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[Music] being Muslim women and girls are required to wear the hijab its form honesty and modesty in our religion means humble inside and out and the hijab can be very challenging when you’re playing sports difficult but I would be playing basketball with always falling over it I was just like you know what let me just give it up I felt like I ripped away a part of my identity Jaimee and fatima are helping all girls feel included they created a company called ASEA that makes sports to jobs and raised over thirty nine thousand dollars using IndieGoGo as an entrepreneur author and mom I know the challenges we face today crowdfunding and technology have created more opportunities for women to fund their businesses so let’s meet a few whore changing the face of American business and see what we can learn from them hi everybody I’m Lala Anthony join me for funded in America when I was six my family and I moved from Somalia to Minneapolis Minnesota I started to volunteer at a community center Jamie came and joined I grew up playing sports I played through college I played volleyball and softball in Division three I just hated the idea that something as simple as clothing was keeping girls from feeling like they could participate in sports and really get active and get out and play joining Fatima I wanted to help enable physical activity and sports for all girls regardless of religion we have this great gym full of girls that Fatima works with who could test our fabrics and there are really the ones who guided what we were doing to make sure that what we were making worked for them and would work for other girls and we have different perspectives we have different backgrounds we need all the devices and all the technology to stay in touch take our orders if it wasn’t for mobility and technology we wouldn’t be possible and it’s really helped us create something I think that has worked really well so tell me about the product you’ve created what exactly is it right now I’m wearing the typical hood job you’ll see the most integral thank you then this is a job you can’t really play sports it’s very long it gets very hot but our product is very lightweight what wiccaning oh this is super lightweight and it’s tight-fitting so what are some of the challenges just in starting a business having a business you know our dream is to have schools and sports leagues provide these as if it’s part of the uniform right you if you make a basketball team they provide the uniform if you have a girl who would need some like this and our belief is this should be provided to like just like a helmet is provided to a football player a sports a job should be provided because it’s what a girl needs to play like but schools have really tight budgets and so we’re faced with these challenges of athletic directors saying how am I gonna fit in one more thing to buy right so we found that like they’ve had to pull in boosters or at UPS turn their donors or people who see what this could really mean for in terms of change as we raised our crowdfunding we found out that people were really excited to give and say I won this product to be able to get to girls all around the world we get people coming and saying I don’t need one of these but like I want to help a girl who does the time we live in today a lot around a lot of dialogue that is around hate and fear there’s a whole other kind of rising of people saying no like we are all one community that’s all come together it’s so inspiring that’s definitely inspiring to me so I know of this school Townsend Harris High School that there’s a bunch of girls who would love to have a sports a job and I know that they would be really really excited and grateful for it and I think this is how we continue to change the world and spread the word about the amazing things that you for doing so if you would join me I would love to go to the school and donate a few of these [Music] gym class I remember like my freshman year was the first year that I started wearing hijab and I would always be late to my next class because I would like to sit there downstairs in the locker room like redoing it cuz it was like constantly slip off my head the fact that we now have these different opportunities I think that’s just amazing I’m playing sports I don’t think about having to fix my scarf and it’s so light I’m able to move in it so it’s really great when I was younger I never really saw a Japanese playing you know sports and stuff and now the fact that I can do it to my fullest potential and feel comfortable it means a world because it means I can inspire younger girls having a business is great having a successful business is even better but being able to change lives in the world that’s what it’s really about [Music] bag [Music]

100 thoughts on “Athletic Gear You Didn’t Know Existed… | Funded in America

  1. 0:24 I felt like I ripped away a part of my identity.

    I can relate in so many level. When I'm so used to wearing it around especially outside home, not wearing the hijab is like I'm walking naked.

  2. I think hijab should be more flexible lol. The ready made hijab are a good idea but the designs are kind of bad. There needs to be more designs. If you sew this is your chance lol

  3. Im all for religious freedom but for schools issuing these thats a no for me. Christians will start asking for bibles to be issued so they can play sports. We have seperation of church and state for a reason. My 2 cents.

  4. Why should schools have to buy them for girls? Religion is a personal choice and has nothing to do with education. It's great there are more options so they can play sport but I don't feel sorry for them, religion is a choice, unless of course your family forces you/the country you live in play makes you follow a religion.

