Cheerific – Episode 01

Hello there, sports fansThe intervarsity rugby tournament
is just round the cornerAmong the favourites competing this year are
the MacPherson Lions and the Sunway Bears,whose star inside centre James Toh
is also one player…that we’re hoping to catch on the pitch
with his fancy footwork -Meanwhile, in other news,
-James! Pass!the regional cheerleading championships
are happening in about six weeks’ timeWe’re still looking for a location… Faz, in the next play,
just pass the ball directly to me, okay? Bro, just let the ball pass I’ll handle it from there But Coach told us to practise this play
for the semi-finals Yeah, we need to practise
the loop around Come on, guys Do you want to win or not? Then let’s practise this, okay? Tactically, this is the best play we’ve got Bro, I don’t think it’s a good idea Just trust me, okay? James! Matthew! Go and get changed now The two of you are needed
for a very important meeting Our scholarships are awarded… based on outstanding performance
in academics, sports… I’m the star player And exemplary conduct Our representatives saw you
coming out of the bar A very seedy bar And in a seedy district And you were very drunk Your guys were there? Were they being seedy too? That’s their business But you were there
as part of a tournament, representing your university, representing our company’s patronage The last time national swimmers
were caught drinking, it became a huge public uproar And with the recent
dragon boat doping scandal… Your coach will be removing
you both from the team What? We can’t take the risk Corporate image, you understand? You can’t just kick me out We’re not kicking you out If we did, people would need
to know the reason, and whatever happened in Seoul
would become public We don’t want that, and we’re sure
you don’t want that either But if you quit the team, claiming personal reasons, no one will ever need to know So all you have to do is sign
this non-disclosure agreement And, of course, naturally, we will have to terminate your scholarship No, please! -Of course, you can finish your current semester And that should give you enough time
to make alternative arrangements Please, you can’t do this to me I… -I am sorry, James All the best Bro, Coach is a fool for dropping us It’s either lose us or lose the funding That’s nonsense I told you we shouldn’t
have gone out that night -Bro, it could’ve been way worse
-It is worse I lost my scholarship What? Bro, how are you going to tell your dad? Oh, snap Dad Dad Keong Why don’t you go upstairs and sleep? I was going to Why are you carrying so many bags? It’s just dirty rugby clothes Oh, yeah, you had rugby training So? Are you prepared for your match? It’s all right You don’t have to worry about it Oh no, I’m late for work -Where’s your uniform?
-I’ve got a spare uniform -What about dinner?
-I’ll have supper later Give me five minutes.
I’ll go and buy you some food There’s no need I’ve been blacklisted
for being late twice last week Hi Anything else? A kiss I’m working So? Be nice to your customer There are cameras Oh, kinky You’re going to get me fired,
you know that? Fine You’re so boring What’s up? Seven missed calls Oh, right Oh, I found a really good deal
for our holiday Babe, I can’t go on a holiday yet But it’s a really good deal It’s 40% off! Babe… Don’t worry. I’ll plan everything Babe, what’s wrong? Matthew and I were dropped
from the team today What the hell? Why? Then what about your scholarship? Gone What are you gonna do? I don’t know I’ve got to find out
if there are other scholarships available It’s okay, babe We’ll figure it out, okay? Can you put the milk back, please? Thanks I’m sorry All the scholarships for the academic year
have been given out What about bursaries? If he can combine a few of those together,
maybe he can… The bursaries are also all gone But, of course, you can apply again
for the next academic year and start afresh But I’m already in Year 2 James, I’m very sorry, okay? I’ll flag your case If anyone suddenly turns down
their scholarship or drops out, I’ll contact you Okay, thanks Wait! Can you check Terence Pham’s record? Okay What happened to this Terence Pham? He had a really bad fall during training He broke his kneecap -Oh He’s in the hospital Okay Thank you, Coach Goodbye Yes, Mr Pham has indeed
forfeited his scholarship due to injury, so the scholarship is available If you want to take it up, go and meet with the coach
and get back to me ASAP -All right, I’ll check it out today
-Thank you But what sport is it for? Oh, I didn’t tell you? -No C-A-R-D-S Let’s go, Wildcards! 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 1 5, 6, 7, 8 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 1 What do you want? I’m here to see the coach What about? What time will she be in? Do I look like a calendar app? Hey, babe Hannah, we’re in the middle of training Everybody, this is James My James Hi, James This is Chloe,
our no-nonsense cheer captain You’re more heroic up-close This is Lukas He’s straight out of la-la land Excuse me! Hi, James! We saw you -At the rugby match You’re cute Paws off, girls This is Brianna and Rina They share a brain Guys, it’s not break time,
and no outsiders are allowed He’s replacing Terence Well, James, after years of rugby, you’re finally able to play
a real man’s sport Why did you quit rugby though? Yeah, why did you quit rugby for this? -Did something happen?
