Autosport Academy Documentary with english subtitles – Part 1

Since we are kids, we imagine ourselves in single-seaters. We always dreamed of being on a F1 race track. At 9 years old, I did my first race, it worked very well. This mechanic passion, I have it since I was a child. I began to watch F1 with my dad on TV and now here I am, at the Autosport Academy. Be humble, listen, learn, progress. Go ahead ! Speed up in the straight. We have a formation to become drivers, they have one to become mechanics, so it’s their dreams too. Doing some mechanic and be able to race would be the best. The dream is to reach the highest single-seater level. To become a Formula One driver ! It’s what make me get up every morning. To think that a day I will be at Ferrari. Even if we were a the top in karting, we are down to the bottom of the ladder in single-seater. So now, like we’re told : You achieved nothing today. To get yourselves on the F4 Eurocup 1.6 grid isn’t an achievement. What is interesting is to become a professional, and you are far from it. I think that when the season will begin,there will be some tension between the drivers. – Some drivers got themselves out of the race in the first lap.
– To earn some experience, it is … – That’s great.
– Well done ! You really have to be focused, at 100 percent. I don’t look at the number of hours I work or how much I sleep. 9, 12 and 13 mm wrenches ! Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop ! She has the capacity to be as good as most of the boys. You can’t only be good, but exceptional to reach the highest level. Tiredness. You know that this isn’t allowed. Irritation. It’s forbidden and it’s dangerous for you. Lassitude, stress. With what you’ve done, you could be excluded from the meeting. This, this can become a tragedy. If we’re not made for this, it’s useless to try. Produced by
L’ÉOLIENNE With the participation of
FranceTelevision A film by
Bruno Sevaistre At the school
of the racing drivers Translated by Guacamole_eater We are in Sarthe (France), in the Technopark of the 24Hours of Le Mans this is the location of the Autosport Academy the training centre of the
French Federation of Automobile Sport. True springboard to the mythical Formula One, this world’s only centre train the mechanics and racing drivers of tomorrow with one single-seater championship, recently named “Formula 4 Eurocup 1.6”. First laps Today is the first day for the 22 apprentices racing drivers of the 2009-2010 promotion. They are between 15 and 21 years old. They just passed the pre-selection tests which happened few weeks earlier at the Le Mans race track. – Do you remember the size you used last time ?
– I had mine. – You had yours ? I think you’ll wear a size 3. They are welcomed by Julien Poncelet, former student of the “Autosport” he will be their main coach during the season. – We will begin by a first long run then, we will do some shorter ones. – I wanted to know, is there a weight that you must have ? – We will weight all the drivers, we will work out the average, and those who exceed … I mean those who are below the average, we’ll give them some ballast. So everyone with be at the same weight. – And those who are too heavy ?
– They will have to loose a bit of weight. But they have a sport programme, they must follow it in order to lose weight. For their first training session, the young drivers will drive on the mythical 24Hours of Le Mans race track most of them are coming from the higher ranks of karting. It’s today that they’ll do their first steps in single-seaters -Mathieu Jaminet et Sébastien Le Bras, okay ?
– Okay. – Paul-Loup, you are over there, in the 11 car, Mathieu, you are in this one. – For Sébastien, you told me, in which one ?
– Euh … – Either car ?
– Yes. – I make you go with a gap, if you catch up on the other, don’t race this is too early to battle on track now we’re just in training. – The first time in got in the Autosport Academy car, it felt a bit weird since we are child, we are dreaming of being in a single-seater, we never had the chance to be on a F1 race track, or Le Mans which is a mythic race track. And now we are in the stands, in the car, tightened in the cockpit we are discovering a new environment. – A bit more this way. – Then, we’re telling ourselves “that’s it”, we are focused. About the gearbox, me, in karting, I never had one. So now, there is the gearbox, the brakeforce distribution, they are many things that are new. – To check, you press twice the red one. it shows you the actual brakeforce distribution. You try to brake. To be sure it’s good, you put it at 30 for the pressure on the front, and you look at how much you it is. – You brake and you downshift ? – You brake with the left foot ?
