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– I had an American dream. Retired at 58. Have full benefits. A year later, I started having problems. I was at a point in my
low where I couldn’t pull my pants up without difficulty, put a shirt on, button buttons. Sleeping in the afternoon
for an hour, hour and a half, exhausted all the time. Just did not feel right. I’m back to where people don’t realize I do have Parkinson’s. (funky upbeat music) – Whatever you did to train a fighter, you take into this, the mental part of the fight game, the physical part of the fight game, and you modify it for this. Because it’s the same concept. It’s the same concept. They’re both in the same arena. – Three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, 10! Hit it, bam! – [Kent] They can improve. They can develop new neuro pathways. They can get stronger. They can get fit. They can develop lean muscle tissue. They can develop bone density. And they come in to work on
their balance and movement. And they come in to just
improve their lives. (funky upbeat music) – When I first was diagnosed, I didn’t really feel hope that I would have a decent retirement as an older person with Parkinson’s. Since this program, I
believe that I’m going to have a decent retirement and I’m gonna have wonderful life. – [Richard] Without knowing
anything about boxing formerly, found out the jab I was
throwing would definitely get me out of a sixth-grade fight at the school yard in Broadway Grammar. – [Trainer] Everybody good? – Good!
– Good, good, yeah? – Part of Parkinson’s is the emotions and I feel very close to this here family. – In May of 2016, I had
a hemorrhagic stroke, paralyzed my left side of my body. I feel strong, the funny
thing is I feel strong, but I just don’t have a connection from my brain to the muscles. I kid around saying I need
a new sim card for my brain. There’s no miracle to stroke recovery. It’s just hard work and repetition. (funky upbeat music) – You push yourself to be normal. To be normal again,
you’re always, even though you realize it’s never gonna be the same, you try to push yourself to
get back to the way it was or as close to that as possible. (funky upbeat music) – Well, I’ll tell you
what, my hero is you guys. Forget these guys. That’s easy. No one has to do this. You could go sit home
and watch TV all day. But to come here and fail, and then still continue. But eventually you succeed
and that’s the whole idea. You know, is to me. This is life changing for
me as well as you guys. – I sure appreciate it. ‘Cause everybody.
– Let’s go to work. Let’s got to work, c’mon. Got it?

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