-Was there a scandal? Settle down, girls If you behave, I’ll let you have first peek
of him in his uniform What did Coach say? She didn’t answer Because she’s here Team captain,
resume the routine with music I want to see it when I get back James, I’m Alina Cheer coach Come with me First positions, from the top Don’t let the appearance
of my office fool you We are the regional cheer champions We may not get the perks
that you rugby folk get, but we do have a spare scholarship Sounds good? I just don’t think
this is something I can do Look, James,
let me be upfront about this This is just a formality We’re six weeks away from competition,
and we’re looking for a strong replacement I don’t really care about
your personal reasons for quitting rugby… as long as they don’t pose
a problem for me, because if they do, I will drop you like a jockstrap Now, I’m not going to
look a gift horse in the mouth, but when I heard that a rugby player
was interested in joining us… That’s the thing -It’s not that I’m interested in joining…
-Of course Why would you be? To you, cheer is just a bunch of people
squealing from the sidelines… while you play the real sport I don’t mean any disrespect I just can’t see myself doing… that Neither did Terence He played tennis in JC
and was a guardsman in the army, but in the end,
it was cheer that broke him I’m grateful for the offer, but I just really don’t think
I belong here Okay I see It’s your choice All the best Wait Can I… take some time to think about it? You’ve got until 5 pm tomorrow How’s my baby cheerleader? Oh, come on, it’s not that bad Are you kidding me? All that dancing and posing… It’s weird Baby, it’s what I do I mean, it’s okay for you, but… how can you expect me to… I don’t even know why I bothered Okay, babe I know it’s not your thing, but at least we get to be closer
and spend time… I care for you, bro! I care for you, bro Hi, Hannah Hey, Matthew Babe! I thought we were
supposed to have dinner Sorry, but I really need to detox
after all of that Okay, fine Go and do your guy thing -Thanks Give me an “F”! -Give me a “U”!
-Shut up and just drive Okay Bro! From rugby to cheerleading –
that’s freaking insane, man! I’m insane for even considering it I’m just imagining
the hot cheerleaders and you, prancing around with pompoms
next to them I’m being serious, dude I can’t imagine myself
doing that girly cheer stuff My ego will shrink and just… shrivel up Okay What does your dad think? What? You didn’t tell him? I will When? When it’s no longer a problem This cannot do I have to appeal the sponsor’s decision Okay Bro, we can appeal if you want to, but what if they don’t change their mind? Then we’ll have a protest We’ll take it online
and start a petition against them Bro! If we go public, we can get sued Remember what happened
to the national swimmer? He went to a boring old bar We went to a seedy bar Okay, you know what? I’m going to do something I never do – talk sense Maybe next year,
when everyone has forgotten, or when those snobbish
chicken feather dusters go bankrupt, we can talk to Coach
and sneak back on the team But you just need
a scholarship for now, right? And, what do you know? Give me an “A”! Give me a “B”! Give me a “C”! Give me an “A-B-C”!Kiamchye char loti Chicken feather duster Come on, cheers Hey! Hey, Dad Is this Matthew’s idea again? Yeah, it was his treat Your father’s also treating you
to breakfast And I can guarantee
you won’t get a headache from eating it Coach -Yes, Chloe? Are you seriously considering
bringing this rugby guy into the team? He’s the one who’s considering.
I’ve decided We didn’t discuss this No, we didn’t Do we really need someone? -We can rework the sequence
-We have only six weeks to qualifying, Chloe I’m willing to take that risk I want you to listen
to what you just said… and think about all the things
that are wrong with it Dad! Are you okay? -Yeah, I’m okay Here you go -Pass it to me Dad, what happened to your rice? It’s slightly burnt I wasn’t paying attention just now Your plate of rice is fine Dad What? Why do you keep calling me? Your rice is already burnt. Don’t eat it It’s only slightly burnt We must be grateful
that we have rice to eat Trying to play the hero, right? Eat All right Bye Captions: CaptionCube

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