Best Camera and Equipment for YouTube Beginners

– So when you’re getting
started on YouTube, figuring out what equipment to buy can be kind of overwhelming. So in this video, I’m
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of the gear I talk about as well as some additional resources. Let’s jump into the video. So I’ve actually been
shooting videos since 2003. And my first camera ever was a Canon HV 30 that used mini DV tapes. And since that time, I’ve been shooting with all kinds of different Canon cameras. And recently, we actually partnered up to bring you this video. So big thanks to Canon. In this video, we’re actually
gonna be using the M50. It’s a brand new mirrorless
camera from Canon. I’m personally in love with it. So let’s actually head to
our first scene right now to get the camera set up, start talking about the accessories, and the best tips, so you can start making some sweet videos. Let’s go. Alright, so there’s three things
that you wanna think about whenever you’re about to
create a video of any kind. And that is A, V, L. Audio, video and lighting. Now, what’s cool is, if you have a camera and
maybe a light source, and in this case, we’re just
sitting in front of a window, then you’ve got the video on the camera, you’ve got the audio that
can be captured right on the camera, and then
you’ve got the light source which is gonna be the window. So what we’re gonna do is, go through the most basic set up possible, and then we’ll add on a few things, whether that’s some accessories,
an additional microphone, and things like that. Okay, so the first thing
that we wanna do here is actually get a way to mount our camera. Now of course, you can get
a tripod or a gorillapod. And we’ll talk about
some of those accessories in this video. But if you don’t have that, that’s okay. You can just use something like books, let’s actually do it. (books slamming on the table) Alright. That is looking awesome. Okay, the next thing
that we’re gonna wanna do is get our settings right on the camera. Now, we’re using the Canon M50 but you can apply these
tips to almost any camera. So definitely follow along. And we’re gonna wanna go
video mode on the top dial. Note when it comes out of the box, you’re gonna be on kind
of an auto movie mode. If you’re just getting started, I recommend using that. You’re gonna get some
great results out of that. But personally, I like using manual because it gives us a little bit more of fine tune adjustments. So the first thing I do
is, I hit this Q button and I like to pick out the frame right. And that’s important to get
your frame rate set first just so everything looks the
same and stays consistent from starting out shooting your footage all the way through editing. And so we’re gonna
choose 30 frames a second which is probably what
the camera would be set to right out of the box. And then that means that our shutter speed should be double the frame
rate or as close as possible. So if you do 30 frames
a second, you should do 60 on the shutter. If you were to do 60 frames a second, you could go up to a 125 on the shutter, which would be the closest
you could get to double. So we’ll go to 60 there, then we have just the
kit lens on this camera which is a really good
lens to get started with for YouTube and um, we have that, we’re gonna
zoom it all the way out cuz I’m gonna be doing kind
of a talking head video using the window light. And then we’re gonna see here, if it’s exposed right, and at 3.5 on the aperture,
which is our next setting, that looks good. And then on auto ISO, it’s at ISO 100. We’re pretty much good to go. The one other thing to consider is that there is audio settings
and inside of the camera that’s set to auto. And so, right now, we have created a shot that we can use for YouTube. I’m gonna angle the books
just slightly forward. Alright, so those look good. And lastly, right before I hit record, I like to hit the Q, and make sure that the
auto focus mode is set to the right mode for
what we’re gonna create. And so because this is talking head, I want it set to face tracking, so it can track my face. That’s the AF method. If we were gonna shoot some
B roll of some other things that are part of the video, we would switch it to flex zone. But it’s on face tracking. And then it’s a touch screen, so I can just touch my face and now, it’ll actually track my face. So that’s looking good. And we’re ready to shoot our first video. Let’s go. Alright, so here is the footage
right off the Canon M50. We’re using the kit
lens, this is the audio right built into the camera. And then we’re just utilizing some light from sitting in front of this window. So I’d love to hear from
you in the comment section, how do you think this
footage looks and sounds. Okay, so we just got started
with our audio, video and lighting as basic as possible,
right, using just the camera. So I wanna encourage
you, no matter what gear you already have, just get started. You can always upgrade as you go. So if we started to add
some accessories to this, the next couple things I
would probably wanna get is a microphone for a
little bit better audio. And also a tripod. Because the books are awesome but it’s a little bit
harder to travel with. And so I’ve grabbed a
couple pieces of kit. The first one is this
Takstar mic right here. It’s a shotgun microphone
that comes in for, right around 25 dollars
here on the U.S. in Amazon. And again, if you wanna check
any of these things out, we’ll link them up in the
YouTube description below. And then I also have a Ravelli tripod here that would make it a little bit easier, not just for shooting right here, but also when we move
to a different location. It is a great solution for
pumping out a lot more content. And there’s some Amazon basics
tripods of different sizes. And a lot of times, you can
get a tripod for anywhere from 20 to 30 dollars for a solid one. So let’s set this up and see how it can affect
the shot and the audio. Okay, so I’ve attached
the quick release plate for the tripod to the camera. And now I’m gonna add the
shotgun mic right on top and what’s cool is the M50
has got that cold shoes so you can attach that right there. And it’s got a mic input. And so, that’s pretty essential
