Bienen Student Recitals: An Tran

My name is An Tran and I am a second year Doctor of Musical Arts student at the Bienen School of Music. I play the classical guitar, I’ve been playing since eight years old. My parents always listen to classical
music when I was a young kid. I love to play Vietnamese music, I come
from Hanoi Vietnam so Vietnamese guitar arrangements, folk songs. For this recital
I’m playing music from Argentina, Spain Vietnam and France. For the piece that I’m playing. The Turina ‘Sevillana.’ It has very Spanish sounding flamenco
rasgueado technique last year I got to play in Galvin Recital
Hall. It was a magical moment. It’s such great opportunity to be able to play
in a great hall in a big hall. It prepares any musicians to play in other
big halls around the world. Anne Waller is the guitar teacher here. She was actually
my first teacher in the US. She was very helpful in developing my techniques and my musicality I’m just really grateful for her and happy to be able to study with her right now. After graduation I would love to play as
much as I can bring music to different part of the world. Especially you come
back to Vietnam and play at home. I also would love to teach. I was lucky enough to surround myself
with very inspiring people and that helped me decide to follow my passion
and find my own voice.

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