2020 Athletics Hall of Fame: Lisa Pollard

♪ I think my mom being inducted in the Hall of Fame is really cool because not a lot of people know that, in a way, the girl’s cross country team at Moraine was kind of started by my mom.>>When I first was contacted by Dimitri, who did research on the running program, the cross country, uh, running program at Moraine and he came across Lisa’s name, he dug further and further to find out she was the first one. And the, the irony was that after her first year, they dropped the program because there wasn’t enough interest in it. And now here she’s being inducted to the Hall of Fame after they didn’t even have a team after her, uh, until for years later. It was a wonderful gift that he, Dimitri, gave our family to, to really delve into that and, um, to appreciate what she had done, that, it’s a great honor. She loved life, even though it was short. She loved life. She loved people. She loved children. She would have had more if she could have. She loved to dance. She had a great sense of humor. She could always laugh at herself. And, um, she adored her daughter. The award that I remember most from Moraine Valley was when she won nationals and she came in 14th. She was excited about going. She had never competed at that level. So it was really a big deal for our entire family and for her. She liked the competition or running with the, with the guys. She, um, she really thought they made her work hard. Um, running came easy to, um, Lisa. Her dad was, um, he was part Cherokee, and he always said he was strong, and she was a strong runner. And he said to run as long as you enjoy it, and she did enjoy it.>>I started running track in middle school because of her, and it was kind of just I knew I liked running and I kind of wanted to keep her legacy going. So I did that. And then in eighth grade is when I discovered cross country. So I started cross country in eighth grade. And I’ve been doing both cross country and track since then. Usually before every race or every practice or time trial, whatever it is, I usually know that she’s with me when I’m running. And so I kind of just do it for her and with her.>>I think, um, Lisa would have been thrilled and very honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Um, the whole family is excited about it. I’m sure she would have been thrilled to see Olivia, see her get the, um, certificate. Yeah, it’s, it’s fantastic. And her, her anniversary is coming up of her passing for 10 years. So, it’s kind of like a nice marker. ♪ ♪

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