Athletics at McDaniel College

[Cheering] (Paul Moyer) The Centennial conference
is one of the top conferences in the, in the country in Division three. (Female student) It’s D-3 so it is
still intense, it’s an intense program. (Paul Moyer) This is what they love
and they won’t give it up in college. This is something that means
a lot to them in their lives and something they continue. (Torin Lehmann) I wrestled
my freshman year. And then my sophomore year,
I also got into track and cross country, because it was at the latter
end of the wrestling season. Yeah it’s really great. There’s a lot of kids here who
are multi-sport athletes. And I think it, it’s better to have kind
of a wider pool to pick from in athletics rather than being forced to basically
specialize in one sport. (Aaron Slaughter) Our stadium actually
has one of the best college atmospheres in all of D-III football in our nation. People get to drive their cars
up and park kind of on the hill and get grilles out and make tents
and just tailgate, kind of hang out, grill out food
and watch the game. So it’s pretty unique atmosphere
on game day. (Danielle DeColli) And the coaches
are intense but they have like this open door policy thing where they are
like there for you off the field as well. Like they’re there for your
academics, your social life. (Paul Moyer) There’s a lot of people
here working to make sure that the student athletes are successful
academically and athletically.

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