Canyon del Oro 21, Sahuaro 7

undefeated Southpoint knocked off formerly unbeaten saguaro last weekend tonight the Cougars were hoping to do the same to the other team coming in tonight without a loss we’re talking see do yeah and that’s right Paul so it’s no surprise that we head to oral Valley for our pumpkin patch Moran a pumpkin patch in farms festival game of the week and it was the second game back for Stevie rocker at CEO he and Gavin Davis in the hunt for an open division playoff spot Isaiah Davis open help – Cougars rebound from that South Pointe loss CDLs Montana noose that are looking to go deep here but Jameer gas away with the PBU that is past broken up later Jordan bunting on the Jets we’ve has the opening but about Ethan safale here that’s a textbook takedown right there a lot of eyes on this game including the Washington Huskies taking some time to check out the dorado stevie rocker but early on there was just no running room for rocker to show what he can possibly do at the next level gabriel salinas isaiah hurt to be putting the clamps on him their CVs defense stifling all night Cory plunge from Gavin Davis plugging holes this was a great night for those linemen that mama is raising one of them Conner Fierro gets a strip here at the goal line Grigsby with the scoop and that would end yet another scoring chance for the dorado CBO though kept knocking on the door for points jordan bunting oh my goodness the Kruegers kept denying but if you knock enough on that door paul eventually you get the answer and they did tonight see do stays unbeaten with a 21 to 7 win

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