– Left foot, yes. – Blip the throttle to downshift. – Okay, and then I change gear ?
– Yes, you downshift. You brake and then yout blip the throttle to help the gear shifting. Okay, we’re ready. So now, we are in the pits, we are limited at 60 until the exit, and then, when we cross the line, we can accelerate. And then, first feelings, we realize that even if it only has 140 horsepower, the car is so light that the acceleration is quite good. First laps on track, not really at ease in the car besides the cold tires at the start. We brake 200 meters too early, we accelerate too late or too early. Also with the brakes, compared with karting, it’s really impressive, you have to put an important pressure, you nearly have to put all what you got on the brake pedal. When we are next to the track or when we watch a F1 race, all is so perfect, it looks easy and then you’re in the car and you understand how difficult it is. When we try to brake too much or when it’s not a good threshold braking, the wheels do a lock up. We never experienced this before so … end of the first day, happy but a bit frustrated because we don’t really know … we didn’t expect that. – Didn’t saw the pit board ?
– What ? – You didn’t saw the pit board ?
– No. – Be focused … or they (the marshals) will have you in their firing line. Paul-Loup is someone coming from the high ranks of karting, he is an excellent driver, he is studious. I think he will battle for the win. But he’ll need to adapt quickly. For the moment, I think it is his main weakness compared to his rivals. But he is someone who will battle for the title. Clearly, he will be at the front, in the top 4 I think, and as soon as the first meeting. – So, it was you Paul Loup who was more at pace. For the brakes, euh … you can put a bit more, you brake a later and accelerate earlier. or if you cannot brake later, wait a bit before you accelerate you usually lock up, I would say that you’re a bit too quick on the gearbox. – All right.
– You hit the brake and you downshift in the same time so you have a bit of bearbox locking. But you press a bit too hard so sometimes your wheel was locking up and two or three times, you missed the apex. But overall, for the brakes, you were the best. Since 1993, we trained more than 500 racing drivers, we also trained a bit more than 500 race mechanics. We have some name that were more heard in the media. Of course, as someone from Le Mans, Sébastien Bourdais has been showed as a symbol of the training centre and also Franck Montagny who is well known. There are 13 drivers that we trained that made it to F1 Not specifically french, but from various countries we welcomed about 30 nationalities during all those years with these 500 drivers. All the student of the new promotion will now rejoin their parents to listen the introductory greeting from the director. To end with some stats, to give you an idea, 10 percent of the drivers we trained became professional and are now living on motorsport. Hello to everybody, what I wanted to tell you is that 2010 is an important season because we will become a part of the euh … the World Series by Renault. I think you know it but the World Series are the first meeting after F1 in terms of attendance, whether it’s spectator or television viewer. They are very important meetings so you are the first beneficiaries The more we’ll be at meeting with communication and representation the more you’ll be reached by media, we’ll have the opportunity to talk about it later. And the more your performances will be highlighted, especially for the best so that’s all good for you and your future. Another topic, we’ll talk about it again, I insist a lot, I insist every year, euh … We’ll ask for some humility and respect. Some respect between you, some respect for the marshals that you’ll meet during the meetings who are living their passion by putting themselves to the service of the drivers, so that mean that after a practice session or a race, you wave your hand to thank them, they will be pleased. That’s costing you nothing and it’s a sign of respect for them. Being respectful never harmed and never slowed down a driver. And humility too, because you still have some years in front of you … You just have the incredible chance that we give you all what is needed for you to show your potential. You achieved nothing today. To get yourselves on the F4 Eurocup 1.6 grid isn’t an achievement. What is interesting is to become a professional, and you are far from it. So be humble Listen Learn Progress And we’ll se in three or four years if you are becoming a professional, then we could say that maybe you are becoming someone in the racing world But in any case, and this year especially you showed nothing. You simply have the incredible chance, like I said, to show your potential, nothing more. Created in 2005, the World Series by Renault are a group of motorsport discipline, with all the categories of the french manufacturer. In 2010, the championship involved with the Autosport Academy include 7 meetings mainly on european race tracks used by F1. The racing drivers student will be evolving in optimal conditions with the opportunity of being observed by teams from categories where they could run in the following years. All the student have the Formula one as a target. However, it is exceptional that one of them reach this goal, it’s restricted to an elite. Us, we don’t talk to them about F1 as a target, we talk much more about becoming a professional, and that’s already incredibly privileged to become a professional race driver. About the category in which the driver will work it depends of the opportunities it depends of the time and for sure, the F1 is the icing on the cake. all these young people are at the door of the Holy Grail but us, we try not to mention F1 because it depends of so many factors that it become hypothetical to bet on this discipline. End of march 2010 To observe and correct the students
End of march 2010 the Autosport Academy organize some practice sessions with little groups.
