2019 Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Welcome to the Edwards College of
Humanities and Fine Arts. I’m Dr. Claudia Bornholdt, Dean of the
college. In the Edwards College we value curiosity, critical analysis, creative
expression and innovation. Whether we are talking about language, literature,
politics, society, music, art, digital culture or historical artifacts,
we believe that careful attention to questions of how and why lead to a
heightened understanding of the subject and the world around us. Our students are
learners and makers. We have dozens of classes that give students hands-on
experience like painting a backdrop for a theatre production, creating a museum
exhibit, contributing to a literary publication, organizing an academic
conference or engaging in research with peers and professors. Inquiry, creativity
and collaboration, that’s what the Edwards College is all about. I welcome you to participate in the
process of discovery going on every day, all around you in the Edwards College.
Sit in on a class, explore the art gallery, attend a musical or theater
performance, or have a chat with one of our exceptional students and
professors and let the engagement begin.

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