5 heartbreaking SummerSlam defeats: WWE List This!

Summer Slam has given us so many happy
moments in its more than 30 years. From the wedding of
Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth, to Roman Reigns
finally pinning Brock Lesnar. But we’ve also had some heartbreak
at the biggest event on the Summer. Here are the five most devastating
losses at Summer Slam. Brock Lesnar was in high demand
when he returned to WWE in 2012. He knew that and
he took advantage of that, attempting to add a bunch fo new
terms to his already signed contract. That did not fly with the chief
operating officer Triple H though. When Triple H attempted
to squash those terms, Lesnar lost it Snapping
the COO’s left arm. Triple H wanted to prove he was still
an ass kicker, and not just a suit. So he demanded a match at Summer Slam. As if things weren’t heated enough,
Lesnar broke Shawn Michaels’s arm just before the match,
dubbed the perfect storm. So when Lesnar once again broke Triple H’s
arm, the Game was beside himself. He slowly left the arena in total shock, fueling speculation that
he was calling it a career. He even shaved his head,
feeding further into those rumors. The Undertaker and
Mankind seemed destined to fight forever once the masked mobster
arrived to WWE in 1996. Mankind did everything possible to
make the dead man’s life miserable, setting the stage for
a boiler room brawl at SummerSlam 1996. To win the match, a super star would
have to emerge from the boiler room and receive The Undertaker’s
signature urn from Paul Bear. The phenom’s long time manager had
been by his side from the very start. The match was one of the most grueling
we had seen in WWE at the time. Undertaker was first to reach the inside
of the ring, but Bearer refused to hand him the Urn revealing he was into
cahoots with The Phenom’s biggest rival. [MUSIC] Charlotte Flair and
Sasha Banks had been through hell in 2000. 16th, with WWE looking to start a new era, the boss seized the moment, ending Flair’s
more than 300 day women’s title reign. In the rematch at SummerSlam 2016,
these bitter rivals dished out everything. Charlotte weakened Sasha’s
back throughout the match, but champion fought throughout the pain and
seemed to be firmly in control, locking in the bank statement in
the dead centre of the ring Somehow, Charlotte gained momentum to
roll up Sasha for a three count.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Shoulders down. Shoulders down. Shoulders down.>>The crowd was livid. Sasha was stunned, and
Charlotte was as proud as ever. A series of Referees went to check on
Sasha as she struggled to her feet. AJ Styles wanted to make an impact
when he arrived to WWE in 2016, and that meant targeting
the face that runs the place. John Cena. Styles scored a controversial win
over Cena at Money in the Bank, thanks to The Club, so for their SummerSlam sequel, Cena wanted
to teach The Phenomenal One a lesson. Styles someway survived
everything Cena threw at him, like Avalanche Attitude Adjustment
from the top rope. When Cena tried to follow
up with another AA, Styles countered into the Styles Cash and
the Phenomenal Forearm for the win. Cena left everything in the ring that
night, but it wasn’t enough to pin Styles. After the bout, Cena even left his arm
band, well, technically, it’s a headband that he wears around his bicep, behind in
the ring, as a gesture that caused that the C Nation leader had not only lost
the match But also his fighting spirit. The authority made Daniel Bryan’s life
a living hell in 2013 and 2014 after Bryan embarrassed Triple H and
Stephanie McMann at WrestleMania. Stephanie turned her attention to
ruining Brie Bella’s life too. Stephanie had not competed
in more than a decade, but Brie demanded a one on one matchup for
summer slam 2014. To fight for her and her husband’s honour
blowing Brie locked in the ES lock and drop kick Triple H it certainly
seemed to start it for free. As Stephanie tried to escape Nikki Bella,
enter the ring only two shockingly, KO her own twin sister with a fore arm,
allowing Stephanie to score the victory. And after the match, Nikki unleashed on
Bri and basically this owner as a sister. That’s our list. Which matches are on yours? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for watching List this.

100 thoughts on “5 heartbreaking SummerSlam defeats: WWE List This!

  1. AJ Styles was beat John Cena the 16 time World Champion but last Tuesday on the SDL he could not beat Kofi Kingston give me a break STOP pushing Kofi the worst WWE Champion ever.

  2. "The authority made Daniel Bryan's life a living hell in 2013 and 2014"

    Then there's me, thinking they're talking about DB's mitb cash in loss to Orton at SummerSlam 2013

  3. Always wwe is uses john cena on thumbnail of viedos to get more views , but wwe didnt call cena for matches ,
    What this non sense
    Observe when ever cena photo was kept there will be more views ,

  4. Lol where's last years match of carmella charlotte and Becky! It was heart breaking to see Charlotte steal the title from her former bf Becky

  5. Brie's wasn't heartbreaking, it made sense for Stephanie to win, and it was actually satisfying to see the right person win

  6. The AJ Styles win over Cenawas a much deserved one… it'd Actually be heartbreaking if the opposite happened!!

  7. Undertaker losing his winning streak to brock was the most heartbreaking and dumbest thing I've ever witnessed 😂

  8. Cena losing to AJ was perfect & considering the crowd reaction nobody found it heartbreaking they erupted😂

  9. Aj vs Cena, one of the few matches that is hard to believe was scripted. Both wrestlers gave their 100%, best among them wins

  10. Brock beating Cena when Cena was champion. That kid who was chanting "let's go Cena" was breaking my heart knowing that wouldn't be enough to rally Cena back into the match.

  11. John cena never gives up because i never secsen john cena fell apart after his match guys because I never want to see him qot guys because i am sorry about him but because i always want be with a tag team guy with him and say john we all love pepole guys lamborghini jordan here byeee!.

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