End of march 2010 the Autosport Academy organize some practice sessions with little groups. Today, the training begin with the traditional weighting that will determine the average weight of all the drivers. – Take your helmet. – Everything ?
– Yes. – 71, no ? – 71 – Where ? Here ? – Just here. Go on this one. Ouh là là ! – Not a lot, right? – 62. It’s done, here we go. Every year, there are some good driver this year, there is a group of 5, 6 drivers that stand out. The prediction isn’t easy to tell for now but I think it will be a very interesting championship this year. – Hum, well, we’ll do the start procedure first. So you’re gonna leave the pit in a single file at the end of the pit lane, you exit normally. You do one lap and be careful in the area with the cones. You take position on the pre-grid we show you the boards then you’ll have the lights will light up and we’ll do the start procedure, the start simulation, okay ? So there will be no light, then they all light up in red then the light goes out and you go. – Ah, it’s not 1, 2, 3, 4… – Usually it’s like that, but here they will all light up and go out. – How is it normally? 1, 2, 3, 4? – Normally, it’s five seconds, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. You are gonna go two by two, every time go to the front row you start, you drive all the straight to the end of the pit then you slowdown and you get back to the pits in the wrong way. You could too … they could also do a delayed start. So , the delayed start, they show you the red light, they don’t go out, they become orange. – We don’t go ? – Ah, you have to not go. Because if that happens to you in a race, you’ll get trashed. – You don’t have to do another lap or something ? – They can decide to make you do another one.
– How do we know that ? – The race director will tell you.
– Okay. – So, guys, go get ready. The car on which the mechanics are working is the one of Norman Nato. At 16 years old, this three time french karting champion is considered by the specialized press as the bigger hope of french motorsport. – Here, with my legs, on which position am I ? But what impress the most his comrades it’s his shift in the French national karting team. – Yeah, that’s good,it is better. So, the French national team, I was included, bah, I made my first year when I was in category … KF2. Then, the following year, I began in 125 After it, 125 again. So I did three years in the French national team. I had my first kart at 6 years old. My father put me in the bath of racing, I was already in the bath since I was a child because he had a rally team, I followed him since I was 2 or 3. When I was 6, he bought my first kart. I wasn’t attracted, not a lot. And at the age of 9, he put me back in it and that’s when it really began. At 9 and a half I did my first race, it worked very well. And so on until now. On the paper, the biggest rival of Norman is certainly Stoffel Vandoorne a 18 years old Belgian 2nd in the 2009 CIK-FIA World Cup Stoffel comes from the high ranks of karting too. – And how do you see when you’re in the … – The grid slot ?
