An Illawarra Athletic Story – Tom

Yeah, Thomas been a real pleasure to
train. He trains here at 5:30 a.m. He comes here with his son and just been
one of those people that there from the get-go like he came to us with some big
nutrition problems drinking a lot of sugary soda drink eating the wrong foods
trying to train but just not knowing what to do but when we were you know giving
him the guidance he really just kind of took it all in and soaked it all in and
he really hasn’t looked back so yeah Tom’s definitely one of my favorite
stories here! Hi my name’s Thomas and this is my IA
story. My name’s Thomas. I work in the retail industry. Been Working at Woolworths nearly 20
years now. I’m also a husband and a father of three kids. For me family obviously number one my kids my wife just spending good time quality time together, all about the family and being active and trying to keep up with my kids. The thing for me was sort of let myself
go. Work was a fairly stressful environment. Diet was lacking and exercise was lacking our life is getting really busy
as we do three kids, family, work all those commitments now I’m in my 40s so I think started to creep in and sort of sort of lower back pain and joints and
shoulders and that sort of stuff. Had a few health concerns around things like cholesterol and and high sugar and that due to my diet feeling lethargic feeling
tired there’s that lack of energy and previously I had had some tests
pre-diabetes and that sort of stuff I needed to make a change, needed to make a change. I have tried in the past
different sorts of I’ve tried 24-hour gyms and whether it’s lack of motivation
or just lack of purpose or direction, you fail. I remember when I was in
my late 30s I was trying to be fit at 40 and you know I did I – did okay but then
this lost direction and his purpose and yeah yeah look I tried tried different gyms
and you know running and all that sort of stuff and was still fairly active and
yeah no no food I thought I was but I wasn’t yeah worlds apart was about yeah
absolutely Yeah massively massively for me
personally giving direction and purpose and the guidance I didn’t have that
before I thought I did thought I could look after myself and do
it my way but you need that help and guidance of people who know what they’re
doing and it’s a it’s a good environment I came into the environment. Gyms can be quite daunting and I’ve been to a 24-hour gyms and all sorts of different
places and you don’t feel welcome but from day one it was really good that community
feeling is yeah certainly I didn’t get it at first I didn’t understand how it’s
a community in this sort of environment but yeah there’s the crew, the 5:30 crew, they’re awesome and you know the camaraderie that you get you can’t beat

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