Финляндия – Италия 1:2 прогноз|08.09.2019|Finland – Italy 1:2

hello to all football fans in the group stage on September 8 Finland takes home Italy teams spent on the first game in the autumn Italy played against Armenia away the team lost 1-0 but the class affected and the team scored 3 goals let’s cross Finland Finns played against the Greeks the team won 1-0 game rosters are already available You can now determine the nature of the game finland coaches canerva the coach plays in a 4-4-2 pattern but I think you could use 1 attacker Timmy Pukki instead of tuminen a player who saturates the center of the field what will happen in the game let’s move on to the roberto manchini team then everything is clear the team plays according to the 4-3-3 scheme no problems in any line we have the right to expect interesting football it is worth noting that the teams have already played among themselves Italy won in all 4 matches and never missed, but it’s a story sooner or later any story is interrupted move on to the tournament position just this game can be a turning point for italy if the finals manage to win then principle score 15 points but it is more for skeptics all thoughts all the same class of the national team of Italy during the game will have to affect especially Italy scored 16 goals in 5 matches so entitled to expect 2 hammered scored from Italians how much will Italy actually score maybe it will be 1 or 2 goals but I will say for sure Finland will be difficult to score my bet will be simple but it is effective and has a good chance to the passage Italy win for odds 1.73 write in the comments how the teams will play Like and subscribe to the channel!

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