Arizona Stadium gets new upgrades

University of Arizona’s first home football game is tomorrow and tonight we’re getting a first look at some of the new renovations at Arizona Stadium good evening thank you for joining us the upgrades are all designed to enhance the fan experience news for Tucson Stephanie Weaver has the latest on those renovations new fan enhancements and a new skybox club those are just a few of the new amenities coming to the University of Arizona Stadium this weekend it’s that time of year Wildcats will return to Arizona Stadium I’m part of the zona Zoo so I’m gonna yell my heart out you they for the wet o cats and visitors and students will return to upgraded amenities they’re doing a lot of renovations around here actually it’s a good time to be here last year the stadium underwent a 30 million dollar renovation mainly to the east side of the stadium now the focus is on the west side it’s been a priority of mine since I arrived it’s been a priority for the president this season the stadium has a new kid zone enhanced food and beverage services and better lighting we’ve got to again prove that there’s no better atmosphere than being inside the stadium being at the stadium on game day and seeing live action the biggest renovation is the new skybox club which is available to skybox ticket holders we open these these walls so that you again you’re really connected this space was completely reformatted with new seating bigger televisions and a club-like experience we took a lot of time to determine what do suite holders want in in their suite and how do they want to engage in a stadium full of history this structure and these first 30 rows still remains the original construction of the stadium the university strives to preserve some of its historical elements I’m a traditionalist I think we should never forget the past and never move so far away from our core and who we are but yet I’m also a realist we need to find ways to modernize and and and serve our fan base in a way that they will want to continue to invest in the program now there is a plan to completely renovate the west side of the stadium the university will finalize those plans and designs over the next 12 months from the University of Arizona Stephanie Weaver news or Tucson [Music]

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