Bar Rescue, Season 4: ‘Will You Put Up $30,000 to Save Your Bar?

Here’s the deal– I’m gonna put an additional
$100,000 in your baron top of what I’ve done,but I will only do it
if you put in $30,000. You write a check for me
for $30,000and I remodel your bar.If you don’t commit,
then I won’t. That’s the deal.I’ll give you a few
minutes to think about it.
Jon:In the world
of business,
when partners
work together,asking him
to put a few dollars in
is very consistent
with business practices. I want him motivated
to keep the programs in place and fight for the success
of his business. Terry:I do believe
if he does the remodel,
we implement everything
he’s saying
I’ll be able to do that.I do love this bar.He thinks I don’t,
but I really do.
I just relied on Gary,
so I’m pretty well stuck. And he’s not giving me
much time.$30,000 is just not
that easy to come up with.
$30,000 isn’t that much. He gave me a day.
I don’t have time. You have your other bar I thought
you were making money at. Yeah, it’s– yes,
it’s supporting me, but I’m not saving
money on it. Jon:I’ve been giving Terry
chance after chance
for the past two days.
Really, the past two years.Now, it’s D-Day.
He needs to step up,
and prove himself, or I’m not
gonna rescue this bar. So you– you can’t– I don’t have the money. If he’s gonna do
what he’s doing for me, I’m gonna reinvest, too. I’m gonna make forth
the effort. Jon:Been talking about
how successful
his other bar is, right? The other bars
pay for my bills. So now the other bar’s not
so successful, right, Gar?This guy is so full
of ( bleep ) it’s unbelievable.
They are successful. Do you believe that he can’t
come up with this money? No. He just won’t. Let’s get out of here,
guys. It’s over
’cause I don’t trust you ’cause you are a slime bucket. It’s one of the best concepts
I’ve ever done, and he totally ( bleep ) it up. If I had the money,
I would do it. Jon:
Let’s go, guys.
If you ran your bar right,
you would have had the money. Well, it’s a great concept,
great bar, but I don’t have
the money, guys. I don’t think
it’s gonna happen.

100 thoughts on “Bar Rescue, Season 4: ‘Will You Put Up $30,000 to Save Your Bar?

  1. Terry doesn't realize he was being tested by Taffer. Had Terry said, "I'll take more responsibility for this bar" or something related, Taffer would've helped

  2. When Jon said at 2:19 “If you ran your bar right, you would’ve had your money.” He should’ve said this: “If you ran your bar right, I wouldn’t have to be here to help save your ass again.”

  3. I would actually pay to have some of those pig girls put more clothes on. so disgusting watching exposed flab and cottage cheese on the move.

  4. and what a stupid, is for 30k he would have gotten a min 100k worth of work. he could have said here a check for 5k, let me sell some stock, for more money. I can get the cash it will take time. maybe even a few week, but here 5k, and I put the BAR up as proof as that I going to find the cash.

  5. I don't qualify a bar having girls and her bra and panties and make good business is it bars to get more stupider is this how the world is almost sell your body that's what makes me a disgusting if my answers are alive today are Native American they would be embarrassed of this country in this world

  6. I don’t know what makes Jon Taffer come to save a bar with an owner not willing to help the success of his own bar Jon just as much of the dum ass to throw away money he could have used to upgrade his own business or actually help out a bar that has management who actually cares about their own business to I say he should only help bars based on the effort the people working there actually put in if there isn’t any kind of effort of work put out by the workers there then he should just walk out and move on to next bar business

  7. Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha!!! Just another typical piece of shit owner that has absolutely zero clue on anything he does 😂😂

  8. I guess this means Terry's bar went out of business because he couldn't or refused to pay up $30,000.00 for his bar to be renovated a second time. I hope his manager and the bar girls found jobs elsewhere.

  9. How 'bout selling the other bars so that you could come up with $30k? John might've been willing to make that contingency work.

  10. Terry is perhaps the sleaziest bar owner in the show history…and given who has been seen before and after, that's saying something.

  11. Just trying to catch up the episodes that i missed because I recently updated my cable subscription. Now I got Paramount network.

  12. This bar owner is a real piece of shit. I remember watching this episode. He was funneling money from this bar toward his other bar.

  13. I like how he says "If you ran your bar right you would have the money to refurbish". If he ran his bar right this episode wouldn't even exist… 😂

  14. Sara the bartender is my favourite. Beautiful, smart, sexy and knowledgeable. I wish all these girls the best of luck 👍🤗

  15. You know what? I'm surprised that place is still open for business. Can you believe that? Only I don't know if Terry is still running it. Frankly, I don't give a f—.

  16. If I was manager I would make all the waitresses (except the asian one) sleep with me during the interview without wearing protection. You don't even want to know my hiring process for the kitchen staff….

  17. Well pimp those women out I'll make u a millionaire . The problem is you don't invest your money into the Italian mob . We beat the government on gas prices made millions through gas stations imagine what a bar would do

  18. I'm not a hater, the women are beautiful, but I wouldn't feel comfortable getting a mixed drink from ANYBODY in their underwear(ok so not my kind of place and wouldn't go, b4 anybody says "Well then don't go there then!)

  19. See, heres the rub. Terry is too dumb to see what Taffer REALLY wanted. End of the day it wasnt 30K. It was a commitment to the bar. So terry gives the answer of, I dont have the money. No maybe he does maybe he doesnt, thats the not point. Because he gave a flat out, sorry, cant do it. Had he said, Jon, I get what you're asking me, and its fair. The reality is this, the most I can truly give you right this minute is 10K. But how about I give you X dollars right now, and you draw me up a contract, and Ill invest 50K into this bar with you, and we agree on the payment schedule.

    THAT, I almost would bet my lunch money, Taffer would agree too. 1)it shows he cares about the bar and will work to make it great. 2)hes got the paper with the signature on it. THAT is all that matters in this life. Get them to sign on the line that is dotted!

  20. Terry simply loved it when that bar when it took off took money from played off his debt and left the other guy with shit he's a prime example if he was a slum lord nothing but a deuce bag.

  21. IF he gave you $1mil you would've come up with the $30k…he's just lying outright…and IF you work for him you now know thatWho wouldn't take $100k IF you came up with the other $30k? AND its NOT a loan…

  22. Who lets their wife gf or daughter going to work like that? John didn't complain about that. Bitches might make stripping or serving drinks in a strip club. Cry wolf after you get raped


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