– Yes. This year, he’s been selected by the RACB the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium the belgian equivalent of the French Federation of Automobile Sport His targets are clear. – The dream is to reach the highest rank in single-seater for sure so now, it’s Formula One it’s true that this is really difficult to reach this goal. First, you have to be a really good driver you must have the resources to achieve it. It’s really … Everything must be in place before you get there. – Listen Martin, we’re ready, we’ll let them go for the formation lap. – Okay. – Engine! The formation lap is useful to warm up the tires and familiarize with the track. The drivers aren’t supposed to overtake. Norman and Stoffel, the two rivals aiming for the first places of the championship can’t miss the opportunity to begin the battle. – So Stoffel… he is a fighter he’ll do everything he can to win, even if he must crush the other I think but he is clearly one of the main contenders for the championship. For Norman it’s the same, he’s a driver that I know well because I was a coach in the national French karting team and he was in the national team at this time. he is a really talented driver, very fast. Based on the winter tests, he seems to be the title favorite with Stoffel. I think he have a little disadvantage compared to Stoffel, based on the tests. But, that’s the same, he is really … he is a fighter too, he don’t want to give nothing away. He has a natural talent that will always make him quick. – Oh ! How do I see where are the lines ? Am I far ? – What ? – Am I far from the thing in the front ?
– Don’t worry, we’ll position the car. It was our first starts, it was fun but I know the first one I did wasn’t … really good. The second was good enough but the third one, I tried something and it didn’t worked well. At the start, with our actual single-seater, as they are now, I don’t think there is a technique in particular you just have to pull off a good start, as simple as that.
There is no special trick to really have a better start. – Ah, it’s funny, the start is special.
– Yeah. – I know that Norman was really quick at Le Mans and after for the start, everything went really well I think I was really good for the starts. And it’s visible during the race that I’m … euh that the starts are something I … something that is going well for me, I usually gain some places at the start. And that’s important for the race. – Me, I did one good, the two others I moved before … – Yes, me too.
– For me, it was the penultimate, the second. – The one with me ?
– You simply release a bit and … You saw, bwoah ! It moves. You mustn’t release it.
– Yes. – That’s hard. Stoffel rarely travel without his father, his most loyal supporter. – Waffle, waffle, waffle The Vandoorne family is Flemish. – I tried three times the same thing. I feel that I have the good technique. – The three times ? – Yes. The car had a bit of wheelspin at the first and second start. But the third one was perfect. – The problem is that when you really high in the rpm …- That’s why ! – With the contact breaker, it’s difficult to shift.
-Okay. F*ck, I was surprised every time because, like you said, it moved forward.
– Some of you started in 2nd gear, no ? You screwed up ?
– I started in first but … – Why did it stalled like that ?
– Bah, because… – It was you who started in 2nd ?
– No I was in … – You too, you ?
– No I wasn’t in 2nd gear. – So I don’t know but …
– No but me it’s because I screwed up. – I don’t know what you did but … and here it’s easy, it’s a start on the flat for some race tracks, it’s going up or down. – And how do you do if it’s like that ?
– Foot on the brake. – This is what I do.
– You have to manage it alone. – Imagine that you move backward and hit the one behind!
– It’s really, really difficult. – The specificity of motorsport is that it’s a individualistic sport while being a team sport. – What are you looking at ?
– I check who did the best start. – You can see that ?
– Of course. – I mean, it’s a really individualistic sport from the starting line to the checkered flag. But in the same time, it’s a team sport because the optimization of the driver and car combo is the results of a team work with the operating engineer, the people in charge, the mechanics. And the car is here too thanks to the partners, so that’s a whole team. Euh … The driver can’t do without the team, to be effective. Alongside the race driver formation the Autosport Academy have a race mechanics formation. In partnership with the National Education, this entirely free formation allows the students to get a recognized diploma in the motorsport industry. – It’s true that the functioning is particular because we share the facilities of a private company the Autosport Academy with the Lycée Le Mans Sud which provide the students and the workforce. So, the Autosport Academy supplies the facilities and the cars and the drivers and the Lycée supplies 3 full time teachers and the 32 students who candidate to become race mechanics. – Romain, could you come to see this please ? Normally, it’s very long, this pipe here it arrive there, it must be 20 centimetres long it should arrive just here, so the cable won’t be damaged under the alternator. It’s been 6 months that the students are attending courses to prepare the cars for the championship. – You did the flush ? During the season, every students will be in charge of the maintenance and control of his own car. We are now just a few days away from the first meeting. Romain is making the last setups that will offcially make his car ready to race. – We’ll remove the fire extinguisher pull pin, just in case. – It was just before, I would have remove it for the test.
