Chiefs’ Sammy Watkins talks about his first touchdown against the Jaguars

Think you know that the work
I put in the offseason and the trust I have in the coaches and
staff and the training. What I did in offseason would lead
up to you know, playing good and being successful. So, just got to continue to build and
keep working and keep building that foundation
with the team and keep winning. I’m just having fun, not trying too hard. I think we have to play as team,
the work ethic that we all put in and just gotta continue to build on that. And I’m not a statistics guy, I love scoring three touchdowns
in whatever many yards. But the objective is to get the win.>>Can you take us through
that first touchdown?>>Just playing fast. And usually I don’t get the ball but
somehow Pat looked at me and I looked at him and I caught it and
you know just ran fast as I could. And it felt great. I never had a touchdown in this league, to break a tackle and
run 67 yards felt really good.>>Sammy,
did you feel DeMarcus’ block on that? It might have been right out of
your point of view, I think so.>>For sure,
I think all of us just connected. And that’s what the coach preach about,
is finishing those plays. And that’s what Greg Lewis preach, and once we continue to run our routes,
finish our plays, and play for one another and finish those blocks, and
things like that can happen each play.>>So much of last year’s [INAUDIBLE] was
about trying to overload you to play book, to learn all three [INAUDIBLE] positions. How different did it feel today
versus opening day last year in Los Angeles as far as
understanding fully the offense?>>I just really trust the coaches and
follow the plan this whole offseason where they gave me switching
different positions. And really just honing in on it and
putting the effort in, studying those plays and
being on the right page with Pat. And it led to me knowing
all the positions. And going out there and
playing fast and having fun. And not going out there thinking. Last year I felt like I didn’t really
know my role or the whole offense and I couldn’t go out there and play fast. And this year just trusting in Pat and
Coach Reed and Greg Lewis and literally everybody that’s
helped me get to this point. I’m grateful and have grace and I just gotta continue to go
out there every day and work. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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