2019 Athletics Hall of Fame Induction

[music playing] I’m a big believer in sports, collegiate
sports, community college sports. My grandson is going to play community
college baseball in Arizona, so we’re very proud of that. And you couldn’t ask
for a better place to work here at Moraine Valley. You know, just all these wonderful people at this
college, and then on top of that the kids. The athletes were so wonderful to work
with.>>Bill Finn was great. Mary Ann, his secretary, was so helpful to all of us. If
I needed things to get done I could go to them, and the support was always there.
It was a great thing for me to be a part of this institution.>>My mom and dad never missed a
game. They were always there, and I know a lot of people that I played with were not able to have their
parents there at all. And these guys made the trip to Ireland. They made every
softball travel trip to different states. They were there for my, I was playing two,
three sports at once. They were always there, so I really thank you so much. I
owe this all to you.>>The best moments are those moments in life that I’ve shared
with the guys that I played here with. Every red-letter moment, they’ve been with me:
Marriage, bringing children into the world,
watching them raise their families, burying parents. And when you have
moments like that, those are the greatest moments in the world, and I owe all of
that to Bill Finn and Moraine Valley. Thank you for those moments, and thank you for
this moment tonight. [ applause ] [ music playing ]

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