– Humm. Always tighten on the nut side,young man. And with the torque wrench please.
– Yeah, yeah. Romain isn’t a mechanic like the others. – Call us when you’re ready to start, put some fuel. We do it together. – My first dream was to race in the high ranks. So for sure I will continue to do this job … euh … I learn this job. Even if it’s not my thing. But that allow me to still touch the sport … motorsport. I’m still close from it. If I would have wanted to become a dancer, to go there wouldn’t have … it wouldn’t have worked. There still could be some doors opening if I become a race mechanic. – I need to disconnect and plug in the correct way. – Did you disconnected the battery ? – No. – No ?
– No. – So disconnect the battery please. – Okay. – At least the ground if you don’t want to put the car on fire. – Okay, Chef ! – Romain. – Hum. – Opening his box … – Yes. – Plugging off the wires without having disconnected the battery. – Fine. – Romain is nice guy, it’s someone who have a good communication. But he’s maybe too much at ease with the communication and … maybe he looks like he has a lack of seriousness. we feel like he takes every things lightly it’s nice, it creates a good atmosphere but … we’ll need to verify it during the meetings, if the work is made in a serious manner. Early April 2010
15 days before the first meeting – Come with me ! How are you Norman ?
– It’s going Fred. At this moment, there is a good spirit between the drivers. We’ll see how it’s evolving with the meetings because … I think, as soon as the beginning of the season and with the meeting passing, there will be some tension between the drivers. For now, we already drove together, everybody gets along, no one has been put aside, for now, it’s cool. – The race suit, how do you prefer it ? Normal ?
– Quite simple … just not too big. I think, the first day we arrived at the Autosport, we’re all together every drivers arrive, we’re telling ourselves “ouh là ! This one could be dangerous, he has the aspect”. – The essential is to have … we just want …
– Yeah. – Arriving from karting, I knew that Norman or Stoffel Vandoorne would take part. – It’s me who have the black thing or is it the computer ?
– Don’t worry, it’s the computer. – I told myself, … knowing their karting level, I was battling with Stoffel; Norman was a bit higher, he started karting earlier. When I saw them, I knew they would be some title contenders. – I allowed myself to add the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium in your sponsors.
– Yeah. Thanks to his selection by the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium Stoffel received a grant covering 50 percent of his season at the Autosport Academy. – You need to discuss with them because they will add the logo. -Okay, fine. – Its good ?
– Yes. – Give me your … Karate uniform, your Kimono. – It’s Vandoorne helmet ? He nearly did the same as …
– As Ben ( Benjamin Bailly ). – Yes. – Let the helmets here, we’ll take photos and give them back this afternoon. – Can we ask you to take a specific side … for the sponsors ? – No, it’s only right side. – Oh and … oh sh*t, alright, no problem. – You’ll have the potatoes thing. – What’s on the other side ? Retrodor ! – It’s true that in motorsport, those who are showed in the media, especially in the high ranks, are the drivers. – What’s the purpose of this ? – I’m gonna scan these and it will be used for the posters, the marketing documents for us. This is good, yes. – We must not forget that there are all the people working behind, in the factory, or at the Autosport Academy, there is the mechanics who wants to live on their passion as mechanics, we mustn’t forget that they are in the same formation as ours. We have a formation to become drivers, they have one to become mechanics, so it’s their dreams too. Hold it. Indeed, in our mechanics, we have some who have a bit of experience, in rally as example they race a bit their cars, but because they don’t have the budget to do a season as a driver they do the mechanic and hope to drive the car and get spotted. It’s clear that this is an hypothesis to forget. The mechanics aren’t driving the cars. We work hard all day and even the night sometime during the meetings. And no … we’re not driving the cars. It’s clear that it can be a frustration for the mechanics. – Tell me if it’s to tight. – Yeah, it’s good, no problem. I’m more tightened here than there, it’s not really important but … Yeah, that’s good. – You’re tightened enough ? – Yes, it’s perfect … perfect. – Huh ?