of course, if you want to use some kind of an external microphone. So now, all we have to do
is flip this microphone on, and we can mount it on top of the tripod. Now, one of the reasons why
I love using a tripod is, again, the books, you know,
we tried to kind of angle them but they were a little bit more flat. What’s nice about this is, you can get different angles naturally, so if you kind of wanna angle down, it’s typically more flattering
to go a little bit higher with the camera and angle down, rather than go lower and shoot up. Tip right there. And then we could kind of
figure out a shot that we want, like this, still do the
face tracking, as well, and all of our settings are gonna remain pretty much the same. And let’s see how this footage looks. Okay, so now you’re hearing the M50 with an external microphone
plugged in so I’d love to hear from you, how do you feel
like this audio sounds compared to just the onboard
microphone of the camera. And of course, one other
thing to note, is that now because we have a tripod, I
was able to get a little bit more specific with the angle. So i went a little bit
higher, angled the camera down to kind of create a shot just like this, in an office, still
utilizing the window light. Okay, so let’s keep going
talking about the best equipment for just getting started on YouTube. And by now you might be wondering, what is the investment though, to get into a camera like
this and some of this gear. And the cool thing is that, it doesn’t have to break the bank. At the time of shooting this video, the M50 is coming in
right around 700 dollars here in the U.S. with the kit lens. Which is a steal in my
opinion because not only could you see the footage
that we were just shooting with it, we were shooting that in 1080. But they’ve also included 4K video. The fact that you get a
mic input, a flip screen and it’s also relatively easy to use. In fact, they have a beginner
mode that they’ve included. If you’re just learning
how to shoot photos, how to shoot video, that kind
of walks you through early on. But then, as you advance,
you can also turn that off and get to some more advanced features. Plus, the fact that it has
an interchangeable lenses is a big deal. So if you were to get
something like a Canon G7X, also a great camera, but
you don’t have a mic input. You can’t change the lenses. So if you want to expand your
kit later, upgrade your gear, I think that a camera
like this could serve you, not just for when you’re getting started, but for years to come as you
wanna level up your content. And then also there’s two
things that you always wanna make sure you have, just
in case, and number one, that is an SD card. And I recommend probably
like a SanDisk card that’s about 80 megabytes
per second, or so. That’ll work perfect for all
the different video content you’d shoot with a camera like this. And you get a 32 gigabyte
card, it’s gonna run you around 13 dollars here in the U.S. So definitely make sure
you got an SD card. And then the other thing
you might wanna consider is a couple extra batteries, one or two, especially if you’re gonna be
creating some YouTube content, you can shoot for probably
an hour on this battery, as far as our tests go. But when it comes down to a shoot session, maybe you mess up a bunch of times or maybe you wanna shoot a
lot of videos in a row, it’s always nice to have
a couple extra batteries charged up, especially as you
start creating more content. But, don’t go anywhere,
because we still have a few more tips and some other
accessories I wanna cover, specifically, my favorite
budget lighting kit. Because as you know, maybe
with school and work, you can’t necessarily
always shoot during the day in front of a window where
it’s not always putting off a ton of light. So having a lighting
kit is pretty important if you wanna pump out some
serious YouTube contents. So let’s go to our other
set and check it out. (upbeat pop music) Okay, so now let’s talk about
shooting with a light kit. And this is a Fovitec StudioPRO light kit. I love this, it come with just these main really large bulbs in here. It’s the equivalent of, I
believe 750 watts of power. So all you have to do is
set up the stands, you know, create the soft boxes, screw it together, and then you just click it on. Comes with two of these
and you can light your set, whatever it is that you’re shooting. Now we still have our same Ravelli tripod. Again, any kind of budget
tripod would be great, just for getting started on
YouTube, around 20 dollars. But one thing to note is that
if you’re a little bit taller, you might wanna get a taller tripod. I’m 6’1 so a lot of times,
I need taller tripods. So consider the actual max
height for when you’re not sitting down, if you ever order a tripod. So now, we can get our camera set up here. And what we’re actually gonna do, is we’re not gonna use this shotgun mic. You could, but, we’re gonna be a little bit further away, because I got this table in front of me, I’ll be sitting on the couch. And so I wanna talk about
one other budget mic that I absolutely love. And this is the BOYA BY M1. And I think that at the
time of shooting this video, this comes in for around
13 dollars here in the U.S. And it is actually a plug in mic so it’ll go in your mic jack. And it also works on
smartphones, so it’s really cool. You can put it in smartphone
mode or camera mode and it has a little battery internal there, so that the audio sounds great. And so, if you’re creating YouTube videos with your smartphone or if
you ever just wanna go live on your smartphone and have
a little bit better audio, any kind of content, then
you can use this mic. It is wired and the wire
is really really long, about 20 feet or so, so that’s also great if you’re shooting outdoors
with somebody else and you wanted to be very
far away from the camera. With a super budget microphone, then this is a great solution. So we can plug that into our camera. We’ll string that over to
where I’m gonna be sitting. And now let’s just
figure out the settings. Now remember, if you’re
setting up the camera height, I think that the camera
lens should typically be about eye level. And then even shooting down a little bit, depending on, if you
wanna get a little bit more of a flattering angle. Again, don’t shoot up. You kind of wanna come
