A reimagined William & Mary Athletics Complex

[Samantha Huge]
Kaplan Arena has been home to William & Mary Athletics for a very long time. It is the heartbeat of our athletics
department and so, today, I am proud and humbled to announce a 167,000
square foot renovation to this space. We are excited that William & Mary Athletics and this community will have a new home shortly. [Katherine Rowe]
This is a bold moment. When we are
committing to something that is really special about William & Mary which is that
we believe in striving for excellence in everything that we do. I want to join Director Huge in thanking the amazing friends who are making this athletics
center possible. You’ve helped us envision something that will become the
crossroads of our campus, for a sense of community for all students, as well as,
all athletes and for this town and beyond. Go, Tribe!

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