– Good. Ah, yes, the mirrors. – It’s good ? – A bit more in. Bit less. Here, that’s good. – And the other, it’s alright ?
– The other, up. – Normally now, you should do the best time. – Perfect, thanks. We would like that the driver, the one who we lend the car goes the furthest with it takes care of it and why not win the race ? It’s always a pleasure that our driver, our car, finishes the race at the front. We’ve been told since the beginning that we mustn’t wait for a “thanks” from the drivers, or anyone, who mustn’t wait for a “thanks”. We live in the shadows and we get used to it. With the practice sessions on the race track, we see which drivers are in front of the others. There are some drivers who are more hotheads and others who are more clean, who are here to win. It’s why we would like to be with a driver … who is made for victory who want to win this year. – In the last lap, when I shifted to the 3rd gear, it made a strange noise.
– We’ll see. We can’t really see, because it’s in the gearbox, so we will check all the gears without load.
– It was slamming in the last lap. The third one, f*ck, the people were look back at me, I shifted to the 2nd. – Just wait, we’ll look at it. I was thinking, … I thaught they were doing their laps in 1’43, no ? – Yes, certainly. – 2’03 For sure we would like to be in the driver seat, but … We work with what we have. That’s it. In the suburb of Paris, in a frozen food shop the customers don’t know they are in front of a driver-student of the Autosport Academy. – 5.85 euros please thanks It’s Marie, she is 18 years old, and she decided to work here, every once in a while to participate for the funding of her season. – The iced nougat aren’t entering ? – No, it’s because there was a special offer my bad, I forgot to tell you. Marie is clear-headed about the difficulty related to the job of a race driver, but her motivation is intact. Thiery, the shop manager is curious to learn a bit more – I’m racing in karting. I began in karting in 2006 I … a rental kart then, I did some competition for 2 years and now … I’m moving to the cars. – But what is it ? Rally ? – No, it’s on a race track, it’s racing like F1. – Okay, that’s karting with a car ? -Yes. – And then you go up the ladder ? -Of course … I would like to go to the 2 litres at least. And then, I’ll see, it depends of the budget. That’s it. Me, my dream ? Become a F1 driver ! But for me, that’s only a dream, so … I’m telling myself, at least, if you reach a high level in racing, that would already be good. Becoming a F1 driver, we’ll see about it, but I don’t think I can because … I’m not the only one with this target. All the drivers in the world have this goal. And after … my second wish is to become a professional. I was very very stressed for my first test. I was debuting so I was very slow on track. – What do you think Julien ? – You can put the red lights, she is well in it, even manually, it will be difficult to put her out. – That’s annoying because you lose some laps if you’re in the gravel, it’s the helmet that takes it, the paint is degraded, with the price of the helmet … It’s really annoying if it’s damaged. But there is a gravel trap so that’s not serious but if you can save it, it’s better. – Marie, you take this. One hand. You engage the clutch if there is a gear selected. Yes, so keep a foot on the clutch and press lightly the brakes. – Okay
– The rope must be straight, okay ? Marie, you always need to boost her a bit she’s always a bit absent-minded so we must keep an eye on her. She is capable of doing some good things. Now, it’s up to her to be focused on her season if she want’s to do some good results. Recorded on digital cards in the car the data allows the instructors to analyze the practice session of the drivers. Braking curve, trajectory, throttle data or rpm data, these are part of the data used by Julien to debrief her run. – So, where do you shift here ? 6100, so you have the same problem, you up-shift too early. – Okay.