down on your subject. But I also wanna encourage you, always experiment. One power tip I’ve learned is that once you get everything set up, record a little bit of footage, say some of the audio, then stop and go test the
footage on your computer. Plug it into your laptop, plug it into a computer, and actually watch it back. And that’ll give you some ideas of if there’s anything going
on in the back ground, if there’s something
going on on your face, if something’s not set up right. It is a huge tip that saved
me from doing whole shoots where I didn’t have the mic on. So I didn’t get any audio, or doing whole shoots and I didn’t realize there was something
weird in the background. So just a quick tip there. So now, we can set this up and it’s looking pretty good. We’ll be able to zoom in but
we’ll leave it out like this. And because we have this light kit, out settings are gonna be pretty similar. We have it on 30 frames a second. We have our aperture as wide as it goes cuz we’re still using the kit lens. So that’s a 3.5. And with this lighting situation,
it actually is showing us that the scene is slightly overexposed. It’s a little too bright, as we look at our exposure meter here. So what we would do to
reduce that with ISO 100 is we would actually
drop our aperture down. So we’re gonna go down to 4
and now it’s looking perfect. And throughout this video,
we’ve also been using auto white balance. What I love about the M50
is that the white balance not only does a great job in auto but it actually have two modes. It has a priority of
white white balance and it also has an ambient priority. And so, the ambient priority
on white balance here is a little bit orange. And we can see this footage right here. It kind of makes things
not true to color as much. So that’s why I love this
other white balance mode that is white priority. And that looks true to
life of what we’re seeing with our eyes here during this shoot. And so auto is a great way to
get started but what’s cool about the M50 is, you have
all the expandability options for as you learn more
settings and if you wanna take your footage to another level, you can do some filmmaking type content. It’s packed with a lot
of features for that. So let’s plug this in, get
that other microphone on, and see how this footage looks. Okay, so now we’re
shooting in this set up. I’d love to hear from you,
how do you think this sounds, we’re using that BOYA mic
clipped onto my shirt. And we’re shooting on the
M50 still with the kit lens but now, we’re in a lighting
situation like this. So let me know in the comments. And again, because of the flip screen, this is great. Cuz as a solo YouTuber or
creator, I can still see myself on the screen, I can see
the shot composition and make sure that it’s still recording. So that’s great, even
though the camera is, you know, about five,
six feet away from me. And so that’s why having
this mic a little bit better so that the shotgun mic
doesn’t have to pick up audio since I’m not as close. And then one other really
cool thing about the M50 is that it also has a great
Bluetooth and WiFi app connected to it. So you can actually control
it with the Canon Connect app, which if you are in a sit
down situation like this, that would be awesome because
then you can start and stop recording, monitor it
from your phone as well. And if you wanted to
shoot multiple videos, you wouldn’t have to get
up and down each time to make adjustments to any
of the camera settings. And so, a scenario like
this could be perfect for starting to pump out
a lot of YouTube content, shooting a lot of videos, but
it doesn’t have to be complex. Remember, keep things
simple so you can focus on the content and don’t
worry about the camera. Alright, so we’ve covered a
lot of gear and a lot of tips on this video but I wanna
remind you, don’t ever let gear hold you back from
starting to create content. Use whatever camera you
can get your hands on, use your smartphone to get started. But when you’re ready
to upgrade your gear, I do recommend investing
in some better equipment. And if you’re just
starting out in YouTube, I don’t think there’s many better options for the price than the Canon M50. I’ve been shooting with
this camera for months now, and besides the great video
quality that it produces, it also produces great photos. You got a a 24.1 inch megapixel
sensor inside of there which means you’re gonna
have amazing photos which is also important
for doing YouTube videos. You gotta do thumbnails, you
wanna be posting Instagram. And so you have those features in there. You’ve got that dual pixel
auto focus with the touchscreen that allows you to touch what
you want to be in focus and you even have touch shutters. So that way, you can say I
want that person’s face to be in focus and as soon as you
touch, it takes the picture. So recently, in Canada, in
a video influencers’ trip, we were going around, I
was taking some photos, I handed the camera to Chris,
who’s a newer photographer, and he was able to start
taking some incredible photos. And the other thing, is
that this camera comes in as we mentioned, right around
699 dollars here in the U.S. at the time of making this video. So it’s actually on sale. And if you actually pick it up
from Canon’s website direct, it comes with a really cool messenger bag. Also, if you wanna save
time, Canon has put together an M50 video creator’s kit that includes a Rode shotgun microphone
and a 32 gigabyte SD card. They have a killer
discount on it right now. And you can check out details
in the YouTube description. Question of the day. What gear are you thinking
about purchasing or investing in next for your YouTube set up. Let me know in the comments section below. So thanks for checking out this video. Subscribe and ring the
bell if you haven’t yet. And if you wanna check out
other videos in our YouTube tip series, just click or
tap the screen right there for another video from Think Media. Click or tap the screen right there. Until next time, Think Media
is bringing you the best tips and tools for building your
influence with online video. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon.

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