  5. Anyone coming here because of a unwanted notification please dislike this video so youtube doesnt do it again.

  6. Notice!: How the two older Ladys stood on sides of the "soul pancake interviewer?"they are so spiritually grounded!,because her hair wasn't covered,her energy! They didn't want the young girls to have any! ANY! of her energy! They are not yet spiritually grounded! The way these other races protect their little girls is amazing!! We tell our little high school girls its ok to be touched by guys named brett because they're 18yrs old??? Wtf

  7. If I’m getting forced to see a video, I’m happy it was this video. More power to you! 💪💪💪💪👊👊👊🙌🙌🙌

  8. I'm really speechless & can't finds the words to appreciate the great efforts of these all sisters.
    May you live long sisters.

  9. I think It's great if you wanna wear your hijab, and sports hijabs are really creative and It's cool you made them. But remember, church and state are separated, why would a public school provide hijabs??

  10. first statement in the video – untrue.
    muslimas are NOT required to wear hijabs. they freely CHOOSE to wear it. because they have a free will. noone is allowed to tell them otherwise. not a man, not a muslim, not a woman, not a muslima. they are required to be modest – every woman defines modesty in another way.
    be free – be modest – be yourself 🙂

  11. Cool I guess? It must be fun making money from selling to these idiots and their absurd stone age religious obligations.

  12. is it because of the rhyme, it is called this? i would think you could find a better and less sweaty activity for little girls covered so much. how about hockey for hijabs or whatever? i feel sorry for these little covered girls. they are forced to be ashamed of themselves.

  13. This gave me chills…those girls looked so excited to get them. I do not think schools in the US should be expected to provide them though…even if they had the budget.

  14. So an oppressive practice means modesty
    Good to know, it's not like women where forced to wear them by men for thousands of years
    So if you want to play a sport, take off your damn hijab and play the sport
    It's not like i wear my cross when I weightlift
    It's simple
    It is a choice, isn't it?

  15. not really…hijab is a choice…that's what religion is about…if it's required, then it's basically against free will…well, that is religion in general after all…and islam is no different from, say christianity, when it comes to free will… let there be no compulsory in religion.

  16. Islam is a false religion, that supports the abuse of women, the murder of gays, and sex with children. Stop spamming me with this garbage

  17. modesty? I know that the Koran claims that women tempt men, but either way, putting those things on little kids less than 5 years old just shows that it's not modesty, it's just a religion trying to be different from the Catholic Church when it comes to abusing little kids and brainwashing them

  18. Omg sports hijabs this has to be some kind of joke…. Muslim womens are not allowed to have fun it's in there religion…. guess this has to be satirical….

  19. Why do I get that crap when I didn’t even subscribe to the channel? NOT interested in hijabs or any other Muslim gear!

  20. Awesome story! We are a nation strong enough to accommodate differences (anyone remember Catholic nuns playing basketball in the 60's and 70's in their habits? I do!) and to celebrate all of our young sisters in healthy sports! Well done all!

  21. this is cool and all but Muslim women aren’t REQUIRED. it’s a choice. you can choose not to wear it and you still wouldn’t be any less of a Muslim.

  22. This is extra u spend money on useless things like this when they could just take the thing off, u could be giving money to kids at the school who hardly have clothes but instead u watse money on things like this, this is why I'm athiest…
    Religion is a waste…sad

  23. Ha…aha…Ha…
    Boiii I still see our face 😆
    In glad I wasn't born Muslim
    If my mom made my where that which I have before but if I continued id just cut my hair still have to where a hijab,… So they can't see the shape of my head..😂😂

  24. YouTube gives this as a commercial to not only an Atheist, but a person that sees the Hijab as just another way a religion brainwashes women into accepting oppression. Also a person that stands by the statement of "Duh women own businesses, what are you living in the 100 B.C.E?".

    Is YouTube absolutely sure it knows wtf it's algorithms are doing?

  25. Just checked the Quran: it says : “Men are the protectors and maintainers of women because Allah has made one superior to the other and because they spend to support them from their means. Therefore, righteous women are obedient and they guard in the husband’s absence what Allah orders them to guard. And, as to those women from whom you fear disobedience, give them a warning, send them to separate beds, and beat them.” 4:34

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  27. Only women are required to wear hijab in Islam. « Veil the woman » coran says. The idea of ceiling girl is straight pedophilia.

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