Anna Faris Asks Tony Gonzalez How To Fake Football Knowledge

– I better watch out I don’t wanna step on one of these little
– [Anna] I know, I know. – doggies right here. – (laughing) I love it! Well, welcome! Have you ever met Anna? – Well, briefly backstage, but we’re old friends now.
– Yeah. – But before today, no? – No. – I just like bringing people together. – I feel like we’re on opposing teams though, which– – Well, we are actually. – Someone took my pom poms away. – Look at all these dogs, this is amazing! – I know, it’s– – I saw one pooped earlier, I was scared about that.
– Right in front of my chair. It was awesome. So you’re working the big game, right? – Yeah.
– So who are you rooting for? – Hey, guy. I’m rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs, come on. (speaking in Spanish) The Chiefs! – I mean, I like the initials, so I’m in. It’s a great initial. So I’m not usually one
to be all up in sports world but I love when it’s challenging and it’s neck and neck,
it makes it more fun. – It’s always more fun
when it’s competitive. – Tony, can I ask you something? – Sure. – So as somebody who
doesn’t know when they’re watching a football game, what they’re actually watching– (audience laughing) – You know other people not us. – But what should I be looking for on the big game day? I think you’re about to be mounted. – I think he’s humping my foot. He’s a little too young
for that, but it’s good. – Tony, what do I look
for? Who do I look for? Do I look for an offensive strategy? Do I look for defensive? What am I, give me some pointers. Do I just go for food? (laughing) – Food is– – What’s something clever we can say when people are watching?
– Food is always a good way to go. – What’s something clever? Good question. – Just make us sound good. – Okay, do you guys know what an RPO is? – Totally. – You know what an RPO is? – A real player, oh yeah! (laughing) – Real players only! – Yeah, that was better. – RPO is run-pass
option. So it’s something we say a lot in our business. You’ll say, “Look at the RPO here.” That means when the
quarterback gets the ball he can either have the
run where he does this, and he can pull it away, then he can pass, or he can take off and run it. So we call that an RPO. So that makes you sound smart. Go, “They need more RPOs right now.” To get the ball going. – It sounds Star Trek.
Or like Star Wars. R2-D2. – [Anna] Can you also tell me what a tight end does? – What a tight end does? – Yes, I know this is embarrassing. – Want me to show you
my tight end right here? (laughing and cheering) – Yeah, yeah, yeah, all right. – Just so you know what
the difference looks like this is what a non-tight end looks like. (laughing) Just so you have some comparison. I’m just saying. This is actually serious
though, you just made the Hall of Fame and– (cheering) – Thank you. Thank you. – And I think that is amazing. That is so amazing. But even cooler you got Father of the Year! Are your kids proud? – (chuckles) Are my kids proud? They were asking me, how the hell did you get that award? They were like, “Who voted for this? I didn’t get a vote.” But it was good, it was good. Honestly, one of the biggest honors I’ve ever had in my life. They flew us out to New York. We did a whole presentation. The people that have
received Father of the Year, it goes back 60 years,
presidents of our country have received this award
so it was very cool. Very cool. – Oh my gosh, how
prestigious. That’s amazing! (applause) That’s really cool. And you have a new podcast right? – Yeah. I’ve got a
podcast called Wide Open. – I get it. – Get it? Play on words. But it’s where I bring on a guest, people like yourselves,
movers and shakers, people from leaders of industry, actors, athletes, doctors, and we talk about leveling up, being the
best version of yourself. ‘Cause success leaves
clues and I love to get people’s backstory and say, “How do you respond to the critiques? How do you get out of a depression? How do you just get better?” And then have some fun with it. – How do you deal with it all? Yeah, that’s a great podcast. – Also what is your workout routine? I want to know how you think, I want to get deep inside your brain. – Oh, it’s easy! I just
pick my children up, and then set them down, and that’s it. (laughing) So I asked Anna this too but who’s your dream podcast person? And if you say Lil’ Kim it’s awesome. – Is that your dream
cast? Has she given out good relationship advice? – I love Barack Obama. (applause) – Fine, Tony! – And then somebody else I’ve always loved from afar is Meryl Streep. I think she would be amazing. – I would love to have Winston Churchill dig himself out from the grave! – Officially, Tony Gonzalez is my favorite person to be on this show because that is amazing! You know why? I agree too though. She’s
got four kids as well and just such a fascinating career. I would listen to that. I’d want to know why, what makes her tick, and what made her really push herself. That’s a good one. – Well, I’ve seen her
do an interview before. – Me too. I had several. I’m a stalker. – Are you a stalker? – Totally! – So she was doing her interview and they asked her like, “What is your secret? How are you such a great actress? How do you get into the moment so well?” And she was like, “I don’t know.” She literally said, “I don’t know.” And she said, “I can’t teach this.” – She’s a do-er. Yeah. – And I would love to be
able to go on the show and try to draw that out of her, try to see exactly, because there is something there. – Because now it’s innate but she probably had to work, what
happened when you started though would be the question. – Well, Tony don’t you think that, do you get into that
mentality when you play? – You get so focused?
– There’s elements of your brain and maybe when you perform, there’s elements of your
brain that sort of shut off and you focus, I don’t know. – Well, you do know because
you’re a great actress and so you’ve done it before. No, you’ve done it before. And for anybody out there watching, there are techniques
to get into that flow, that state of where you
can block out everything and you’re just absolutely present and it’s kind of like not
being afraid anymore. How do you get beyond that fear? I always say life takes off on the other side of fear and when you can get to that point there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. And I would love to see what Meryl has to say about that. – I’m only 37 and know nothing but I do feel like ego has
a lot to do with it. I feel like you have to let go of your ego and importance on, you
know what I’m saying? – You know what I say about ego? I say ego has no amigo. – No! Wow, that’s good! – That’s a good one, huh? – Stitch that on a pillow!

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