100 thoughts on “Bloomberg, Trump Kick Off Super Bowl With Competing Commercials | MSNBC

  1. The money is not wasted. Always thinking from a pocketbook point of view. It's freaking Capitalism. The money is spent, it doesn't just disappear. That would mean if it was spent it must have been paid to someone who in turn spends it to someone else, and again and again. Educate yourselves. Really

  2. You know what is Impressive! Trump 2016 campaign cost way less. Trump2020. 🇺🇸🙏👍😀🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Did anyone really want politics in the superbowl? I'm have gripes with my conservatives friends I've stayed connected to from high school, but sports is one of the things we can still get together for

  4. Difference is traitor Ttrump using tax payers money and Bloombergs his own. Bloomberg could out make Ttrump no problem.Done it before that's why the hate from Ttrump to Bloomberg,jealousy!!

  5. Bloomberg- 10 million of his own money.
    Trump – 10 million of other people's money.

    Bloomberg is the real thing: a billionaire

  6. Didn’t watch many of the commercials and was disappointed that politicians infringed on game time with their typical BS.

  7. Mike has 56 billion
    Trump is a fake billionaire
    Inherited and lost all of it

    He basically borrows money and barely makes money each year

    He doesn’t even own the trump hotels. All borrowed money.

  8. NFL audience isn't a strip bar audience either But that's what it's become . Perverted satanic non speaking English CRAP

  9. The NFL has been very political for years and MSM Media didn't have a problem when it was against our country. Why are they against it now?
    Case-in-point: MSM loved the kneeling during the National Anthem but doesn't want a political ad!

  10. Momma always said never discuss politics
    And religion " today" it's never discuss sports and politics they interrupt the fun in sports 🤮👎🏼

  11. I’ve boycotted the NFL and most pro sports because they’re used to distract the masses, the same with TV shows. “Give them Bread and Circuses and they will never Revolt”

  12. Republicans on bloombergs ad: Red flag laws infringe on my rights.
    Republicans after trumps speech in dayton: Isnt he just the best!? God i love red flag laws!

    Misleading the public daily

  14. I been Republican all my years of understanding politics…Not anymore..How could I have been so wrong!!!!!! To use an American Icon such as Elvis Presley to degrade someone is a disgrace!!!!!You need Amazing Grace

  15. The only deal Mike Bloomberg dream
    Is Greta Thumberg in his team.
    With Greta Brooklyn's former Mayer
    Can outgun the Trump's sweet pair.
    This Race of Ages may win Mike
    With Greta Thunder on his Bike !

  16. It's hypocrisy to say this halftime show is what America should be yet complain about women's rights.


  17. Trump wasn't voted for his God Like ability to speak Elite Lawyer speech. Nor his money…
    Most wanted action. Some wanted economy.

    I don't pay attention to the lies meant to smear and degrade America's Sovereignty.

    The Samaritan patriots that volenteerd wanted. A change from the ideaology of the Communist Directive designed to infiltrate and cause cohesion degradation among Samaritans. Knowledge is power. Which is why the elite wants a speration of knowledge.

    The first thing noticed was Veterans and Samaritans getting off the active terrorist watch list. No more pallets of cash to finance the enemy. Ordered to leave unmolested equipment. And Untampered munitions so they won't turn into mist when killing Americans. No airstrikes benefitting them. No longer refused dust offs for babies and children dieing. (As saving them endeared the locals to the troops…. Can't have that)
    Soldiers guilt stopped overnight… No more year and half waiting list for soldiers asking for help. That they were in a bad place and seconds away to hurting themselves because they are not wanted and useless to the community….
    Those aware of the struggle whispers see that America is no longer running towards the dark path……


    The Propaganda is thick…

    Lieing to youth and flipping history on its head. I know history too.
    The Dems are NAZI. (National Socialist Party) They just renamed it Demorcratic Socialist. But same goal.
    Commie, Socialist. Whatever.

    Lets look at history for similarities.

    1 Full gun control. 2 Monitoring of even ones privacy. 3 Control of movement and papers. 4 Loyalty to one's party and state over family. States dictating family decorum. 5 Erasure of history, monuments and even books. 6 isolation and naming of hate speech against ideal and mainstream. 7 Social control such as no public smoking…   I could keep going. But should be enough to point out the, commie, Socialist, Dark consciousness ideaology of the struggle.  
    History is very important.
      They like to call the right Fascist Nationalist. As they were in the beginning of getting Hitler in power. Lying that they were the ARM OF WOE.
    BUT  after Hitler murdered them at night of the long knives. Stopping the renasaience they established to be a beacon of envy across the world… . And placing the National Socialist in power.  (NAZI)   Just look what happens to MECCA.. Look at Rome… Or even every time Ireland wanted to stand on its own.

    THE most interesting part?  They called it operation hummingbird. Which is a reference to the removal of the Mayan God  QUETZALQUOATAL. Which represented light. And replacing it with Dark….

    Who is those, them & they in the back?
    It's the struggle. Documented in history and secret societies. Pushing ideaoligies that define our future.




    The struggle is real. The dark consciousness is the real cause.  Laugh all you want. But it fits the world view puzzle. All the way back to sumarian tablets.   It's like two parents arguing and trying to get the child to choose. 

