Be An Athletic Golfer Instead Of An Athletic Person Playing Golf w/ Marjorie Jones

What I like to see is I see this athletic
guy doing golf, but what I really want to see is an athletic golfer. So, this is what I want to show you. Going back doesn’t look so bad. That doesn’t. That’s pretty good. But when you come through, and you have — you
move through. Not bad. And as you’re starting your downswing, pretty
good drive. Now, that’s looking pretty good. But watch what happens right here. You start to come in, and look at your arms. Look how everything all collapses. That’s a problem. So, when it collapses, that causes you issues,
and do you know why you do that?>>Keep my hands inside the baseball maybe,
pulling.>>Yeah, you’re batting.>>Yeah.>>Golf is not batting. It’s throwing. So when you bat, you got a heavy bat, ball
coming at you at high speed, all they have to do is connect and you’re good. And throwing the ball is dead, so what do
you have to do? You got to step into it. You got to create the energy. In golf, it’s the same way. And what you’re doing is your energy is going
more at the ball. It’s not going enough to the target, so that’s
what we’re gonna work on, is try to get you to go a little bit more at the target, so
that when you swing, your arms go out. Okay, what I want you to do — we’re gonna
use a medicine ball. And you’re not allowed to think a whole lot. We’re just playing, okay? I want you to pretend like it’s super-heavy. It’s not. And we’re just gonna throw it into the trampoline,
and when you throw it in the trampoline, I want you to just go ahead and throw it and
just catch it. I want the whole front of you to face where
you’re going. Throw it, catch it. And let me see if you can do that. Good. Do it again. Okay, so now what I want you to do is I want
you to throw it, catch it, go right in the backswing, throw it, catch it, just keep going
back and forth, and see how you do then. Pretend it’s real heavy. Try to give it a little bit more oomph. That’s it. Good. Good. So, you notice what your arms are doing? All the energy is going out toward the target. You want to do that in your golf swing, too. So, if I gave you your golf club, what I’d
want you to do is I’d want you to just take a little baby half swing and look where you
finish, okay? Just a half swing, just like you were doing
with that medicine ball. Now, where’s it going? It’s going over here, isn’t? It’s not going towards your target.>>Yeah.>>Isn’t that interesting?>>It is interesting.>>So, what you’re just doing is you’d be
throwing the medicine ball that way. In your golf game, that’s either gonna be
a pull or a slice.>>It’s not gonna be good.>>Exactly. Exactly. So let’s see if you can get yourself to go
more toward the target. There you go.>>Just kind of like that?>>Yep. There you go. That’s your move. So, what I would want you to do is we go out
in the field, you’re gonna do some practice hits to start doing these little half shots. If you finish with your club pointed out to
the target and the front of you is pointed there, the ball ought to go there. But if you happen to notice your arms are
over here, and your belt is over there, we got a problem, and that’s gonna add either
some curve to it or you’re gonna pull it.

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