✅ Реал Сосьедад – Атлетик Бильбао 2:1 прогноз|09.02.2020|Real Sociedad – Athletic Bilbao 2:1

and San Sebastian at the Anoeta Stadium
23rd Spanish La Liga Real Tour will take place sociedad takes athletic bilbao i
I welcome all football fans sports lovers on tour
in the table real sociedad takes 8 athletic ninth line lag
athletics from real is only just three points and here we talk about
that athletic is better in practice plays twice than I sit you in
defensive but in attack is better and priority will consider the series with myself
who scored thirty-seven swords against 22 atletico bilbao
what to say about the prospects well here of course fighting is still possible even
for the Champions League zone we see Seville and has 39 points scored therefore
maybe get into the Champions League zone why not regarding the latter
match that both teams spent them on Spanish Cup and they certainly shocked
his game because real sociedad match against real madrid
managed to win 34 the team led in account 01 after the first break but in
second managed to score h3 goals that allowed in the end to win
the cup everything is clear further went here in Championship I’m experiencing dates
problems we see that the last game as since the areal has always spent 21 leagues
I carry in that meeting real sociedad with us little created moments just one
hit the target came this is alexander lawsuit there in one of the counterattacks
he managed to hit the gate that league carried a messenger with us but managed to excel
twice at first Kenneth a world but managed about left corner goalkeeper alex reinforced
Further at 94 minutes oscar rodriguez
sets the final league score we win, I think deservedly by
I would like to highlight this creation game also player this port has michael welsh
sable willian hotsia who appeared by the way
on the field instead of alexander from akainu and also martin ode garda
As for the game of Atletico Bilbao Tu the team for the cup played against one more
grande spain barcelona was won also labor minimum win 10 yet
in the first half from the result the team installed but in the championship we see
that athletic bilbao also lost and lost already throwing hits we know
what is in the top three this season the strongest
garrido paint teams across from the bar dallas met here adamian soiree
at first scores didn’t like at all playing getafe, be sure to look
review first quarrel scores on the second half spinach there was
the canopy the ball drops a hand on and I pass by spunk 11 meter is taken
beats says she played the pattern in one striker mine what did the brand
on the edge and edges of Germany williams why i showed this scheme of the game
because the teams played among themselves last season there is
interesting observations like a trainer teams played
in attack pig kevin again how are we understood during the season he will move to
flank well and Germany integral on the right salewa and them proud so now
the team has changed a little does not play ortisa dope from probably too
although he’s already aged but he brings a lot of good in general
now compared to the match which stood from August 30 and nineteen
what real sociedad that Atletico Bilbao team is definitely
changed if atletico bilbao in early season and barcelona home yourself 10
beat now teams completely show another
football so I’m going to bid
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confrontation real sociedad with us continue your athletics pain series
by anyone, of course, plays well in defense but still when playing away games
she is having problems maybe not excluding the fact that Atletico Bilbao
will lead the score but real will always go go ahead and win back of course
they can even convince so I’ll bet that real
sociedad will not lose and plus total in this game will be more than one and a half with
odds of 183 I’m not without reason for you said traffic jams carry molped office you
you see that there is such combined option
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