2018 Men’s Soccer Promo

(dramatic music) – We are programmed that is
really starting to build. We’re building a tradition. These teams, Creighton, Wisconsin, you look at Akron. They have all won the
national championship within the last 20 years. We can learn a lot from
playing good teams. I’m glad we got them at home. So this is going to be a
good experience for everyone from the players to the
university and to our fans. (dramatic music) We’ve got two really special player. Joshua Drack who was Freshman of the Year, WAC Freshman of the Year. Josh is an exciting player. We saw that through the first day we did pre-season last year. And I think he has a
great future ahead of him. Not only in college but I believe he’ll be one of the players who will
be like a Nikki Jackson we’ll hear more about once he graduates. Also Marco, as I mentioned Marco Afonso, the two of them are almost like twins. They both came in and made such
an impression in the league. And the thing we don’t want
to do is put all our pressure on these young players. We as a team have to develop. But I think Josh is an exciting player. We’ve moved them from the left
flank to a striker position to get them more in front of the goal. Because he and Marco
played the same position. So we had to move one so we could get them both on the field. We’re expecting good things
from both those players really. We’re looking forward to
a great home environment. We want to not only have
our students involved, we want the community involved, we want GCU to be their home team. We’re located in a great area
we have a wonderful campus. A lot of activities going
on and we want soccer to be one of those main things.

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