    With the dark feeding us things such as WE ARE ONLY HUMAN… WE ARE THE SAME , We are victims and fighting back as a Samaritan is evil and vigilantism. Everyone's voice matters beyond concideration…
      The core thought IS being a distinction between human animals and human beings: CHOOSE.


  18. Michael Bloomberg is in alliance for one world government agenda. You would be wise NOT to vote for him regardless if you like Trump or not……. Trump is not in alliance for one world gov.

  19. Kap just put a spotlight of how most white Americans "aren't" racist as long as non-white Americans "stay in their place".
    As long as this country insists on paying reparations to everyone Except the descendants of those they enslaved and continue to terrorize, this will continue to be a proudly racist country.

  20. bloomturd buying up the DNC, just like KKKlinton did
    and when does msnvd go on trial as the traitorous liars that you are.
    You are a sickness that spreads by dummies.

  21. MSNBC… you interviewed a guy that didn't shave or comb his hair and above all, doesn't even work for the ad agency or superbowl client. What a bunch of crap.

  22. I haven't watched a football game since I turned off the tv when beyonce did that black panther halftime show…..never again will I waste even a single penny on anything NFL

  23. Dirty rotten… …gonna screw EVERYthing up,over… …and listen here, I gotta tell ya, they gonna go TOO far some day and then you know what???… …and the carnage was tremendous…

  24. Every child counts…..yet fully supports abortion in the 9th month. Hypocrite
    Tells you one thing and supports the opposite

  25. Two greedy politicians who don’t care about people- get out greedy Bloomberg. He is just a sleaze trying to line his pockets just like the orange Drumpf slum lord.

  26. I think he is the right person for this country. Because as student, he was successful. As employee he was outstanding. As business man, he is great great successful. As mayor, he is successful with the economic. As human being, he is great. More than great. A person history is more important than the mouth talking only. That’s showed his abilities and character and practicable leaderships

  27. Could you imagine if he just went and donated that 10 million to a charity and said look what I did. That would of worked for me.

  28. Mike Bloomberg should invest heavily to produce series of TV and TV shows based on Bolton’s new book and let voters know how trump lies day and night, and the crime he committed play the movies on major network and theaters day and night till the end of November

  29. which 📦 will Berg employ: find out in Matrix4 "ReBoxed"

    red🔴box #BLOOMBERGBOXcom😆


    blue🔵box #BLOOMBERG BATH&BOXcom👽

  30. A vote for Democrats is a vote for socialism which always leads to communism. How did that work out for Russia under Stalin?☠

  31. Hey Donnie! If you end the Korean war, you'll be the best and the most admired president in history not only in US but also in the world!

  32. As New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg defended stop and
    frisk to the end. When a judge ruled in 2013 that the NYPD's practice of
    patting down anyone deemed "suspicious" was "indirect racial
    profiling", Bloomberg responded, 'We go to where the reports of crime are.
    Those, unfortunately, happen to be poor neighborhoods and minority
    neighborhoods and minority neighborhoods". Police made almost 5 million
    such stops-82% of which involved black or Latino people-from 2003 to 2013, per
    the New York Civil Liberties Union. Six year later, as he mulls a presidential
    bid as a Democrat, Bloomberg has apologized. At a black church in Brooklyn on
    November 17, he acknowledged, "Far too many innocent people were being
    stopped". For some advocates, however, it was too little, too late.
    "Communities under siege for years…" tweeted Sherrilyn Ifill,
    president of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. "But now-as he prepares to run
    for  President-he's sorry" Which
    everyone says is not enough.

  33. Throwing just money does not win elections, Hillary Clinton spent almost double the money Trump campaign spent in 2016 and still she lost.

  34. I like how Bloomberg is TRYING to secretly talk to black folks for the black vote in his ads. Fk democrats, they have no clue

  35. Bloomberg has yet to say what he will do" from the housing issues ' Puerto Rico economic situation ' State hood' nd raising minimum wage

  36. Your reporters are dumb. Coli Kaepernick’s issue had nothing to do with politics, idiots. You’re bad at your job Stephanie

  37. Any Democrats who complained about Trump as a billionaire using his money to buy the office and now would think about voting for Bloomberg is a hypocrite.

  38. Corporate Democrats? Citizens United is a 
    conservative — a.k.a. Republican — 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization in the United States founded in 1988. In 2010 the organization won a U.S. Supreme Court case known as Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission which struck down as unconstitutional a federal law prohibiting corporations and unions from making multi-million dollar expenditures in connection with federal elections.

    Before Citizens United, corporations were prohibited from making multi-million dollar expenditures in connection with federal elections.

    Ever since Citizens United was established, political candidates in all political parties have become dependent on corporations for multi-million dollar donations to fund their campaigns. Without corporate donations, Democratic candidates would be left in the dust while Republican candidates outspent them and won election after election after election. How fair would that be?

  39. got to love it. i'm 13 and am constnly being beraded with that stupid mike bloomberg so google if you look at this comment stop the crap i hate mike bloomburg!

  40. Two oligarchs trying to enrich themselves from the Presidency, one who is already doing it, and one who wants to do it.

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