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[TAP FOR SOUND] It’s Matt Santagapita, Santa Knows Best and for this episode of our #BusinessOfTheWeek I’m down here at Snipe Academy and I’m
going to work on my slap shot. *Whistle* So Karol, why don’t you tell us about yourself,
who are you? Well, I’m a long-time hockey coach in London.
I’ve coached hockey at all levels from House League right to AAA for
approximately 18 years. Like, I’m not going to lie, this is the first
time I’ve seen a place like this, What is Snipe Academy? What’re you doing here? Well Snipe Academy is a training centre
for hockey players. And over the years I’ve noticed that other centres like Detroit, Toronto, Chicago, they’ve got kids that can really shoot the puck. So after doing some research,
they’ve all got shooting centres like this, and we didn’t have anything like
that London so I wanted to, kind of, simulate a pro training centre that kids can have, but I wanted something better than just
shooting pucks in your driveway, so this is kind of what it all became.
[Matt]: Cool. So what makes you guys different than every other hockey training facility out there? When we were building Snipe Academy
we wanted to take the best from everything. And for example, where we’re sitting right now –
a lot of the places didn’t have a parent area, but it was important to me that the parents are comfortable when they come in here. So one of the things that we do here are
focus on the details of the game, and so in addition to our regular shooting classes
we have specialty classes, saucer passes, slap shots, back hands,
in-tight rebounds. We’ll do a class and we’ll take pucks in
your skates and get it up to your stick, all the stuff that you don’t have time to do
in a minor hockey practice. Alright so Karl, Gavin my son who’s four, has this obsession with being a goalie. [Karol]: Yep. Do you guys offer anything for goalie specific stuff? Right now we do private sessions, we’ve
got two great goalie coaches, So we’ve got a lane that’s specially dedicated to goalies. Coming soon – we are building our goalie program,
we’re going to start doing group stuff, much like our classes. We’ve got some great coaches and we’ve got a great girls program that we’re building as well. You’ve got some pretty big names on the wall over there, why don’t you tell me about who they are. Yeah, you know what, we’re lucky to be surrounded
by some good people here. All our coaches at least played in the OHL,
some played some pro hockey. What was important to me is their
ability to connect with kids, it’s one thing to be a great hockey player and to be able to do all the stuff that they do out here, but it’s that connection that’s there. Awesome, well let’s go try out some of
the facilities here. Yeah absolutely, let’s do it. [Both]: Alright. *Whistle* This might be one of the drills
you find in our in-tight scoring class. What I’m going to have you do is stick
handle through each one of these, and then when you come off you’re
going to try and shoot it and score one of those. [Matt]: Okay like I don’t play hockey.
[Karol]: That’s alright. *Buzzer* *Buzzer* *Buzzer* *Ding* Exactly, that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be done. Except to actually get it through each one. *Buzzer* *Buzzer* *Ding* So this is something that we might
do in our rebound class. *Buzzer* *Buzzer* *Ding* That’s it! So I’ll just drop a couple of pucks for you, pretend your defensemen’s behind you
and it’s the end of game 7, alright? [Matt]: Okay.
[Karol]: Ready? *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* Stick in the white. [Matt]: On the white. *Ding* With our rapid shot, it measures how long it’s on your stick for, measures how accurate you are, and how hard you shoot. It’s a really cool piece of technology. So that’s your score right there.
Those are all the targets that you hit. That measure your reaction time. That’s where all your pucks went. I didn’t realize that you have that much technology. Alright Karl, thank you very much for having us, and so again Matt Santagapita, Santa Knows Best
and this has been another episode of our #BusinessOfTheWeek,
down at Snipe Academy. Thanks a lot for coming in, we appreciate it. Thank you. [DONT’ FORGET TO LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE!]

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