2019 Tribe Football: Colgate Postgame Press Conference

What a great win for us in terms of
where we are and where we wanted to go. Kind of compare apples to apples and see
how we could compare against a good FCS program. That’s a great program that won their conference last year, picked the win it
this year. They have some good players and they were known
for being very physical, and I was very pleased with the fact that I
thought we played a physical brand of football. That could be the mark of
what we are and who we arek so very proud of these guys. Owen did a great job with
over 100 yards rushing. Bill Murray if there’s somebody that’s better
in FCS even FBS football as a nose tackle, I don’t know where they
are. He ended up playing over three different centers tonight and was
wreaking all kind of havoc. Just very proud to be a part of this and watch
these guys flourish. Just to watch our team bounce back from a
tough FBS loss that allowed us to get better. We got better tonight. Well, not as much as a chip on our
shoulder because of what happened at Virginia. We had to take care of
ourselves and improve the way we played in our efficiency how we ran the
ball and it was it was good to see that. There was a level of high contact
football as a physical game that this team was known for. Their bread and
butter is known for running the ball and we were able to at some points create TFLs In third and long situations with sacks and we were able to run to the ball. That’s the most positive
thing we got out of it was you get better from the second game to this game.
Now the goal is to get better from this game to the next and not just rest on
our laurels. We still have a lot of work to do. A lot of plays are still out
there on the field, but again tonight was a good tough physical win for this
program against a good football team. Well this is a new team, our identity is
new and on all the things what happened last year happened last year. We all saw the tape, but our mindset, our resolve is to be as
physical as we need to be, create turnovers, and we did that again tonight.
Run the ball against them because they were a top physical
team and we were able to do that. And be able to play a lot of players that was
the other goal too. So again it was good to see that you know the team and these
two gentlemen right here are very much a part of who we are what we want to be.
Moving forward we just want to keep getting better and keep playing and
and put ourselves in the driver’s seat to control our own destiny. Right, you know we just want to execute
overall. We have to make the plays, really just try to
not make mistakes. I really just go out there and put points
on the board. So you so things to get back on the field.
We were very effective and that slowed down a little bit before we went
into half but second half. He came out and just put it on him, so my alignments not perfect. You know a beautiful play call. He’s
apt to execute today. It’s really important I guess to close the
first half, you guys struck a little on offense but then you got it back in the
second half. Anything you guys did well? You just need to have a short
no memory, come out come back out do the same thing we always do. We practice on coming back out second half and put it on. Just play ball, do what you have to do execute. You guys stop them and they had that
position attained and then start to third quarter andthen again then all of a sudden you turned it again. One thing I noticed is
they were having a lot of trouble with their snaps. Like I said earlier,
when you have three different centers, so I think that was a huge huge issue. Just
with the snap, see whether it be they’re not used to playing. I don’t know whether that had a lot to do with it. I’ll watch the film. It’s just tough when there’s three centers in it’s because they’re huge for the for the
offensive. So with three centers especially beyond your third center
towards the end of the game, it definitely creates a lot of issues. We have
a lot of great running backs I could do a lot of great things, so you know it was
a whole team effort today. Everybody did their job – running backs,
quarterbacks, wide receivers, line. Obviously get on the edges were significant, but I’m just happy with our running backs. Talk about the kickoff return after they made it 17-10. Bronson takes it back. It was huge, you
know, the ability to answer right away. He had been close a couple times with 30-something yarders in the first couple games and he has the speed and
the upper-end ability to break it. The only thing I was upset with him about is he spiked the ball. So good thing is he’s a freshman, he doesn’t know. The bad thing is he’s a freshman, he doesn’t know. So we will coach him up the next time that happens, then just hand the ball to the referee and come over to the sidelines
and celebrate. But it was one of those turning points that
flipped the field and the score. Maybe the momentum of the game as well. Did you feel and that was a big part of
your game – how did you feel? You’ve prepped for that all during the
offseason, coming in getting ready to pour that. We just
just work hard. If he’s coached on it and you know when it comes to game
time you practice a whole week you get the game and you know you’re just doing
what you did in practice. All you got to do is go out there and
play, not even think just play football So we’ve got star coaches for sure who do a great job.

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