understud ,please answer me should I take citrulin or not.why should I take or not.

  40. I use citrulline periodically, and It greatly reduces the soreness I feel from a workout. I've never taken it for more than two weeks however.

  41. Hi doctor,. Will you be able to advise me please. How I get Cintrulline from Australia. Any Pharmacy I asked. They say hard to finds. I would appreciate if you can help me. My address is P.O. Box 923. NSW 1860, Mohammed Alsalami.

  42. meat eggs, fish, and especially liver, have nitrates, CoQ10, and arginine, which are Nitric Oxide precursors, so there is a good start food wise, with a triple hit.

  43. Only criticism I’ve heard for Citrulline/Argenine is the absorption of argenine cAn release prolactin which is a female hormone, this would concern bodybuilders

  44. I have never taken it as a supplement but I will eat a lot of watermelon (including the rind) as a natural viagra. It appears to me to work but I am now wondering if that is a placebo effect.

  45. What is the conection with Citrulline and Arginine? Is it true, combining the two together can impact on growth hormone!?
    I read about it, went searching, end up here. I never heard such statement. Do you know somethong about it doc??

  46. I use this to increase blood flow during working out, cycling. When I use it vs not using it I can tell more blood is pumping through my veins, more energy during workout. Also if I don't use it during workout I can tell I'm not as zoned into my workout. I will be taking 6g of citrulline always before working out, cycling. I don't try to take to much pre workout these days with it because the caffeine constricts your blood vessels so less nutrient and less blood flow to muscle. But if I'm dragging a little bit I sometimes put a little bit in. Plus if you are constantly using caffeine or pre workout you can have adrenal fatigue which is terrible!

  47. Fascinating video and those cross sections are very helpful as well. I don’t have any ED issues and yes I’ve found a surprisingly strong erectile impact from supplemental l-citrulline. Especially in the “morning wood” department as a middle aged man. It’s not Viagra that one could take for sex, it’s just something that I feel is a symptom of good levels of NItric oxide. I take it daily just thinking it’s a good addition. Mind you I eat a vegan diet and use iHeart pulse velocity wage measurement device which apparently is accurate and my arterial health is half my age even though I’m overweight (working on it).

  48. I started using Citrulline Malate a little over a week ago, and I am pleased with the results, pump that it provides

  49. One surprising thing that happened when I first started supplementing with l-citrulline is my urine smelled tangy for a day and then my body odor decreased dramatically.

  50. I have tried citrulline in thed past, but can't say as I noticed any difference. But then I am a former bicycle racer who was in the sport of racing for over 25 years, though now retired over 10 years. However, I still do strenuous bike workouts 5 days per week just to keep in shape, so maybe citrulline just wouldn't affect me so much like it might an untrained person.

  51. I use a flavored citrulline with regular brewed tea and creatine. I did that for 8 weeks and felt really good over previous exercise with using only water. I weaned myself off the mixture over a week and then started another 8 weeks with just water. I could finish the total body exercise routine but felt whipped. On an occasion I felt okay but not like I did with the supplements. I completed the full 8 weeks even though I didn't want to. I restarted the mixture and on the second day I noticed that I was doing better and perceived that my exercise exertion and results were better. By the end of six days I knew this was the mixture that I'd continue to take and still do. Testimony not science but I feel it works for me and that's all I need.

  52. I’ve heard that if you use it combined with L- arginine that it essentially cancels each other out. Is that true?

  53. I noticed you briefly touched on the urea node of the no cell do you have a video of what we know about urea and the functions of urea. Also can urine therapy be beneficial as they say it is.

  54. I use l-citrulline along with L-Arginine and it helps me a lot it stabilizes my blood pressure my memory has come back I get around a lot better I seem to get sicker a whole lot less and I'm 56 years old so those two in combination have helped me dramatically

  55. Just ordered some citrulline malate so will update you later on the effects. I'll be using it for my cycling. I may use it with beta alanine as well.

  56. Thank you so much for covering citrulline! I’ve been taking this for 8 years, before my workouts and I certainly feel more of a pump and focus than when I don’t take it. It’s very evident, though not science but I find these studies are all very mixed anyway and only a handful of studies are clearly backed my the majority (like creating)

  57. Hello, somewhere I read that, regular use of L – Arginine and L- citrulline will clear the clogged arteries. Pls comment.

  58. So, I have L-citruline with citrulline malate AND calcium. I've heard too much calcium can play a role in atherosclerosis. What is the best form to buy?

  59. I'm a diabetic and certified personal trainer. L Cit definetly works for me and my clients. Greater pumps and increased cardio conditioning are for real.

  60. My wife got shingles. After much research she concluded it was caused by over use of arginine which she took at night for growth hormone release. She got this from bodybuilder forums where young guys were getting shingle while taking arginine.
    Seems you can offset it with lysine. Not sure if citrulline would have the same effect. Ocular shingles was one of the most painful experiences of her life so be careful.

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