3 Exercices pour Améliorer votre Fréquence – Athletic Department

Hello everyone and welcome to the Hero
Academy. I’m Heavy. I’m Pablo, we hope you are well
and today we are opening the Athletic Department. As you know the Hero
Academy aims to make you stronger, more enduring, but also faster. The workouts that we are going to offer you are
complementary to the Muscle Department. Indeed we highly recommend
to train your speed with us and you will feel your body becoming
more and more athletic. So it’s time to move on
the action. On the track Heroes. Each training session consists of an athletic type warm-up … Warming up … and three drills which
goes through a learning phase and a High Speed ​​phase. And here’s exercise number one. Here, you are going to simply
cross the ladder with one footstep per square. Exercise number two. For this exercise, you will need to take three steps outside the ladder and one inside. One, two, three, tap, one two, three, tap, … This movement can be separated into three parts:
spread your legs, tighten your legs, then go to the next square. Now that we’ve finished the phase
we can move on to the high speed phase. During this phase
you’re going to have to do each of exercises six times with a minute of
recovery between each crossing. Of course you will have the opportunity
to add options behind that. You will be able to increase the difficulty
with changes of direction, accelerations or add two
movements as a result.

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