– So wait until 7000 rpm at least 7000 You see where you brake compared to Norman ? You’re not as fast when you arrive, but still, that’s very late. So you exit straight and you miss the apex. You’re forced to release the throttle. See ? He is accelerating, and you, you can’t. – Okay.
– You have to wait. You must shift later. If you do that, you’ll gain some speed between each turn. And during the braking, use the engine braking. You all have some difficulties to use the engine braking. It’s a recurrent question, every year we’re asked : so, are the drivers good ? Each time, I hesitate to say “we will know in two years”. You can’t be good, you have to be exceptional to reach the highest rank. I’m asked “You knew Bourdais would be a good driver in 1995 ?” No, you must be honest nothing let us imagine that he would do the career he did. He had some quality for sure he showed he had the potential for an international career but he got better the following years after his formation. And then he got to his actual state. – And you right hand, the same hand on the knee side, and you press a bit. Before the start of the season the drivers must be evaluated physically to determine their sport programme for the season. -That is it ! Put your knee a higher. Hu, hu, I’m stuck ! – Nice. No, the foot isn’t allowed. Nine seconds. 8’22 but during the last one, you used the other hand. Only one hand ! 22’94. Don’t run around the line. Put the foot down, and rotate. That’s it. You have to cross the line Marie. Go, accelerate once again. Last chance, go, go, go, hold on to it ! It’s not over, go, go ! Top ! Stop. For me, being a girl in this masculine world it’s not hard, but it’s … let’s say there is a bit of machismo on track and all but no, I get used to it and continue, you’re a girl, you don’t care. – … on the outside.
– Well, she was on the outside. – Alright, so she must really be in the middle of the track … But Marie isn’t alone to face these integration difficulties in the group this year, she can count on the help of Giada. Surprisingly fact, this young italian karting driver is only 14 years old and don’t speak french. – So, when she is in the other turns, does she has to use the engine braking. – Yes, everywhere. Same as karting. There are always been some female race drivers, even in karting, I always knew some. This year, we have two female drivers. I hope they’ll find their place between the boys, it’s never easy for them. Until now, it’s going well.
They will need to show they can do the same things as the boys. That’s an additional challenge for them. Between the two young drivers, who are both a bit shy, the communication isn’t simple. In addition, Marie doesn’t speak a single word of english. – So, what ? – Does she speak english ? – Yeah.
– You sure ? – Yeah, I think. And the afternoon, we only do sport ? – No, you have an interview with me and Malo about your targets. – Oh, là, là ! – And you didn’t thought about …
– What should we say ? – You’re gonna give us your targets and we’re are gonna see if it goes with your performance with what you can realize now. – Woahh ! – I am really sorry … but, I don’t … don’t speak french. – That is good. – You can go get changed, the boys have finished. Come with me. This is the much-awaited moment of the race suit delivery, that will make them become true single-seaters drivers. – You start by trying the race suit. You have the underwear, the top, the bottom part, the shirt you have fleece, a parka. Knowing that a season at the Autosport Academy cost about 90.000 euros the sponsors and partners are important to fund their season. – It’s all over mine.
– Yours is tattooed. – You saw it ?
– What you said ? – I put the sponsors. – Are they corresponding ?
– Yes, they’re good looking. Everyone wants to see if their suits are like they asked. – F*ck, that’s looking good. Why are they in red ? – What ? – Show us what you put on it ! – Why did he put it in red ? – Bwoah, that’s nothing.
– Bwoah, that is good. – Ah, but it’s not taking a lot of space
– That’s enough, you don’t want me to put … – Nah, but you want to see mine ?
– All right. He has twice has much as mine. – For me, they got my blood type wrong, no kidding ! – You serious ? – Ah, but you really have a lot !
– Yes. Look, I have some in the back too !
