Betfair Market Viewer v1.0 (ENGLISH subtitles / Spanish spoken)

Good morning EVERYBODY In this occasion we wanted to present the more recent program we are named “Market Viewer” version 1.0 thanks of the graphical design of Jesus Exposito who is my partner in this and my person, Yoel Monsalve,
(find me: with the programming part This program we are developed for a client which name we cannot reveal, but this project has been very exciting for us we wish this program is coming to be the beginning of a line of development of what I expect it will be the ultimate solution, or in other words, an alternative and innovative proposal, for the traders, for the “gamblers” I like a program that combines two qualities that has been considered incompatible in the programming world. These are, easiness, flexibility and beautiful of MS Excel with the powerful of computation of a commercial program such as BetAngel(TM) or Market Feeder Pro (TM) or another similar one. For that, I took the challenge of producing sotfware based in the philosophy of
“two layers” What is this “two layers” model? A first visual one layer, developed in Excel procuring it to be very “customizable” (as Excel is) allowing the user to add their own color combinations formulas, fonts, etc. All this can be changed easily to your liking But, it has a second layer … a background, or engine, for all the calculations, and communication with the exchange API and has been developed in Python as you all can see here Programmed in Python and using the Betfair API so, it’s able to interact with the exchange with no need of external programs like Betangel(TM), Market Feeder Pro(TM), etc Even, if the client wants, bet placements and strategies can be coded in Python and added to the program. So, this is like a “work-base” for further developments and customizing, for the user to be ABLE to do its TRADING. This software is, so far, like a “Market monitor” This first tab shows all the available markets in a time frame of 24hrs from present Here, we see all races, the unique market ID (as Betfair), the country, the starting time the remaining time (so start) red color is for races that have not already started and green for the started ones for example, for all these races, an approx of 6 1/2 mins is remaining to start here, we see the “status” of the market (OPEN, SUSPENDED, etc) here, we see the “selections”, that is, the Horses in this case we have represented up to 12 horses although there are more, I have seen that the more significant market movements, are located in these first 12 what I think it is enough (but we can change this feature later) we see here, the market Status, and the real UTC clock (all Betfair times are in UTC) so, this tab show us an instant snapshot of the Markets This program launches, or runs several applications in background (multithread) As we see here, this first thread feeds the market info and this other acquires the prices (volatile) info what is reflected in the second tab the “Ladder” (grid/graph) of the prices on standard tabular form at Betfair style Here we can see the prices in the BACK side and here, the ones for the LAY side The respective prices, and their amounts If we change the selected market in this list the graph is updated in real time, and we are see the prices movements We also have the option to appreciate the total for Amount Matched and the Total Available for each market For example, here the more liquid race seems to be this,
with approx 159,000 and here, the prices evolution But, besides at a 5 1/2 mins before each race starts these races the program launches a “Tracker” a separate thread we see here what is reading, in real time the prices, and other market informations we can see here as this info is acquired as the market evolves in real time each second for you to make your analysis, and plan your better strategies for TRADING! and, … that was all for this time.

Thanks very much!!!

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