Hi everyone now it’s amazing how the Guinness Book of World Records started out initially and what it has become today It started in 1955 and holds some of the most insane records ever featuring world records both of human achievements and extreme stunts as usual There are always some people who go that extra mile to do something from the longest distance ran on fire to the world’s highest freefall Cliff jump join us as we take a look at the 10 most insane world records of all time Now if you like these kind of videos and want to see more than make sure to leave us a like on the video Subscribe to our Channel and turn on post notifications to be the first to watch all our new and exciting videos Every first comment will be getting paid so good luck Number ten most coconuts smashed around a person while blindfolded Here’s a dangerous record that we don’t expect anyone to break anytime soon Karim jet Singh and Co all ships sing both hold the record of 35 coconuts smashed around a person while being blindfolded in just 60 seconds this record was set back in 2014 and it’s yet to be broken Number nine concrete blocks smashed on chest Here alley laid on the ground with a pile of sixteen heavy concrete blocks balanced on top of him while an assistant used a 6.3. Five kilogram sledgehammer to break all the blocks as fast as he could withstand The pair outdid all expectations to set a new record time of 4.7 five seconds Dude number eight basketball shot from a skyscraper a New world record was set by the YouTube channel known as dude perfect for breaking the previous record of shooting a ball into a hoop from a height of 126 meters that belong to the Australian Bret Stanford however this time they shot the ball from a 162 meter high skyscraper thereby setting a new world record Number seven longest distance pulled by a horse on fire The Austrian stunt man known as Yosef Todd Ling has set many other records involving being put on fire however This one definitely takes the cake Here Yosef was dragged 500 meters by a horse and a quad bike at a speed of 35 km/h all whilst being set on fire It’s just feels amazing to be a Guinness World Records holder because our there’s so many People’s on the world enter you did it pass now Number six highest shallow jump The step man known as Darren Taylor takes the plunge and completes the highest shallow dive ever from eleven point five six meters up into the air into only 30 Centimeter depth of pool and most likely this was a very painful record The jump was almost as high as a four-story building And it was estimated that he reached speeds of 33 miles per hour whilst landing into the very shallow pool Number five bowling ball dropped on head John Ferraro broke the world record of the most concrete blocks broken on his head with a bowling ball dropped from 45 meters above from an assistant of his Here 7.3. Kilogram bowling balls were dropped onto concrete slabs placed on his head causing them to break right above him Commissioner on potee Malatesta para la fecha and horrible after taser on the boy, Joseph Number four blindfolded chainsaw World record for most apples held in mouth being cut blindfolded by a chainsaw was done by Australia’s chain Hultgren back in October 2016 in this extreme performance he manages to keep a steady hand to chop five apples with a deadly blade in only 60 seconds One slight mistake here could have been fatal Number 359 meter cliff jump a Brave man who dared to jump from a height that exceeds the top floor of the Tower of Pisa is known as lace, Oh shower Shower chose a picturesque waterfall to set the world record in to everyone’s amazement. He did the jump reaching speeds of 123 km/h before hitting the water Number two free fall from space Austrian Felix Baumgartner’s insane skydive set 5 world records on the 14th of October 2012 felix set world records her skydiving an estimated 39 Kilometers reaching speeds of one thousand three hundred and fifty seven point six four kilometers per hour Felix is the first-ever person to break the sound barrier without vehicular power Would you dare to break this record? Number one 100-meter sprint on fire We’re all familiar with the usual 100-meter sprint However imagine taking that one step further and doing it while speeding on fire literally Anthony was first asked to do a normal charity run by his friends however He had a much bolder idea and that was to yes Do it while on fire which is exactly what he did and it’s what earned himself the fastest sprint while on fire record Anyway that has been it for the most insane World Records Which was the most crazy world record in your opinion let us know down in the comments Thanks for watching, and I hope to see you next time

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