– Yeah, me too ! At 14 years old, you don’t fund a motorsport season, that’s clear. It’s usually the relations. – Ah! The race suits are very good. For the funding, most of the times, it’s the dads who works on it with the friends with the relations they search the money. Globally, but it’s it isn’t based on precise stats, but I think we could say without a lot of doubts 2/3 of the funding by partnership and sponsors and 1/3 of private funding for one season in a category like ours. These are important budgets. But they are considered very, very small in the racing industry. After all, these are still some big amounts of money. – It is perfect. – You’ll have 3 Tee-shirts. – I like them. – Ah, that’s good. – Eh, they did a mistake ! You don’t have the Belgian flag ! – Ah, yes. Aaah, that’s not my fault. – You saw that…
– Yes, but they are good. We should check how they look in a mirror but they’re not bad. – There’s no mirror, that’s the problem. – I like to dress well, I mean … I like to dress well. I find that … I like to dress how I want. It look good from a distance, they put some things further away, like on this side, where you had the same size. But, you must be careful, because with the mechanics, if you arrive and show off, it won’t be good. They’re gonna think : “This one, he didn’t proved anythings, but he is already a …” We are just some F4 drivers at the Autosport Academy. – Look, this one is good.
– Yes, this one is quite good. – You payed it yourself ?
– This one work in the oil industry so, this one is a good one – 1000 euros worth of embroidery. Even if we were a the top in karting, we are down to the bottom of the ladder in single-seater. So, like we’ve been told, now, we’re nothing we still have everything to prove. – This, the cap, it disappear !
– Yeah, yeah, fine. – I don’t want to see it again. So, for the photo, check the collar. And what is good on a picture is some people smiling, all right. You will put the helmets down, in a line, a correct line. The smaller …
– All the helmets ? -Yes. Don’t worry.
– Who are those going in the front row ? – The smaller ones. – So, me. – The first row, you kneel down. And the other the ones at the back you put your hands on their shoulders. – Look this way ! – Smile ! We are one week away from the start of the championship with the first meeting in Alcañiz, Spain. It’s Marie, a motorsport specialized psychologist, who’s in charge of the targets interviews They’re used to understand better the students personalities and to check if their goal is good compared to their performances. Marie is here with Malo, an instructor at the Autosport Academy. – So two things, the first one, give us all your notions of pleasure related to racing and your sensations, your feelings. And secondly, tell us about your target for this race and the championship. – If there’s no rain, I hope to be in the points. – If there is no rain ?
– Yeah. – Why ? – Because under the rain, I don’t think I’m great. – You checked the weather forecast on internet ?
– Yes. – And ?
– There’s no rain. And if there’s some rain,I need to improve myself. – So if it rain, the goal would be to finish the race ? -Yes, that’s it. It’s not that complicated under the rain, it’s just another feeling with the car dynamic. I don’t know if it’s a lack of focus, but the tips we give you, you seems to apply them for two laps and you forget them for the third one. So, you fall down at your previous level for the remaining time of the session. That could become a big problem because you’ll improve yourself on 2 or 3 laps and then nothing and you’ll even loose some improvement a bit. So all what you’ve done in 2, 3 laps isn’t assimilate at all. – Hello That’s here or there ? – There – I will try to win the championship I would like to do a podium this weekend. – How are you gonna prepare yourself ? – Bah, I don’t know this race track – Okay. – So … I have a racing simulator at home. I already discovered a bit the track with it. – About the feelings in the car except 2 or 3 times, I think I wasn’t focused or something but that wasn’t great except that, it’s good. Winning, showing that we’re here on the two first races, that’s very important. – Who do you want to show that you’re here ?
– My team mates. Some drivers are always under the limit, you, you’re always at the limit, sometime you exceed it. You must not slow down but … but being able to stop when you reach the limit. The target is to win the championship, I don’t know if it’s possible, I hope. – Yes but you’ll be part of the ones to beat. – Yes but it’s like, I think Chatin, Vandoorne, … – Yes, with some, you are those to beat. – We know each others, so we know who will be at the front I think but that means nothing, maybe someone else will stand out maybe he wasn’t good in practice and will come out on top in the races, we don’t know we will see …

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