8X Kitesurfing World Champion trains at OWC – Gisela Pulido 2013

I’ve been competing in kitesurfing forever, I’m an 8X World Champion. Last year in 2012 I wanted to achieve my goal and win again, but it panned out differently then what I expected, I finished third in the end. I was leading all year long but Karolina and Bruna came out really strong in the last tour stops. I didn’t manage to keep my first place. I think that I was missing power, moreover the tour stops with light winds. That’s why we got the idea together with Red Bull to come here at the cable park, because even though it’s another sport, it is really similar to kiting. The tricks are very alike, and it’s harder, here you have a constant pressure in the bar, but we think that it is going to help me kiting, especially in light winds. We managed to contact Mike and Ryan, the best wakeboarding coaches. They are giving me tons of advice on how you move in the air, and how everything works, because everything has an explanation. A lot of times you go in the water, you try a trick and you don’t even know why it came out, or you don’t know why it didn’t work. So here I am studying a lot of theory and they are explaining to me how everything works. Today is the last day in Orlando for this camp with Mike and Ryan. I’m very happy, I think I progressed a lot. On the kickers and sliders, I learned 360’s. On the system 2.0, I learned rally’s and S-bend. I think this is going to help me a lot in kiting, and I’m looking forward to trying everything out on the water, as well as the stuff I learned on the trampoline at the gym. Well, I’ll see you at the first stop of the World Tour in Morocco. Here we are in Dakhla for the first tour stop of the year. The truth is, I’m super stoked, I think that I rode very well. The experience in Orlando helped me a lot, moreover to get power and height in the tricks. I’ve had a few heats against Bruna Kajiya, who is one of the most powerful riders, as well as Karolina Winkowska, and I managed to win against both of them. In the end I came out second, which is a good result for the first tour stop of the year. But I’m excited to keep moving forward this season and to give it my all!

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  2. As an amateur wakeboarder and noob kitesurfer, i would LOVE to go to a place like that, and get that kind of teaching.

  3. Redbull should really really do something more than this short videos about their sport stuff and sportmen. That'd be a reality show that I definitely would watch. ^^

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