Ballerina Story | From Injury to World Class Academy

My biggest dream is to become a
professional ballerina for the Bolshoi Ballet Company in Russia and that’s the
biggest stage you can ever perform on. I was lost. Physically and mentally I was
broken. I didn’t see a future. I was in this cloud in this bubble and I
couldn’t get out of it. Tristan was recovering from a ballet injury. We were running to multiple appointments across town with physiotherapists and other
practitioners and there wasn’t any communication going on between them but
Tristan was their communication. We came to Fortius because we
recognized you need a team. You need a team with the science the knowledge the
infrastructure the understanding to be able to build that artistic level. I had to start with hydrotherapy to get information down, swelling down, and then I had to do sport massage to get the body moving the massage therapist
integrated with our other practitioners to create a team to help her reach her
goals that she had. so we incorporated massage, chiropractic, sports medicine, as well as strength and conditioning A lot of it is specialized at a very
young age where more bodies are still developing where athletes are still
growing and there’s a large demand place on that athlete in a very competitive
environment to excel. The big stepping stone for me is to be stronger, knowing
how to take care of myself and be mentally and physically stronger and
better. Knowing how to move within the space that’s around us are some of
the foundational elements that we teach within the program so when things start
to go astray we are hopefully teaching athletes to recognize some of those
different movement discrepancies so that they can learn how to then either
corrected themselves or ask the right questions to then move forward within
their career so that they don’t feel lost within a system of very competitive
and very talented of their artistic athletes. I have many roles in Tristan’s professional career. the biggest one I
think is is to be there for her on this journey, to support, to listen, but the
second one is is the taking care of her taking care of an artist and athlete
which is not something you’re necessarily prepared to do as a parent. Piece by piece all those pieces came `together and now I’m stronger and
healthier and happier.

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